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Published at 10th of July 2019 05:20:07 PM Chapter 300: 300

“I need to inform you that the president does not like the office environment so much . He travels around the world the whole time . All the tasks will be given to you through emails instead . There will not be face-to-face interaction between you and him,” added Yuan Li as they exited Zhaoyang's new office .

It was relieving information to the new Special a.s.sistant . She could finally be freed from s.e.xually hara.s.sing managers .

The Lady Luck must be with her that day for her being able to get a new and fancy job so soon . Well, she got to admit that half of her successful job search was because of Huo Yunting . Without him, her resume would look ordinary .

She was impressed by her new president nevertheless since he was able to expand Ge Yu to such scale without even being there . He must be a great leader, a mysterious one too . Every bit of this man caught on Zhaoyang's curiosity .

Yuan Li then escorted her to the following levels to greet the head of other departments briefly . They were courteous, like too courteous . Zhaoyang still could not get over the fact that one of the older men bowed before her a few times upon first meeting . Yuan Li was sure serious when she talked about “showing her around” as Zhaoyang could feel her soles heating up as she took off her heels when she got home right after the long tour at Ge Yu Corp . that day .

I must sleep early today . It will be a brand new day, a brand new chapter to my life tomorrow!

She was confident…till the moment she sat down and properly skimmed through the doc.u.ments .

There were…a few issues with the company .

The company was doing great .

*Barely* doing great .

She then mustered all her effort to a.n.a.lyze the company and within one week, she picked up the pace . She was like a samurai, slicing through problems like a professional detective . No new, complicated project could strike her stumbled and crumbled .

One working day, in the afternoon, she yawned after sending off her weekly report . She went to fill herself a gla.s.s of warm water and when she got back, there was an unread email with no subject .

She sipped and nearly choked her water as she saw it coming from the never-before-seen president . In antic.i.p.ation she opened it, it was a simple mail .


She lifted her eyebrows .

What a concise president  . She thought .

The president probably had never sent any emails with a length more than 50 words throughout the entire week .

She then typed her reply promptly after placing down her mug .

Meanwhile, inside one of the buildings in the capital, a man was sitting before the glaring screen in darkness .

Sender: Zhaoyang Lu

(No Subject)



Now what, are you trying to imitate me? 

What an interesting woman .  

His long, fair white fingers rested upon the dark keyboard of his Macbook for minutes, yet not even a single letter was tapped .

Eventually, he closed it up and left .

And for the following week, Lu Zhaoyang almost could feel her head blowing up . As she jumped off her bed and raced to her office the moment her alarm clock rang .

The h.e.l.l is wrong with this president?

Isn't this a deemed and proper company when I applied for this?

What does he mean by “ALL DECISIONS ON YOU” ?

He simply threw all responsibilities on me by four words three days ago and he disappeared?! What is wrong with him?

If I found the company's stamp I'm so going to sell this company away and buy a vacation home in Los Angeles .  

She snapped when she flipped through the few new doc.u.ments on her desk . She took it with her as she stormed to the Marketing Department below her office .

“Good day, Miss Lu!” Greeted the staff loudly . Lu Zhaoyang might be a newbie in the company but she still put on her not-to-be-trifled att.i.tude every morning as she entered the office .

The staff never dared to question her on anything considering her very productive performance .

She headed to one of the greeting staff and just slammed the folder onto his desk .

The entire office went soundless .

Everybody froze as they turned to look at her with the “oh no, what's wrong” face .

“This is the proposal for the next launch which you guys spent TWO MONTHS writing? Sorry but if this is in the store, I won't even bother to glance at it when I do my window shopping . There's NOTHING attractive at all . Have you guys asked basic questions to yourself like 'will I like it if I'm the consumer?' when you designed this…this *thing*?”

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