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Chapter 129 Kunlun Was in the War (Part 3)
On the clouds, the giant Crossbow was aimed at Jiang Wuyou. Emperor Jun stared at Hongjun, thinking that this person had disappeared hundreds of thousands of years. How could he revive? Emperor Jun knew the Heavenly Book was the devil army's unbeatable rival. As long as the Heavenly Book existed in the world, it was impossible for Hongjun to seek hegemony. Emperor Jun was so conceited that he did not want anyone else to have a finger in the pie and was rather confident to get the Heavenly Book. However, Hongjun did not take him seriously. It was not so easy to grab the Heavenly Book with him. The purpose that he came to Kunlun was to get the Heavenly Book, but it depended on strength. Emperor Jun had the strength and had his own plan.

Cold wind bl.u.s.tered over Ao Ze. Xiao Qi shook off dark forces and dashed to the clouds, because he wanted to see some fun— who was more powerful? Emperor Jun or Hongjun? And Xiao Qi chose to yield to the winner, because he became mercenary and undignified. On the clouds, three parts confronted with each other. Hongjun held the great Crossbow; Impure Essence army was well-prepared, waiting for the order; and Wuyou wore the golden armor with great caution. Hongjun was the golden armor's rival, while the Heavenly Book was the Impure Essence army's rival. It seemed that things had been somehow destined already.

The war destroyed Kunlun's tens-of-thousands-year foundation. Shenzong looked at the main hall behind him, which had been ruined dreadfully by the Hongjun Crossbow. Kunlun's disciples lay on the ground everywhere. Blood increased moving and tragic atmosphere to Ao Ze. Ying Fu was seriously hurt by Emperor Jun. After tonight, everything would become the three realms' memory. No one could expect that Kunlun which used to protect the three realms was devastated by the three realms. It was preordained that things would always pa.s.s the zenith and wane sooner or later. Kunlun was built by Shenzong, but it could not escape from the foreordination. Shenzong gathered his Spirit Power and flew up. It would be the final battle. After tonight, perhaps everything would not exist. Even so, Shenzong would be the last protector for Kunlun, because it was his homeland and the place where his mother had lived. Even if he only had the last breath, Shenzong would not give it up.

Wuyou chanted Pangu's spell, and her brow bridge opened, glowing with cold blue. Emperor Jun was unwilling to s.h.i.+ft his eyes from the scene, though he had seen it before. He fixed his eyes on the spinel. Only those who had seen the Heavenly Book could know how powerful it was. Emperor Jun gathered Spirit Power and thought he would not spare the woman this time. Dark forces encompa.s.sed their Spirit Master with tight protection. Emperor Jun thrust out his Spirit Power, but was blocked by dark forces. The Hongjun Crossbow was drewn like a crescent. The arrow mixed with snowwind flew to Wuyou. Dark forces spread their Spirit Power and set a defensive cover for the Spirit Master. However, Hongjun was an ancient device of the Impure Essence. How could a simple defensive cover block it? Arrows went through the strong current and pressed hard to Jiang Wuyou. Spiritual Crossbow penetrated the defensive cover, and stabbed through those dark forces. It was too late for Wuyou to save them. Dark forces turned into ashed instantly they were tainted with the Arrow Qi. Shenzong was baffled by Emperor Jun, even his Spirit Power was defused easily. Emperor Jun's ambition was not limited in the Heavenly Book. To destroy Kunlun was his wish, because there were inextricable memories in the place that hindered his advancing pace. Emperor Jun would certainly remove the stumbling block. Shenzong thought it scorn to Emperor Jun's deeds. The person before had never taught Shenzhong. Emperor Jun did not deserve to be a father. Ying Fu in the square was worried about his friend, because he knew well about Emperor Jun's strength and his avaricious nature. Ying Fu had given the power of Jiangdi family to Emperor, so if Shenzong wanted to defeated the Heavenly Emperor, it was not an easy job. Emperor Jun set tactical formation with a strong killing desire, and activated the Jiangdi family's power. Emperor Jun gathered Spirit Power and triggered the second mechanism. Bang! The alien s.p.a.ce was open. It was a mysterious world where those primeval devil grandmasters that had disappeared for a long time would appear again, including h.e.l.l G.o.d, Liao Ji, Spirit s.p.a.ce G.o.d, Bei Luochi and Plague G.o.d, Jue s.h.i.+. Unbelievably, Emperor Jun hid the key of the Alien World. No one could expect that the master of the Ninth-level Heaven had another ident.i.ty— Dark Emperor. The Tribulation Formation was the bridge to link the alien s.p.a.ce. Emperor Jun wanted to entice Jiang Wuyou to the alien s.p.a.ce. But Wuyou would not let Emperor Jun's wish satisfied, instead, she condensed the divine power and exposed those forces hidden in the alien s.p.a.ce. Emperor Jun stirred up a furious storm in the alien s.p.a.ce. Roaring h.e.l.lfire rocketed out of the Tribulation Formation.

