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Chapter 2031: He Wanted To Talk Properly With Her!

When Ma Haodong woke up the next morning, he realized he was lying in an unfamiliar environment and he woke up instantly.

He walked out of the bedroom while hugging his pillow. He came outside and examined the environment around him.

It was a finely decorated room, and it was tidied up very neatly. It was clean, refres.h.i.+ng, and not lacking warmth.


Wasn’t this the apartment Xiao Yuqian stayed at six years ago?

Why would he be here?

It couldn’t be that he was dreaming, right?

After Xiao Yuqian left here, he never came back again.

Ma Haodong drank too much last night. It was Yi Xiao and Wan Dou who took him from the hotel to the car. They then asked where his house was and he blurted out unclearly the address of the apartment Xiao Yuqian stayed at before.

And so the two of them sent him here. After they knocked on the door, they handed the heavily intoxicated Ma Haodong over to Xiao Yuqian.

Ma Haodong naturally wouldn’t know why he appeared in Xiao Yuqian’s apartment. With a look of disbelief, he turned around and didn’t see anyone.

He only discovered his cellphone and wallet on the table by the entrance. Besides these two things, he also discovered a photo frame.

Ma Haodong picked up the photo frame and took a look. He was stunned; the photo inside the frame was a single person photo of Xiao Yuqian!

He was really living in Xiao Yuqian’s apartment!?

Ma Haodong showed a face of disbelief. He got ready to call Jing Xi on his phone and ask her what was going on. Unfortunately, his phone had no power and was off.

Coincidentally, there was a charging cable on the table. Ma Haodong charged his phone and then went to the bathroom to look for his clothes. He decided to wash up first before leaving.

What surprised Ma Haodong was on the bathroom mirror, there was a blue note. “Get out after you wake up!” was written on it.


Was this the message Xiao Yuqian left for him?

Ma Haodong rubbed his eyes and the note was still there. He took it down to see and it was Xiao Yuqian’s handwriting.

It was Xiao Yuqian!

He would recognize it even if her handwriting turned into as.h.!.+

Ma Haodong could already be sure this was Xiao Yuqian’s residence. He wasn’t dreaming!

After Ma Haodong found out where he was, he was extremely happy. He didn’t care how he arrived at Xiao Yuqian’s place. In any case, he felt happy as he could get involved with her!

She asked him to get out after he woke up. Humph, he wouldn’t go out!

Ma Haodong gave the blue note a kiss, mwah! After he bathed, he then went to the kitchen to make something simple to eat.

After he finished eating, he went to lie down on the sofa. He turned on the TV and then comfortably watched TV.

He wanted to wait here, to wait for Xiao Yuqian’s return!

He had so many things he wanted to talk properly with her about!

No matter how she pushed him away, he would not go away!

At night, Xiao Yuqian got off work and returned to her apartment.

Out of habit, the first thing she did was throw her purse onto the sofa and then walk to the bathroom to wash up.

After she finished was.h.i.+ng up, she wore a white bath towel and walked back to the bedroom while wiping her head.

Ma Haodong lay sideways with a beautiful posture on the bed. He looked as majestic as a mermaid. He had a single hand supporting his head and was eating grapes in satisfaction. Full of smiles, he greeted, “Qianqian, you are back!”


Xiao Yuqian trembled in shock when she suddenly heard Ma Haodong’s voice. She turned around and saw he was actually lying on her bed. She immediately raised her eyebrows and asked, “Why are you still here?”

Ma Haodong replied lazily, “I was waiting for you!”

Xiao Yuqian examined him up and down, saw his leisurely look, and became extremely angry. “Who allowed you to lie down here? Quickly get up!”

Ma Haodong didn’t get angry or annoyed when he heard her. He listened to her, pulled the blanket away, and prepared to get out of the bed.

It was only when he pulled the blankets away that Xiao Yuqian realized this man was only wearing briefs, exposing his muscular and st.u.r.dy figure. His perfect body was completely exposed.

Xiao Yuqian became anxious when she saw how revealingly he was dressed. She quickly said, “d.a.m.n it. Lie down!”

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