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Xiao Qi had his own plan. Today, no matter who would win, Xiao Qi would be the last winner. Emperor Jun despised everything, and Kunlun was a knot in his heart. So he gathered Spirit Power secretly and thrust at Shenzong. Ying Fu had died, and Emperor Jun did not have scruples any longer. On the clouds, they two confronted with each other. Being the master of the Ninth-level Heaven, Emperor Jun's Spirit Power could not be contempted. Ying Fu's death added Shenzong's hatred to Emperor Jun. Dark forces rushed out to the Impure Essence army. Hongjun fought against Jiang Wuyou. Dark forces held little Hongjun Crossbows. Such attack took effect on the Impure Essence army. Arrows covered the sky. Wuyou set a spirit net, and the Hongjun Crossbow brushed through her golden armor, and spirit light rose up. The golden armor wings extended and flapped gale wind in Ao Ze. Hongjun's arrows flew to Emperor Jun, and celestial soldiers ran back to block the Arrow Qi for Emperor Jun. However, Hongjun's momentum was so unstoppable that it crushed to the human wall. It was too late for Emperor Jun to duck. Arrow Qi pierced through his arms. Shenzong saw that opportunity and attacked Emperor Jun. But Emperor Jun had the power to reproduce. When Shenzong approached him, Emperor Jun flung a palm to hit Shenzong's heart. The palm was as fast as lightning. Shenzong could feel his heartbeat. Wuyou was late and could not believe that Emperor Jun would be so ruthless. Wuyou wanted to stop Shenzong's bleeding wound, but no matter how hard she tried, blood spurted out all over Shenzong's clothes. Emperor Jun flung another palm in order to remove the know in his heart. But he was thrown away by the Spirit Power. Pangu's spell swallowed his body. Emperor Jun felt numb in his arms and legs. Xiao Qi flew to the clouds. The battle had been set, as Hongjun was more powerful. Xiao Qi chose Hongjun. The battle was solemn and tragic.

Wuyou injected strong Spirit Power into Shenzong, hoping that he could revive. For her husband, Wuyou would keep Shenzong alive, but the blood under her hands began coagulating. Emperor Jun pulled Shenzong's heart meridians apart. So merciless! No one could believe they were father and son. Spirit Power was flaming. Wuyou extended her wings, and sharp arrows swept. Celestial soldiers protected Emperor Jun tightly, but they were still unable to resist the iron wings offensive. They were battered to a pulp. On the sky, dark forces fought fiercely against the Impure Essence army. Hongjun drew the Crossbow. His target was the unprepared Jiang Wuyou. At that moment, Wuyou was occupied by the thought to save Shenzong. If Shenzong died, how could Wuyou explain to her husband? Wuyou dare not think about it. Emperor Jun was so fraudulent that he was good at sneak-attack. He thrust a palm, but was intercepted by the Ancient Spirit. Hongjun Crossbow approached directly to Jiang Wuyou. Arrow Qi pierced deep into Pangu's armor. It was out of everyone's expectation that Hongjun Crossbow could penetrate Pangu's armor. Blood shed along the fingers. Emperor Jun would not let the chance slip away and threw another palm. At that moment, the woman, like the fish on the chopping block, was trampled upon at will. Crossbow flew up. The mighty momentum pressed Emperor Jun to step back. Celestial officers protected their Master. But after several rounds, their attacked were suppressed by the Hongjun Crossbow. It was not so easy for Emperor Jun to get the Heavenly Book. His technique was inferior to others, but he was not reconciled to the fact. Pain spread from the arms. Wuyou gathered Spirit Power in order to beat down the pain. The harder she tried, the more ache she felt. Pangu's armor was pierced broken by the Arrow Qi, and got cracked piece by piece. Hongjun was confident to get the Heavenly Book. Without the Armor, how was the woman able to win? Numerous arrows were shot out and forced Emperor Jun not to take any rash move. Hongjun knew well what Emperor Jun was thinking about, but to grab the Heavenly Book relied on strength. The Heavenly Book could not be gained just by fantasy. After some confrontation, Emperor Jun ran out of his patience, and he gathered Spirit Power to the woman. The Heavenly Book was in the place between the woman's eyebrows. As long as he could take the spinel out, the Heavenly Book was Emperor Jun's. On the other hand, Wuyou held Shenzong's dead body. Pain on the body meant nothing, but the real pain was that the hope was shattered. Wuyou thought she would protect her husband's homeland even at the cost of her life so that Shenzong could be laid to rest. Xiao Qi was unwilling to see Xiaoyao die. Love and hatred eroded a person's souls, both of which could leave perpetual memory on him/her. When one day he/she wanted to forget everything, the feelings had gone to the bones. Now, Xiao Qi had that feeling— on the one hand, he hoped Xiaoyao disappeared forever, but on the other hand, he was unwilling to see that. That's right! He still loved Xiaoyao, even if Xiaoyao wanted to kill him. But now the feeling was dominated by hatred...

