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Li Yi rushed to the Soul Gate dungeon to see Sister Windcloud Nine crying while hugging Pink Girl. 

Milk Dipper Solitary was there as well. When he saw Li Yi, he helplessly shook his head. 

Recently, Milk Dipper Solitary had spent a very long-time accompanying Pink Girl. In contrast to the past life, his Savage Tribe had an entirely tragic end. Due to his prolonged negligence and lack of management, many of his members had quit the tribe. Thus, the number of members of his guild was constantly dropping, and they were now barely considered a third-grade guild. 

However, he could not care less about that. Just a few days before this, he had actually spent a large amount of money to acquire a Traveler three-piece set and had successfully changed his cla.s.s to Traveler. When Li Yi had heard of the news, he was stunned silent for a very long time. 

"I am confident that I will live a long life of 900 years. Thus, my life goal will be to cause an impact that ripples for 3000 miles! With Pink by my side, I no longer have any other wishes in my life…"

Li Yi had no other choice but to retreat when faced with Milk Dipper Solitary the poet... 

Today, Milk Dipper Solitary and Pink Girl were travelling around the world together when Sister Windcloud Nine had lost control over her emotions and called the latter to her. He had followed along as well. 

Li Yi asked, "What's going on with Brother Nine?"

Pink Girl sighed, "Don't ask me about that now. I think he'll be better soon enough." 

Sister Windcloud Nine kept sobbing and sobbing. Li Yi was getting increasingly annoyed and irritated with her cries. If she was his woman, he would have lost his temper and forced her to answer. 

If there was a problem, she should talk about it. What was she trying to achieve by crying all the way? 

Li Yi asked Pink Girl, "Did something similar happen to Brother Nine before this?" 

Pink Girl sighed but did not offer an answer. 

Pink Girl and Sister Windcloud Nine were real-life friends. She was probably the person that best understood the situation at hand. 

Li Yi looked at Milk Dipper Solitary. Milk Dipper Solitary just shook his head. "When I'm with Pink Girl, I am only focused on studying poetry, prose, and songs. We never talk about anything outside of that." 

Li Yi stretched out his middle finger and sent him a hard look of disdain. 

Sister Windcloud Nine cried off and on for another hour or so, but they had yet to see Brother Windcloud Nine coming back online. Pink Girl tried to comfort her for a long time but to no avail. 

The situation continued until Sister Windcloud Nine finally raised her head and wiped off her tears. "I'm sorry, everyone, but I'm going to log off and check on him…" 

Sister Windcloud Nine proceeded to go offline, leaving Li Yi and the other two behind. 

Li Yi asked, "What should we do now? Do we wait here?" 

Pink Girl shook her head. After a short discussion with Milk Dipper Solitary, they left together. 

In the end, Li Yi was the only one left in the void of the Soul Abyss. 

Li Yi was very anxious about what had happened to Brother Windcloud Nine. However, Sister Windcloud Nine had refused to talk about it while Pink Girl had entirely ignored him. With no inside information, he had no way to help no matter how badly he wanted to provide a.s.sistance. 

Li Yi waited in the Soul Abyss for another hour, but neither Brother Windcloud Nine nor Sister Windcloud Nine came back online. Alas, he could do nothing but leave the area. 

In a blink of an eye, two days had pa.s.sed. Brother Nine and Sister Nine did not come online at all, and Pink Girl and Milk Dipper Solitary had disappeared as well. When Li Yi attempted to get in contact with Milk Dipper Solitary and called him, he found that the guy's phone had been switched off. 

Li Yi was getting quite agitated by this point, so he went to look for Shen Lang and asked the latter to investigate the whole situation around Brother Windcloud Nine and his family. 

"No problem, just leave this to me." 

Shen Lang patted his chest in confidence and went off to investigate. Only then did Li Yi feel an inkling of relief. Shen Lang had never failed his a.s.signments before, and his intelligence gathering skill was entirely so masterful that it must have defied the will of the heavens. 

5 days pa.s.sed. Brother Windcloud Nine and Sister Windcloud Nine were still offline, but Shen Lang's investigation had come back with some results. 

The outcome shocked Li Yi. 

