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Chapter 522: Grand Wizard

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

His heart was as anxious like it was lit up by the fire. Even so, Zhang Lisheng did not make any strange movements in the world built by his mind. As though he was lost in a daze like just now, he floated quietly in the sky, standing on a small, pure, unpolluted s.p.a.ce, looking down at the two devil G.o.ds tied in a fierce deadlock.

That human-headed snake monster’s ident.i.ty was undeniable. Be it a deduction from its image or logic, he was 90% certain that it was the source of the wizard’s bloodline—the Ancient G.o.ddess Nuwa. Of course, she would never be the soul of the true Nuwa but was only a ‘seed’ of an undying will with a powerful G.o.d’s instinct that strived to resurrect.

However, the young man could not identify the ident.i.ty of the powerful demon G.o.d who could fight against the seed of resurrection of the Ancient G.o.ddess Nuwa, who could create humans and patch the sky. He could not identify its power at all.

The only thing that he was sure was that the G.o.d that had a body size resembling a mountain range had extraordinary power. It relied on the strange organs arranged densely on its body for the battle.

It was covered with a diamond-shaped eye that could emit a bright white laser beam. There were hundreds of mouths on the sides of its elliptical body that was emitting highly radiant strong acids, flaming fires, and refrigerant gases comparable to liquid nitrogen. On top of that, there were also countlessly brandis.h.i.+ng long tentacles growing out of its head and tail. Not to mention, it also seemed to have the desire to tear the s.p.a.ce open.

The power of these organs appeared to be strange and chaotic, but it managed to block the earth-shattering, sea-roaring attack of the enemy.

When Zhang Lisheng saw that the two G.o.ds were tied in a deadlock of a battle that was growing fiercer, despite not fully understanding the close relations.h.i.+p of it, he knew that this should be an advantage for him.

At this time, he did not care whether Nuwa was the ancestor of the wizards and merely wished that the seed of her resurrection would die together with the giant mountain-like monster.

Unfortunately, n.o.body could get whatever they desired. As the young man was watching the fight, waiting to reap the spoils when both sides exhausted themselves while calculating what he should do when a victor finally arose from the two G.o.ds coveting his body, he suddenly saw the human-headed snake monster devil set off a gush of huge, turbid wave and smashed it on its opponent with hundreds of tentacles. However, the hundreds of mouths on the mountain monster sprayed it till it became frost that blotted out the entire sky.

The waves disappeared, but the muddy sand in it was condensed, turning into a mountain peak in the frost, before closing on the giant beast underneath.

After temporarily subduing its enemy’s movement, the human-headed snake demon raised his head and s.h.i.+fted his brutal gaze onto Zhang Lisheng. After that, without any hesitation, it bent its body to turn into something like a spring and sprung up with all its might, leaving behind a giant pit with a shocking size of a lake, setting off countless of muddy water as it charged towards the young man in the air.

It was clear that it wanted to use all of its energy to devour Zhang Lisheng in one fell swoop so it could strengthen itself before continuing the fight with its stronger opponent.

By right, the instinctive will that this human-headed snake monster showed was not wrong, but unfortunately, the ancient seed of resurrection that had been sleeping for thousands of years did not know that the Wizard Li’s G.o.d who had full home advantage was no longer a piece of fat prey that would allow anybody to slaughter him easily once he regained his consciousness.

Facing the attacking demon G.o.d, the young man did not delay, not even a second. Dodging the attack, he stretched out his hands and blocked the strike with all his might.

As he waved his hands, one-fifth of the muddy water enveloped the snake monster. It suddenly changed direction and drove the long body of the beast to divert to one side, brus.h.i.+ng pa.s.s the young man by just the breadth of a single hair.

If the battle was only between the human-headed snake monster and Zhang Lisheng, such an error would only delay the dissipation of Zhang Lisheng’s soul a little, but since the snake monster still had a well-matched enemy waiting for it, this meant that an unpredictable and significant change would occur in the battle.

In a bawling roar, the giant beast summoned its might and threw away the mountain peak that was pressing down its body after a few seconds.

The first thing it did after regaining its freedom was to focus the tens of thousands of basketball-sized eyes on its body onto the human-headed snake monster in the air before launching a myriad of lasers that integrated into one straight line. With just one strike, it knocked the beast off the air.

When the monster that was seriously injured crashed onto the ground, it no longer bothered to devour Zhang Lisheng. Instead, raising its head furiously, it opened its mouth wide and let the tentacles waving on the giant beast’s head to whip it till its scales began to crack. With a sudden lurch forward, it sank its teeth on its enemy’s head.

Such a scene of obtaining the upper hand that it could not achieve with countless fantastic, excellent tactics by just a calm strike resembling an animal hunting was undoubtedly theatrical.

However, Zhang Lisheng saw the human-headed snake monster opening its python-like mouth with how its beautiful face horrifyingly distorted while trying to swallow its enemy but had its body unable to move while the giant beast with laser, strong acid, and flame attacked it till it grew horrendously b.l.o.o.d.y and fully covered in injuries. At this time, he knew that this battle that had no earth-shattering phenomenon was actually the real battle of death between the two devil G.o.ds.