Emperor Jun had never been timid, but now he was scared of the Hongjun Crossbow's master. Celestrial soldiers' morale was stricken a lot. They had confronted with the Impure Essence army for two rounds and suffered a lot of casualties. Emperor Jun had lost the offensive initiative, and had no chance but to defend. Hongjun arrow stabbed into his shank. Emperor Jun lost balance and fell off the clouds. Emperor Jun thought he did start the feud with Hongjun, because Emperor Jun had not tolerated such humiliation. As the master of the Ninth-level Heaven and the wors.h.i.+pped deity, Emperor Jun was disgraced in front of all the people. How could Emperor Jun not hate it? Not only had he failed to get the Heavenly Book, but also he had sought trouble for himself. Emperor Jun pulled out the arrow and broke into two. He would remember the today's humiliation. He would fix Hongjun sooner or later. As for the Shenzong's death, he thought it was just like a dead nonent.i.ty, because he showed no family love for Shenzong. It was time to see that person. Emperor Jun staggered to the forbidden area.

The golden armor broke off. Without the armor, Wuyou was more flexible. The wounds on her arms were sealed by the Herbs Spirit. Those tiny herbal fairies imerged into her body. As they ran, Wuyou gained vigor in her tired body. Without the armor, she still had herself. She could not allow the murderous evils to wander in the three realms. Trying to rob the Heavenly Book? They could make it unless she die! Wuyou opened her eyebrow bones, and clear blue spinel glowed dazzling light. Floating Spiritual Qi surrounded Wuyou and formed layers of defensive film. Spirit net extended all the way. Spirit Power filled and dashed up, and then, it lit the Ao Ze's sky brightly. Standing on the clouds, Wuyou gave out Spirit Power with continuous coming out of her body. Hongjun murmured spells, hoping to draw the woman into the s.p.a.ce. Even though Xiao Qi hated her, he still felt worried, because he knew well about Hongjun's frightening power. Wuyou condensed Spirit Power and released the Spirit Power that could shake the universe. Hongjun used the Impure Essence Qi as the lead to set the formation. The woman also chanted incantation and was enwrapped in the floating light. The dazzling light was blinding to Chidi's eyes. The Devil Elimination Spell suspended. These golden Buddhas illuminated Ao Ze's sky. Hongjun narrowed his eyes, wondering whether it was the legendary magic incantation. The burning Pangu's spinel gathered the Spiritual Qi of all things. When the Spirit Power changed into meteors, Wuyou cleaved at Hongjun with thunderbolt momentum. Meteors galloped in the night sky and turned everything into dust as they went. Panic took on Hongjun's eyes. When his body was being lifted up, Hongjun was completely outgunned. The Spirit Power came with a tremendous momentum and went camly. The woman seized the enemy tightly. Hongjun burst into a wild laugh, thinking that the woman did think too highly of herself. Next second, arrows stabbed into the woman's body. Wuyou choked down the pain and struck back with all her strength. Blood fog appeared in Hongjun's eyes. The woman had been seriously injured, but she was still able to attack Hongjun. Blood spurted out. Wuyou did not let the person go, because Kunlun was ruined by the person. Hongjun gathered Impure Essence Qi secretly and threw out a palm. He thought he would not die, since he had owned the Air of Chaos of tens of thousands of years. How could he allow himself to be the fish on the chopping block? Hongjun shook off the constraint, and then he was safeguarded closely by the Impure Essence soldiers. No one had ever imagined that such a weak woman was able to defeat Hongjun. But the woman was also p.r.i.c.ked badly by the Hongjun Crossbow. On the clouds, Hongjun could not stop his bleeding, and his Impure Essence Qi became thinner. The Spiritual Qi that fostered the Original Spirit spread out. Xiao Qi knew that it was the right time for him to appear on the stage. To do Hongjun a favor could let him bear Xiao Qi's good deeds in his mind. Only when a person was reduced into a weak situation, could he/she know how to be grateful to others. Xiao Qi wanted Hongjun to remember that today, Xiao Qi was his life savor. Then, Xiao Qi injected Spirit Power into Hongjun's body continuously. These life-saving Spirit Power helped Xiao Qi to win Hongjun's recognition. However, Wuyou despised Xiao Qi's behavior and had not any hope on the person. Ao Ze's sky was glutted with corpse's smell, and blood odor a.s.saulted the nostrils. This was a war that the weak defeated the strong. Although Kunlun also suffered great casualties, Wuyou was able to hold this land.