"Brother Windcloud Nine, user unknown. Sister Windcloud Nine, user unknown. Milk Dipper Solitary, a son of a certain high-ranked official. Pink Girl, a nursery teacher…" 

Shen Lang had failed. Even after 5 straight days of sleepless investigation, this was all the information he had acquired. 

"User unknown? What is this?" 

Shen Lang could only apologize when he was questioned by Li Yi. 

This was the first time that the No. 1 intelligence officer of the Iron Alliance had failed…


Since Shen Lang failed to gather any information on Brother Windcloud Nine, Li Yi was left brooding in frustration for the next few days. He had tried to call Milk Dipper Solitary several times, but the guy had only one reply, "I'm looking at elephants with Pink in Africa. Please don't disturb us…" 

"F*ck, stop looking at the G.o.dd*mn elephants!" 

No one had any idea what accident might have happened to Brother Windcloud Nine. Then, another incident happened that Li Yi had to worry about. 

Qian'er had decided to go home…

"You're going home? Why are you going home?" 

"I've been gone for quite some time now. I want to go home to check on my mother." 

"If you were to go back, then… Then it'll be difficult for you to get out again." 

"I know, but I still want to go back." 

Li Yi argued with Qian'er for a long time and still failed to convince her to change her mind. He could do nothing but respect her decision. 

A similar scene had happened in his past life as well. As a result of her return, Qian'er was immediately put under house arrest. In the end, Li Yi had sneaked into her house to rescue her. 

The biggest difference between this life and the past one was that even though both of them were seemed to have a very flirty relations.h.i.+p with each other, they were not a couple who were madly in love with each other. The best that could be said about both of them was that they were fond of each other. 

Of course, that was a judgement made based on Li Yi's understanding of his feelings. No one else aside from Qian'er had an inkling of how she felt about him. 

Before Qian'er left, she called Li Yi to the bedroom and to have a one-to-one talk with him. 

"Are you trying to have a go with me before you leave?" 

Qian'er gave Li Yi a look. "Can you even think about anything else with that brain of yours?"

"Of course I can. Just let me look at your…" 

Qian'er sent him a death glare and turned her head away, entirely ignoring him for a long time. 

Qian'er finally spoke up after some time. "Last time, you forced me to tell you what relations.h.i.+p I had with Tyrant Sword King the Fifth and Big Boy. I didn't tell you then, but I want to tell you today." 

Li Yi laughed, "Big Boy is your brother, and Tyrant Sword King the Fifth is your fiancé. Am I correct?" 

Qian'er pointed at Li Yi furiously. "Did you send someone to investigate me? You… You…" 

"Tyrant Sword King the Fifth was the one that told me. He told me that you're his fiancée, and you've been engaged to each other since you were young. He also told me to back off and not plan any advancements with you, and he went on to say…" 

Li Yi suddenly stopped speaking, unwilling to continue his narrative. 

Qian'er followed up to ask, "What else did he say?" 

Li Yi merely smiled but did not say anything. 

"You…" Qian'er was infuriated by Li Yi's behavior. Looking at his fearless and indignant expression, she helplessly shook her head. "I could probably guess what he had said even if you don't say it. With that guy's despicable tactics, I would be willing to believe that he has done any and all shameless acts in existence." 

"Tyrant Sword King the Fifth's morality soared as high as the sky, and he also has a handsome face and a great family background to top it off. Countless young ladies are infatuated with him, so how could you say that he's a despicable person? What did he do that made him despicable?" 

Qian'er snorted. "Don't blink your small eyes at me. I know exactly what mischievous plans you have up your sleeves. You're trying to get me to offer you information through what I speak."

Li Yi gave her a thumbs up. "You're really smart. It seems that the saying of 'big and no brains' does not apply to you at all." 

Qian'er said angrily, "Do you still want to hear what I want to say? If you don't, I'll just leave now." 

"I do, I do, I do. Say it, say it, I'll listen." 

Li Yi looked like a completely obedient child as he gazed at Qian'er, finally shutting up. 

Qian'er burst into laughter. She always had an unspeakable and unexplainable emotion towards Li Yi that even she herself had no idea why. No matter how much Li Yi behaved like a rascal, she could never seem to be angry at him. 

