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Zhang Yan also knew that the Fatty was doing this for his own good. After all, they had just arrived at the Azure Essence Sect, and it would be difficult for them to fight if their footholds were unsteady, let alone the fact that the other party was a member of the number one group of Qing Gang s in the outer sect. If he offended them, it would definitely bring him a lot of trouble.

"Hey, kid, our boss told you to hand Cloud Spirit Gra.s.s over, are you deaf?" Seeing that Zhang Yan was still not willing to hand over Cloud Spirit Gra.s.s, the tall youth on the right side of the bald man threatened fiercely, "If you're smart, quickly hand Cloud Spirit Gra.s.s over.

Zhang Yan couldn't help but feel astonished upon hearing his threat, and retorted, "This Cloud Spirit Gra.s.s was given to us by the sect for cultivation. Aren't you trying to rob me? Are you not afraid that the Elder will blame you? "

"Haha …"

The three of them couldn't help but laugh out loud when they heard Zhang Yan's words, "You brat, you are really too naive. Do you really think that the people of the sect would waste their time to manage us outer sect disciples? To tell you the truth, even if we crippled you today, no one would care about it. Who would dare to meddle with the affairs of our Qing Gang? "

Zhang Yan knew that these people were not to be trifled with, but hearing that they had said that even if the Cloud Spirit Gra.s.s sect was robbed, it would not matter. Zhang Yan's eyes immediately lit up, and the corners of his mouth curled into a cold smile with malicious intent, "If that's the case, even if I were to s.n.a.t.c.h Cloud Spirit Gra.s.s from you, would the sect not care?"

When Zhang Yan's words came out, the baldy who led the group and his other two lackeys laughed heartily, the tall lackey who stood by the side said with an astonished face: "Did I hear it right? Someone actually wants to s.n.a.t.c.h the Cloud Spirit Gra.s.s on our bodies? Just a brat like you who has yet to grow a hair on your head? This is the funniest joke I've ever heard in my life. "

Another short underling also chimed in: "I'm telling you brat, we have cultivated in the outer sect for almost two years, and my big brother also has the strength of a third stage Innate Stage warrior, so he tactfully hurried over to kowtow and admit his mistake. If our boss is in a good mood, he might let you off, or else don't blame us for crippling you."

The bald man impatiently said, "Why are you wasting your breath on a kid who just entered the school?" "Both of you, teach him a lesson. Let him know the consequences of disobeying us."

When the Fatty heard him, he knew it wasn't good. With Zhang Yan's stubborn temper, no one would be able to use a word against him. But the person in front of them was simply too strong, the two of them were not his match. Seeing that they were about to attack, Fatty immediately went in front of Zhang Yan to block them. With an apologetic smile on his face, he said to the baldy in the lead: "Senior Brother, this brother of mine is still young and inexperienced. Please don't lower yourself to the same level as him.

"You'll pay?" The bald headed man snorted and said: "Today, you will have to hand Cloud Spirit Gra.s.s over, even if you don't, you will have to hand him over, but it's too late now, let us brothers beat him up, educate this brat who doesn't know his place, and tell him the rules of our Qing Gang."

Fatty felt his heart go cold when he heard this. He knew that there was nothing he could do about it, so he had no choice but to get into a stance and prepare to fight with them.

However, Zhang Yan smiled at the Fatty and said, "It's enough to deal with the three of them by myself, you just watch from the side."

"Brat, I'll let you be arrogant. Wait a moment, I'll let you know how powerful we are."

Zhang Yan stood in his original spot, quietly watching the two of them walk towards him. They thought that Zhang Yan had been scared silly, and when they arrived in front of Zhang Yan, he suddenly punched towards the tall man's stomach.

The tall one never thought that Zhang Yan would actually dare to sneak attack him, and was firmly hit by Zhang Yan's fist on his stomach, instantly beating him until he cried out in pain. He was bent over like a shrimp, his hands clutching his stomach as he rolled on the ground in pain, it was so painful that he was rolling on the ground.

The other young man was shocked by the scene before him, he then pointed at Zhang Yan and threatened him: "Good brat, you're crippled. You actually dared to sneak attack our Qing Gang's people, you brat, just wait for death!" As he said that, he raised his hand and punched straight at Zhang Yan's face. Killing intent exploded in Zhang Yan's eyes, he gritted his teeth and said fiercely: "Even if I had to die, I'll kill you first!"

Right after he finished speaking, Zhang Yan took the chance and suddenly used his left hand to grab onto his wrist, then took the opportunity to pull him into his embrace. The man used too much strength, his center of gravity became unstable, and he directly fell into Zhang Yan's embrace. Zhang Yan clenched his right fist and threw out a punch, this punch accurately hit his chin, and immediately his entire body flew backwards, his lower jaw was almost broken by Zhang Yan's punch, and two front teeth flew out from his mouth. He laid on the ground, covering his mouth that was covered in blood, and looked at Zhang Yan who was at the side with fear in his eyes.

