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Chapter 983: Foul atmosphere

Next day.

Morning. The sun is out.

Dong Xuebing woke up and went to the hotel’s lobby. He had breakfast with his team and left for inspection. However, they did go out by themselves. They had warned the local authority yesterday and cannot continue to ignore them. He asked one of his team members to info the County Party Committee, and Secretary Sun Yitao appeared immediately with his men. He asked a Deputy County Mayor and a few Party Committee members to accompany Dong Xuebing and his team.

County Party Committee.

County Construction Bureau.

County Organization Department.

Dong Xuebing and his men visited several government departments and discovered minor issues. He pointed them out immediately, and the County leaders agreed to change it immediately. The leaders at the Construction Bureau even called for a meeting to find a solution before Dong Xuebing, and his team left. He nodded in satisfaction and did not make things difficult for them. Discovering minor problems is not an issue as the inspection aims to warn the local areas. The inspection team is there to pressure the local authorities and make them nervous.

Of course, Dong Xuebing cannot return empty-handed as the City leaders would doubt his ability.


After lunch.

Luo Haiting asked. “Director, which unit are we going later?”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “Let’s go to the Tourism Bureau. Ma Yang County’s tourism has been doing well these past few years. They managed to emerge from a poor county because of tourism.” He stopped and remembered he was a Discipline Inspection staff. He cannot continue to be a nice guy. He continued. “The faster the development is, the more problems there will be. Let’s go there and see if we can discover anything.”

Luo Haiting nodded. “Ok. I will inform the County Leaders.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “No. We will not tell them anything and just let them tag along.”

Liao Huaxiong added. “That’s right. They might call the relevant department before we reach, and we will not discover anything.”

Luo Haiting nodded. “I understand.”

Dong Xuebing said. “We drove past the Tourism Bureau yesterday, and Driver Xiao w.a.n.g knows the way. Let him lead the way.”

The convoy drove towards the west after leaving the restaurant. The County leaders did not know where the Inspection Team was going. They tried asking, but no one answered them.

1 pm.

County Tourism Bureau.

The County leaders realized the Inspection Team would inspect the Tourism Bureau when they drove into the compound. One of them quickly got out of the car and was about to make a call.

Dong Xuebing saw him and looked at him calmly.

Dong Xuebing did not look at him coldly or menacingly. He just looked at that leader normally. But everyone there knew who Dong Xuebing was and what he had done in the past. That leader’s heart almost stopped, and he quickly put his phone aside.

The other County leaders understood the Inspection Team’s intentions and did not try to make any more calls.

The Tourism Bureau was empty. The security guard did not even stop or look at them when they drove into the compound.

Dong Xuebing did not say a word and entered the building with his men.

The moment Dong Xuebing, Liao Huaxiong, Luo Haiting, and the rest frowned the moment they stepped inside. The building reeks of cigarette smell.

Liao Huaxiong said. “The cigarette smell is strong.”

Dong Xuebing looked in front. “Someone is smoking along the corridor.”

The County Deputy Mayor quickly explained. “Maybe it is a customer or some company representative. You should know that the Tourism Bureau has to deal with these people, and it is not nice for us to stop them from smoking if they are here to invest.”

Dong Xuebing frowned and said. “You are not wrong, but the cigarette smell is too strong. How can a government department have such a foul atmosphere?”

The Deputy Mayor quickly said. “I will speak to their leaders. We will change.”

“Let’s go upstairs.” Dong Xuebing walked up the stairs.

Dong Xuebing frowned deeply when he reached the second floor. He was getting unhappy with what he saw. The Tourism Bureau staff were chatting and playing video games on their PC in their offices. Some were surfing the net and eating melon seeds as if they were at home. No one was working.

This was common in government agencies, and Dong Xuebing should not be angry. But the City Commission for Discipline Inspection is here for an inspection, and the County has informed their various departments to prepare. These Tourism Bureau staff had no respect for the Discipline Inspection.

The County Government staff were embarra.s.sed. “Director Dong….”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand to stop them. This was the leader’s problem and not the staff’s. “Where is the Tourism Bureau Chief’s office?”

“Err… the office should be on the third floor.”

“Ok. Let’s go.”

The Deputy County Mayor was slightly mad. They had informed the Tourism Bureau to prepare for the inspection, but they did not treat it seriously. The staff was still slacking away without a care.

A Tourism Bureau staff was walking down the stairs when he saw Dong Xuebing and the rest. He stopped in front of them and asked. “Who are you looking for?”

Dong Xuebing ignored him and continued his way up.

“Eh! What are you doing? Outsiders are not allowed to enter!” That man tried to block Dong Xuebing.

The Deputy County Mayor gave that man a stare and signaled to him.

That man recognized his Deputy County Mayor. “Mayor Zhang.” He quickly raised his voice. “Mayor Zhang, are you looking for our Chief? I will inform him now.” He was trying to warn the people upstairs.

Luo Haiting glanced at that man. “You have a loud voice.”

That man smiled awkwardly and followed the rest upstairs.

Third floor. Dong Xuebing looked at the few offices along the corridor and told Zhuzhu and Fei Fan. “Knock on all the doors.”

Zhuzhu went forward and knocked on the Chief’s office, and Fei Fan knocked on the Deputy Chief’s office.

Deputy County Mayor Zhang looked at Dong Xuebing and said. “The Chief, Old Zhou, had been unwell recently. Maybe he had gone to see a doctor and is not around.” He looked at the Deputy Chief’s office. “Deputy Chief Liu had gone out. Let’s wait for them downstairs. I will call them to return now.”

Fei Fan asked. “Director, I think there’s no one inside.”

Dong Xuebing did not believe no one was in the office. If there’s no one, the staff earlier would not shout loudly to warn the people upstairs. “Continue knocking!”

“Ok.” Fei Fan replied and continued to knock on the Deputy Chief’s office.

Finally, there were some movements inside. They waited for around 1 minute before the door opened. Deputy County Mayor’s face changed when he saw a woman in her thirties coming out. Her hair was messy, and her pants were crumpled and stuck in her heels. She looked like she had worn back her clothes in a rush.

The woman blushed when she saw so many people outside. She stuttered. “I was updating my work progress to Chief Liu and did not hear the knockings. Err…. I… I will get back to work now.” She quickly walked away and exchanged looks with the Tourism Bureau staff earlier.

Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes.

Luo Haiting was looking terrible.

Deputy Chief Liu Haibin walked out of the office after a while. He did not look fl.u.s.tered like that woman. He smiled at everyone. “Mayor Zhang, welcome. Why are you free to visit me today? Please come in, everyone?” Liu Haibin was around twenty-three or twenty-four and looked like a hooligan.

Deputy County Mayor quickly says. “Chief Liu, what took you so long to open the door? They are the Discipline Inspection’s Third Inspection Team leaders, Director Dong, Director Liao, and Director Luo.”

Liu Haibin was surprised and reached out to shake their hands. “Welcome leaders from the Discipline Inspection. Nice to meet you.”

Dong Xuebing did not shake his hand, and Luo Haiting frowned in disgust when she looked at his hand.

Dong Xuebing looked at Liu Haibin. “Deputy Chief Liu seems to be very busy. Are we interrupting you?”

Liu Haibing pulled back his hand and laughed. “No….”

“We are quite surprised by what we saw in the Tourism Bureau today.” Dong Xuebing said. “Since you are busy, we shall not bother you. We will look around ourselves.” He turned and left with his men.

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