Emperor Jun flipped his spiritual fingers. As the spells gathered, the fire became fiercer. When Emperor Jun removed the seal, and then, the fire dashed to the sky. The flame like fantom ignited the sky and condensed the sparking Spirit Power. This was the power from h.e.l.l G.o.d in the alien s.p.a.ce–Liao Ji. Taking the sparks as the leading and using the universal Qi, Liao Ji took possession of all the supernatual power. Shenzong suspended in the mid-air. He knew some about Liao Ji from the alien world. With the Divine Being Heavenly Book, Shenzong occupied the first place among the ancient G.o.ds. He had strong Spirit Power. At the most dangerous situations, it provided Shenzong with the power to defend the external world. Shenzong was familiar with the creatures of the alien world. This was the power of Ying Fu's Jiangdi family. Although Emperor Jun was Shenzong's father, he did not know Shenzong's strength. Shenzong launched the first round of attack. Emperor Jun released the alien s.p.a.ce's power. Shenzong held the divine device to fight against Liao Ji from the h.e.l.l. Looking at the floating Liao Ji, Emperor Jun sneered. The Tribulation Formation broke the seals one by one. When the second seal was broken, the Son of Spirit s.p.a.ce, Bei Luochi, popped out. He was the Spirit G.o.d from the alien world, the king of Spirit Beasts. He possessed the primitive power of the Spirit Beasts. Even Shenzong's Spirit Beasts had to bow to Bei Chiluo, let alone common Spirit Beasts. The Spirit Beasts King, Bei Chiluo, stood on Wale Beast and floated in the sky. Emperor Jun cast spells, then the Tribulation Formation began swirling. Streaks of Spirit Light shot to the sky. Each twirl shook the Ao Ze's sky, which was rather s.h.i.+vering and frightening. Kunlun's disciples gathered below and all were worried about their Grandmaster. Ying Fu stared at the familiar figure in the night and preyed blessing for his friends. With the bang of the Tribulation Formation, Emperor Jun led the Evil G.o.d, Jue Chi, from the alien world. Dark miasma flung to the sky. When surging masism condensed into a human shape, a man walked from the dark fog. Shenzong set a defensive cover to s.h.i.+eld Ao Ze. The dark man was the Evil G.o.d in the legend. Although it was called the Tribulation Formation, it was not a real formation but a power to call the most blackhearted powers. Obviously, Emperor Jun did think nothing of the common people. Zhu Jiuyin grabbed the Heavenly Book to avenge the extermination of his entire tribe. Emperor Jun was a deity, but he only served for his hegemony. Shenzong was overwhelmed with towering hatred, and decided to eliminate the person in front. Ying Fu removed the defensive cover and flew up, because he was worried about his friend. Although Emperor Jun was Ying Fu's brother, avarice alienated Emperor Jun further from him. In fact, the person before was not the Emperor Jun whom Ying Fu had gone through with in the b.l.o.o.d.y battles. Emperor Jun's last love for the family had been engulfed by his desire. Emperor Jun leapt into the sky. Seeing the master, Liao Ji fought harder, and condensed the Spirit Power to launched another attack. The popping out Bone Spirit, like flying feather, charged at Shenzong. Each of the Bone Spirit was equipped with Nether Fire. He set a giant formation in the sky and took starts as chesses. Each star carried with Nether Fire and weaved into a net of Nether Fire to press hard at Shenzong. The entire night sky was enwrapped by the Nether Fire Net. Ying Fu held the Spirit Slash and drove his Spiritual Beast. Although he had been badly hurt, he still wanted to give a hand to Shenzong. The Spirit Slash tore off the Nether Fire Net. Seeing Liao Ji fail to defeat Ying Fu, Emperor controlled Bei Chiluo to dart to them. The Spirit Beast did not fear at the sight of Bei Chiluo. Instead, it reared up and rushed head-on. But unexpectedly, when it came close to Bei Chiluo, the Spirit Power shrank into a spiritual creature of the size of a little finger and fled away the sky. Ying Fu leapt in the air. It turned out that Bei Chiluo's legendary name was earned well, even Ying Fu's Spiri Beast was scared to flee away. Shenzong stood on the clouds to fight against the Evil Spirit, Jue s.h.i.+. Emperor Jun held the wand and sat in the Formation. Liao Ji held the Nether Fire Net, and Bei Chiluo tore off the sky and let out the strange beasts from the alien s.p.a.ce. Shenzong suspended on the clouds and set Kunlun's Devil Elimination Formation. Ying Fu felt tumbled in his body and had been exhausted after several rounds, but he still insisted for Shenzong. Ying Fu held the Spirit Slash. Clouds rolled in the sky and wind blew wildly. Kunlun's Devil Elimination Formation extended to the sky like a spider web. The Nether Fire Net resisted the Devil Elimination Formation. As a place for Kunlun's people to live in, Kunlun had existed in the world for tens of thousands of years. Those little disciples had not seen such battle before, so they were very curious. For those with little experience, they did not realize that danger was ahead. When the Nether Fire crashed into the Devil Elimination Formation, celestial soldiers and officials with shallow Spirit Power turned into ashes instantly. Energy moved with the star light. Liao Ji transformed himself into energy pile and downthrust to him. Shenzong was bathed in the Immortal Qi, and his silk garment swirled in the Spirit Light. When the Spirit Power fell on Shenzong, he threw out a powerful palm as Liao Ji was close to him. A flash of fire dashed to Ao Ze's sky. Liao Ji lost control of himself and charged at Emperor Jun. It was too late to dodge him. The defensive cover that had been set was broken through by the energy pile. Celestial officials fell on knees and cried, thinking that Emperor Jun was killed. In Ying Fu's heart, he did not want Emperor Jun to die. After all, they were brothers for hundreds of thousands of years. However, a streak of light flashed out. Emperor Jun launched another attack. Shenzong got tired. Seeing the Emperor Jun's momentum, those celestial officials condensed Spirit Power and injected into Emperor Jun's body. Continuous Spirit Power filled into Emperor Jun. Energy burnt around him. He threw out a palm with all his strength. Wuyou wanted to save Shenzong, but was still entangled in the battle. Xiao Qi stood on the clouds, and the corner of his mouth rose. The crucial moment to see winning or lose came finally. Would Xu Linghe know that his grandfather would die so miserably? A Sect Master of the generaion would be killed by his own father. Xi Mu would not die in peace. Xiao Qi let out some sighs. At that moment, Ying Fu darted out to ward off the palm for Shenzong. Ying Fu thought he could finally pay off the debt to Kunlun that he had owed for years. Blood was spurted all over his clothes, and his bones cracked. Emperor Jun tried to catch Ying Fu, but was blocked by Shenzong's palm. Emperor Jun was not worthy of being a person of emotions.