On the clouds, Xiao Qi helped Hongjun. This war claimed half of the total number of the Impure Essence army. Along with Yan Shen's army, there was seldom left. So they had to go to the Chaos to absorb some Essence. Hongjun thought about Kunlun's new Sect Master, wondering whether the man was still alive. If the man had died in the miasma, it was his fate. Hongjun hoped that the fate would not disappoint him. Hongjun had to rely on Xu Linghe to get the Heavenly Book. With the Master's order, the Impure Essence soldiers withdrew from Kunlun. Xiao Qi chose a good wood to perch on and abandoned the three-part alliance. How about the result this time? Who would know the destine intent? Only time would tell. Wuyou held Shenzong's corpse up and flew back to the square. Kunlun's little disciples collected around. Shenzong was Kunlun people's spirit. So his death would cause a tribulation to their spirit, which was the last thing that Wuyou want to see. Without Shenzong and her husband, Kunlun, like a heap of loose sand, lost its original glory. Being a part of Kunlun, Wuyou was elected the new Sect Master, the Sect Master of 28th generation. The war hardened the Kunlun's little disciples. Wuyou's name would be left on Kunlun's divine pillars, and she would be the new Kunlun's Spirit.

Emperor Jun went to the forbidden area and destoryed Ximu's spirit, which also shook Kunlun's foundation. The place was Kunlun's the Holy Land, and now was burnt by Emperor Jun. Wuyou led Kunlun's disciples to rebuilt it brick by brick. Shenzong would be kept underground and watch Kunlun forever. Kunlun's people would never surrender to any difficulty, and stand upright on their legs between heaven and earth, not afraid of any evil forces. They would protect the peace in the three realms. Wuyou searched for Granny Moon, and Su Chenyang was kept in Kunlun, waiting for the whereabouts of his wife and child. Things had been changed overnight. At present, Kunlun lay in ruins without any divine Qi. Ao Ze's buildings had been battered heavily by Hongjun's Crossbow. No one could foresee the consequence. Wuyou was worried about Xiao Douya. But Kunlun just began restoring, and it needed Wuyou. Of course, Wuyou did not neglect the searching work. However, Su Chenyang became impatient after several days. Where were his wife and kid? Something occured to Su Chenyang that Phoenix perhaps cast a great spell herself. This thought made Su Chenyang excited, but he did not know that the hidden pa.s.sage was in the void s.p.a.ce, and that a common person was unable to enter it unless he/she was the caster. Time pa.s.sed in waiting days. Little Lingchong finally went through the hibernation, and was called by its master. When it ran out, Little Lingchong bit its Master's face. It thought its master was so bad that she sealed it up just for the fear that it might lead the little master to go astray. Little Lingchong blew out its cheeks with gaped eyes, thinking that if he could accompany little master, how could little master get lost? Little Lingchong was quite worried. Wuyou could not spare time, so she left the seeking work to Su Chenyang. Little Lingchong was a soul-chasing insect. Any soul in the world could not escape from Little Lingchong's eyes. After some days, Little Lingchong was really tired. Granny Moon seemed to have disappeared from the world. Little Lingchong returned without finding anything. Wuyou got more worried, and Su Chenyang did not sleep after his wife and kid were missing. They even searched the human world, but still failed to find them. Su Chenyang discussed with Wuyou to see if there were any new and good methods.

Ye Juechen followed closely and failed to make it with several attempts. Changxi was on the alert, and Xiao Douya was so obedient that he looked after his Aunt Phoenix. As they got closer to the Cuihua Mountain, it would be late if he did not take action. Ye Juechen seized the opportunity to rob the two kids away when Granny Moon was healing for the injured. When Granny Moon finished her work, the two kids had disappeared already. Granny Moon had the injured settled, she began searching for the two kids.

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