Silence, a deathly silence. Everyone outside the door, including Fatty, were staring intently at Zhang Yan. Everyone had their mouths agape and expressions of disbelief.


Then, a tsunami of cheers broke out.

"Good, good fight!"

"Help us beat this bunch of grandsons to death."

A few older disciples shook their heads, "Again, no one dared to touch someone from the Qing Gang. This new disciple actually dared to hit them.

The baldy in the lead was also shocked by Zhang Yan's strength. For a moment, he looked at his two brothers in disbelief, and only recovered after staring blankly for a while, before coldly turning his head to glare at everyone. Those people outside the door were immediately frightened to the point where they did not dare make a sound, and all of them lowered their heads, not daring to meet the baldy's gaze.

The baldy laughed out loud and said, "Not bad, after such a long time, I finally met a brave man. I didn't think that a new disciple like you would have such a strong strength." You dare to challenge our Qing Gang with your little strength, I think you are seeking death! " As he said that, his eyes became sharp and cold as he stared at Zhang Yan.

"Courting death?" Zhang Yan snorted and said: "I don't think so, who will die today is not certain, if not, we will compete here."

"I had this intention," the baldy said as he rushed forward, instantly arriving in front of Zhang Yan, raising his hand he punched directly towards Zhang Yan's head. Zhang Yan saw the baldy's speed and knew that he was an expert, but Zhang Yan saw through his attack with a glance, and blocked the punch with his hand. Although he managed to block the punch easily, Zhang Yan was forced to retreat half a step due to the punch.

Zhang Yan was a little surprised, he did not expect this fellow's strength to be so strong.

"I never thought that you would actually be able to easily withstand a punch from my six layers of strength. It seems like your strength is also at the third stage of the Innate Stage realm, no wonder those two trash aren't your match," the baldy said in surprise.

Zhang Yan snorted, then said: "Your strength is indeed a bit stronger than the two of them, but only a little. I took a punch from you just now, and now it's your turn to receive one," With that, Zhang Yan activated the Spirit Energy in his Dantian, causing the blood red Spirit Energy to gather on his right arm, and then quickly threw a punch straight at the baldy's face.

Seeing that Zhang Yan had used his full strength, the bald man knew that the two of them had the same cultivation so he did not dare be careless. He immediately activated the Spirit Energy s in his Dantian and green Spirit Energy s wrapped around his right arm.

Although the two of them had the same cultivation, the blood red Spirit Energy that Zhang Yan created was countless times stronger than Green Tree Sect. After the green and red fists collided for a split-second, there was a cracking sound as the baldy's arm was broken.

The person outside the door was so scared that he took a few steps back, afraid of provoking trouble.

Then, he looked at Zhang Yan who shook his right arm and said: "I didn't expect you to be so capable, but are you still crazy?"

Zhang Yan quickly walked in front of the baldy, raised his leg and stepped on his already broken arm, then coldly said: "Hand over your Cloud Spirit Gra.s.s, or else I'll cripple you today."

On the contrary, he threatened them: "Brat, don't be so arrogant. If you obediently let us go, we will pretend that today's matter never happened, or else our Qing Gang will never let you go. Anyone who dares to offend our Qing Gang will not have a good ending."

Hearing that, Zhang Yan used a bit of force to forcefully break the other arm of the baldy, causing the baldy to be unable to hold back anymore, as he cried out in pain. Zhang Yan laughed coldly: "I hate people who threaten me the most in my life, yet you dare to threaten me in such a manner? Do you believe that I can cripple all of your limbs and turn you into a cripple in the future? "

At this moment, the baldy was truly afraid. He did not expect this rookie to be so fearless. Today, he was truly unlucky to be able to kick a steel plate.

"The nine Cloud Spirit Gra.s.s stalks that the three of us robbed today are all in my waist storage bag. You can take them yourself," the baldy admitted defeat.

Zhang Yan bent down and took out the storage bag from his bald head's waist, and there were nine Cloud Spirit Gra.s.s's, Zhang Yan immediately took them out, "How about you hand them over earlier? Save me the energy to hit you guys. " As he spoke, he placed Cloud Spirit Gra.s.s into his own storage bag under the envious gaze of the crowd.

"Remember, no matter who comes to cause trouble for me, I will cripple all of you!" Zhang Yan warned.

Hearing that, the three of them hurriedly crawled and tumbled out of Zhang Yan's courtyard. However, before leaving, the baldy threatened: "Brat, you will definitely regret offending our Qing Gang."

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