"Old guy... You cannot go first..." The voice revealed numerous melancholy.

"I am good for nothing now... Youth is better..." Ying Fu coughed with blood welling up unstoppably. Shenzong condensed Spirit Power to continue his friend's live. However, how to stop a person's wish when he/she was was overwhelmed by a longing for death? Ying Fu's fingers became cold gradually. Thinking about the scene when Ying Fu first came to Kunlun, Shenzhong could not stop his tears. His friend always thought for him. For Black Emperor, Ying Fu gave Jiangdi family's power to Emperor Jun. Spirit Fog became dimmer till the spirit light flew to the sky.

Shenzong's death was a relief to Emperor Jun. He had no scruple now. Emperor Jun let out a sigh of relief. He gathered the Spirit Power and cleaved at the grieved man. Kunlun's disciples rushed up, but they were blown awayand fell from the clouds. Wuyou set a Spirit Net to catch those little disciples. Even if Emperor Jun would win the war, so what? Kunlun was always the three realms' Kunlun. Shenzong became calm. The man in front killed Shenzong's mother. So Shenzong would not let him go. Being the head of the ancient G.o.ds, Shenzong did deserve his reputation. Although he was at the withering age, he was still in the prime of life compared with Emperor Jun. On the clouds, three parts confronted with each other. Wuyou wore the golden armor and dealt with Hongjun, while Shenzong fought against Emperor Jun. They were at the daggers drawn. At the swords' point, every attack must be carried out with great caution. Hongjun Crossbows encircled Jiang Wuyou, and dark forces protected their Spirit Master. Wuyou activated the Pangu Divine Being Devil Incantation. The boundless sky was filled with spells. The Impure Essence army could not stand the spells' erosion, and went manic. Pangu's spell manipulated the Impure Essence soldiers' minds. Hongjun did not expect the result, and his morale was damaged.

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