The instant he thought about this, he focused his undivided attention on looking down at the fierce struggle underneath him. He was waiting for an opportunity to intervene, not noticing that the world in his mind was starting to show signs of collapsing as the injuries that the injuries the snake monster and the mountain-like giant beast suffered were worsening and how their soul power began to deteriorate even more.

The stars in the sky began to crumble one after another. The ocean on Earth started to dry up slowly. The ground, on the other hand, slowly crumbled into small pieces and turned into darkness. By the time the young man realized that something was amiss, the giant beast that was about to be swallowed whole by the human-headed snake monster suddenly swelled and erupted abruptly in an earth-shattering manner, turning everything into a primeval state of chaos.

As the two G.o.ds continued their spree of destruction, the world in his mind shattered entirely too. Zhang Lisheng’s soul was about to extinguish soon, like a candle under a blast of wind, beneath the violent impact, but there was still a light that continuously kept kindling.

It was not because the young man had contracted to the stage where he no longer feared the impact of the destruction of the seed of resurrection that was trying to s.n.a.t.c.h his life, but somebody had shared the pain with him. Amid the sudden wailing of the pain of 150 million Wizard Li, the tribal G.o.d completed his final step of transformation within the crisis that could shatter his soul.

While all the totem poles that had instantly turned into powder on the Wizard Li tribe’s hundreds of islands were absorbed as nutrients and beget brand new stone pillars, the tallest one standing ten meters high and the shortest one that was only two meters tall, Zhang Lisheng finally obtained ‘rebirth’ from his flesh and blood.

Dark short hair; unremarkable facial features; a body with a golden proportion that was completely covered in scales with colorful patterns resembling soil, rivers, and lakes except for his pair of rust-red hands.

When the young man saw his newly transformed image on the new Wizard Li totem pole, an excited yet exhausted look appeared on his face.

“Achieving the Rank-12 Wizard of the Witchcraft’s Gate of Death and Gate of Sacrifice at the same time actually changed me radically into a G.o.d? If this is true, then this method of becoming a Grand Wizard that is like a million times more difficult compared to what ordinary wizards do is definitely worth it! I’m just worried that things would not be as simple as it seems… Ah, forget it! It’s not like I know how it’s like to be a G.o.d anyway. How could I possibly get the correct answer by merely guessing? It’s better for me to just take what I’ve gained, “Zhang Lisheng who could already savor his divine attribute shut his eyes and savored it as he muttered, “I can manipulate the soil and water, and from there, the power of ‘nurturing’ and ‘repairing’ is further begotten out of it. Not only that, but I also have a sort of twisted creation power. It looks like I’ve not only obtained the power of the Ancient G.o.ddess Nuwa, but I have also inherited the power of the other demon G.o.d. Although I still have no idea who that fellow is, such an ending sounded perfect too…”

When he thought of his triumph, the young man suddenly could no longer suppress his ecstasy as he burst out laughing heartily. After releasing his emotions, he looked at the short totem pole that they could no longer use as a support for the treehouse and pondered before extending his right arm to make a caressing gesture at the stone pillar.

At that instant, all the totem poles on the islands that the Wizard Li tribe ruled began to s.h.i.+ne in mottled colors of yellow, green, and red alternately. The power of faith that had just been replenished in the stone pillar transformed into divine power and began to spread out, gradually becoming a network that connected various islands together.

In this vast and boundless network of divine power, those who were nearer the Wizard Li totem poles on each of the respective islands would receive a more significant boost while those who were farther away from the stone pillars would receive smaller advances. Judging based on the proportion of the reduction, the increase that they received after leaving the island on the s.h.i.+p would basically be zero.

However, as long as the s.h.i.+p sailed on the correct route, with enough devotees praying, the Wizard Li tribesmen could still keep the sea monsters and storms at bay with the help of the divine power network which they thought as the tribal overlord possessing the power to manipulate water.

“My devout believers, you’re listening to the voice of a G.o.d now… The completion of this unprecedented conquest has given me the power of a true G.o.d that has never been touched by any spiritual monster guarding h.e.l.lfire tribes before… I’ll grant all of you more power under the totem poles that symbolize my brilliance and dignity, and I’ll grant you the power to dispel sea monster and storms while you are sailing when over a hundred of you are gathered together to pray…” After completing the transformation, Zhang Lisheng naturally obtained the method of using his divine power, one of them was to spread his voice directly to all his believers using his thoughts. Even though this ability would deplete a considerable amount of the power of faith, it was the best ability he could use to set his people’s minds at ease.

“Great G.o.d, you’re the eternal faith born in the world. You’re the only master of the h.e.l.lfire Archipelago…” Upon hearing the cheers and surprised prayers resonating outside of the initially quiet treehouse and sensing the power of faith contained in the totem pole that was initially low suddenly soaring up to a new peak, the young man breathed a long sigh of relief. A gust of irrepressible exhaustion gushed up his heart. Yawning, he fell asleep on the animal skin carpet.

After falling asleep, every part of Zhang Lisheng’s body that had completed the transformation began to start their first direction.

In the three months that preceded that time, he rarely woke up and spent most of his time in a deep, sweet slumber. Even the task of dividing tens of thousands of Gold Core’s power of the dead spiritual monsters guarding the foreign tribes to create several hundreds of thousands of spellcasting new chief warriors that allowed the Wizard Li army to be expanded into 150 legions and 30 million elite warriors did not hinder the young man from sleeping.

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