Could I really have been his girlfriend in the past life?

Qian'er found herself thinking about this nonsense too…

"There's an infant matrimony agreement between Tyrant Sword King the Fifth and I. Initially, my family wanted me to immediately marry him right after I graduated. I disagreed and ran away from home." 

"Mhmm, go on." 

Qian'er did not hide anything. She told Li Yi everything, including all of her secrets and information about her family life. 

"Alright, I no longer hold any secrets from you anymore, and I've told you everything that I can tell. Whoo, I have no idea why I'm feeling this, but I kept having a nagging feeling that I must tell you all of this. Now I've told you everything, I feel a weight lifted from my heart almost immediately, and I'm washed with a sense of relief. This is so weird…" 

"You're in love with me." 

"Pfft, how is that possible? I only have one condition when it comes to choosing my partner, and it's that my boyfriend must be entirely loyal to me. You're directly eliminated from that. Bye-bye, Mr. Toucher G.o.d." 

Qian'er grabbed her bag and waved briefly at Li Yi before leaving the room with quick strides. 

Li Yi sat in the bedroom for a long time. Soon, Jiaojiao had snuck inside the room and covered his eyes from his back. 

"Big-t.i.ts Qian left. Why didn't you go and send her off?" 

"What for? She'll be back soon enough." 

"Hehe, I heard everything that she had told you just now." 

"You eavesdropped from outside the door? D*mn you, Lil Chili, I'll show you my powers and strength today. b.o.o.b-grabbing Dragon Claws!"

"Chest-s.h.i.+elding Chast.i.ty Protection Punch!" 


Both of them continued to mess around in the room for a while. Finally, Jiaojiao was captured by Li Yi and was pressed down into the bed. 

Jiaojiao panted heavily, "Perverted Wing, when Big-t.i.ts Qian said that you no longer stand any chance, do you think she's speaking the truth?" 

"Of course not! She truly fancies me now…" 

"Yeah, stop boasting, you shameless man. Aside from me, who else would take a liking to you?" 

"There's so many of them! For instance, I know that Ice has laid her eyes on me too…" 

"Hmph, that's because Ice hasn't seen enough of the world and thinks that you're the only man left on the face of the earth. I was thinking of introducing her to a pretty boy lately."

"Pretty boy? Who?" 

"That Ice Wizard in our guild, w.a.n.g w.a.n.g Dumplings." 

"Pffft, are you actually serious? w.a.n.g w.a.n.g Dumplings is more than 40 years old, and his children are almost your age. You… You're going to introduce Ice to him?"

"Why? Don't they look good together?"

"That's a redundant and stupid question to ask!" 

"Um… I thought they were quite compatible. Ah, age is really a huge problem here…" 

"Hmph, let's not talk about this anymore. Since you said Qianqian had fallen for you, do you have any evidence to support your claims?" 

"I don't have any proof." 

"Then you're basically bluffing. Hahahaha…" 

Jiaojiao suddenly turned and escaped the evil claws of Li Yi, cackling as she exited the door. Li Yi was left behind, his desire ablaze in his body. He was so p.i.s.sed that he was grinding his jaw together. 

Li Yi mumbled to himself, "Even if I don't have any proof, I'm confident that Qian'er has definitely fallen for me." 

Qian'er had always liked girls. How could it be normal for her to abruptly announce her conditions for partner selection?

It's definitely abnormal…

Li Yi did not even hear anything about partner-selection conditions from her even though they had dated for years in his past life. Now, if she had told him that before she left, it was obvious that the thought had been circling her mind already. 

Li Yi continued to talk to himself as he touched his face while looking in the mirror. "The big-t.i.ts gal, long-legged gal, demure girl, a wife, a female student, and a pair of sisters… So many women have fallen for me. Does this mean that I'm too much of a rascal?" 

"Rascal, someone's looking for you." 

At that moment, Jiaojiao called out to him from outside of the door. The author had adapted a poem written by Mao Zedong, 自信人生二百年,会当水击三千里, which literally translates into 'I am confident that I will live for two hundred years, and if that happens, I could cause ripples that extends for 3000 miles'. This poem describes a person's determination and yearning for life and the future.

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