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Chapter 1990: Have A Headache

“Good. Now, we have to think of a stage name for you. Your name isn’t attractive enough,” Niu Jiang said. Every time he thought of Xiao Yuxin, it would remind him of Xiao Yuqian.

From that day onwards, Xiao Yuxin was known to Zstan as Ning Xin.

Xiao Yuqian had set up a plan for their newcomer, Ma Haodong.

He had to go through a one-month training and pa.s.s a test before he could make his debut.

“Check if this fits your schedule,” Xiao Yuqian said as she handed the plan to Ma Hoaodng.

The thing that Xiao Yuqian was worried about the most was that Ma Haodong could not handle the pressure.

Ma Haodong scanned the doc.u.ment and said, “No problem! I can do anything you throw at me.”

“Don’t get too excited. The training is not going to be easy. You have to make sure you get a good score in school too. Let me know if it gets in the way of your studies.”

“It’s fine, I’m sure of it.”

Ma Haodong could rarely be seen in, but he could still get decent grades. The reason being that his father was the honorary chairman of the university.

“Good. Your training starts tomorrow. You’ll be joining other newcomers.”

Everything was set in motion.

Ma Haodong started his training the next day.

Xiao Yuqian was the lecturer of that day. As the top manager in the company, she had experience and contacts that other people didn’t have. She started the lesson with an explanation of what an actor needs.

Ma Haodong sat among 20 other newcomers.

Ma Haodong was enchanted by Xiao Yuqian’s cla.s.s. It probably was the first time in a few years that he actually stayed in a lesson.

“Ma Haodong!” Xiao Yuqian called out. “What did I say just now?”

Despite being called on, Ma Haodong was still staring at Xiao Yuqian dreamily. He didn’t realize it until the person sitting next to him nudged him.

He quickly stood up but had no idea what was asked.

“Sit back down!” Xiao Yuqian scolded. “Didn’t I emphasize that being an actor means taking things seriously? The more serious you are, the closer you are to success. If you’re just going to doze off here, you can go back now.”

Xiao Yuqian stared at Ma Haodong and warned him.

A few of the people started to giggle, thinking that Ma Haodong would never succeed as an actor.

But Ma Haodong thought that he was already serious enough. At least he did not sleep in cla.s.s.

Having such a newcomer working under her, it was going to cause Xiao Yuqian a lot of headaches in the future.

When the lecture had ended, Xiao Yuqian went back to her office, and Ma Haodong followed her.

“Ma Haodong, what are you thinking?!”

“Me? Thinking about you,” Ma Haodong replied instantly.

Xiao Yuqian was starting to get a headache because of him.

“Can you be serious? Do you know what you’re doing here?”

“Of course. I’m here to be an actor.”

“Of course, my a.s.s! You think this is a joke, don’t you?”

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