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A patient with fractured bones was admitted to the emergency room and was sent away.

A patient with a nosebleed was sent to the emergency room and was sent away.

A patient with a fishbone stuck in his throat was sent to the emergency room and was sent away.

Most of the patients in the emergency room only suffered from minor problems. Some of them even found the outpatient service troublesome and went for fluid transfusions, took medicine, and went back. 

Even the junior resident doctors found that the symptoms of these patients were not difficult to deal with. They were basically doing their routine work. 

For Ling Ran, dealing with these patients was considered as him resting. There was no critically ill patient with level 1 or 2 injuries. Most of the patients he saw in the emergency room today were in slightly more danger than the patients he had treated for finger replantations. 

After all, Perfect Level Finger Replantation Skill had made it very easy for him to complete the series of surgeries. Finger replantation surgeries were not life-threatening either, and the risk was lower than that of patients with nosebleeds… 

However, for patients, receiving treatment in the emergency room gave them peace. This was also an obvious advantage of the department settings under the modern hospital system.

In the beginning, Ling Ran paid attention to the number of recognitions he gained from people. Soon, he stopped paying attention to it and started to do his own thing with all his heart.

This has always been how he worked. Upon setting a goal, he would just focus on it. 

The disturbances around him never had much effect on Ling Ran.

Moreover, as far as Ling Ran was concerned, when he could gain hundreds of recognitions by just doing one medical report, the rest of the increasing number of recognitions was meaningless.

He would need to do around thirty to forty medical reports to obtain ten thousand people's recognition. In fact, he might even finish with the mission by just doing twenty or thirty medical reports.

As far as the current mission was concerned, the Intermediate Treasure Chest this time was still easy to get.

"Doc… Doctor Ling, would you like to talk to our friends in the stream channel?" Han Yu carefully pushed herself forward on the wheelchair from behind. By the looks of it, she was already very familiar with the functions in the wheelchair. 

Ling Ran was prescribing medicine to a patient with diarrhea. He could not help but say, "When did you open another streaming channel?"

Han Yu said with embarra.s.sment, "I sent a lot of videos and some other stuff in one go, and they had all been placed on limited access. Then, the audience suggested that I make a stream channel, and I did it. It was pretty good. It started with more than a thousand people, and almost half of them stayed."

Zuo Cidian snorted by the side and said, "They'll obviously slay if you livestream Doctor Ling. If you ask Doctor Ling to help you sell lipstick, he can help you sell a box."

Han Yu was stunned. She then looked down at her phone and could not help but smile.

Zuo Cidian saw this scene and regretted his words. He said, "Your stream channel is already open?"

"Yup." Han Yu was a very generous person on the Internet, but when it came to Zuo Cidian, who was older than her, she still felt a little diffident.

Zuo Cidian coughed a couple of times and hurriedly said to the camera on Han Yu's phone. "I'm only doing this to express my admiration for Doctor Ling."

Han Yu forced herself to smile and continued to look down at her phone. She tried to avoid making any expression that might embarra.s.s Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian felt that something was wrong. He quickly asked, "What did the people in your stream channel say?"

Han Yu said in a troubled manner, "Many things. Now that there are a lot of people, I can't read all the comments in time."

"Is it?" Zuo Cidian said as he turned around. He wanted to peer over Han Yu's shoulder and get a glimpse of her phone. 

Han Yu's camera was mainly focused on Ling Ran. She hesitated for a moment, and because of it, Zuo Cidian read the screen. 

The stream channel was full of colorful fonts. Just as she said, the stream channel was full of words right now. 

Among them, the most obvious lines on the screen was: We don't want to see the preserved egg, we want to see Doctor Ling.

Zuo Cidian almost spat out blood.

"The youngsters nowadays just let their mouths run loose…" Zuo Cidian was incredibly unhappy.

Han Yu quickly shushed him with a hand gesture. 

Zuo Cidian's expression changed, and he looked down at Han Yu's phone once again. He saw a row of words on the screen.

[There are so many sounds from old men in the hospital.]

Zuo Cidian's face turned red with rage, and he mumbled in his heart, 'I am forty-two this year, and am considered to be in the middle-aged category recognized by the United Nations!'

Han Yu was too busy, and she did not have the time to check on Zuo Cidian's feelings. 

She tried to find the best angle to film Ling Ran to satisfy the people's needs from the stream channel.

She was about to reach two thousand viewers. As far as Han Yu knew, this was a good result.

Zuo Cidian frowned in displeasure. He waited for a few more seconds before he said, "Urm, it is illegal to livestream in an emergency room. Please end the stream."

Han Yu reluctantly said, "Can't I just film Doctor Ling?"

"No, we have to take care of the patient's privacy in the emergency room. You wouldn't want to have a phone recording you right after you come in, do you?" Zuo Cidian's statement was reasonable.

Han Yu hesitated for a couple of seconds and whispered, "Can you let me finish filming this first?"

"What is so interesting about filming a foot that has been pierced by a nail?" Zuo Cidian said as Ling Ran performed a surgery on a middle school student. 

Han Yu forced himself to act coquettishly. "Please let me just finish filming this."

"No." Zuo Cidian resolutely shook his head. It would still be fine if he did not mention it. But since he already did, he could not let Han Yu continue on with the shooting. The media was difficult to control.

Han Yu had to, unfortunately, put down her phone and showed it to Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian smiled. He then saw words still popping out on the black screen.

[Bad preserved egg!]

[The preserved egg is bad.]

[Ugly people keep causing trouble.]

[I want to throw out all the preserved eggs in my fridge.]

Zuo Cidian forced himself to smile. "Youngsters nowadays… Back in my time…"

At the same time, Ling Ran heard a "ding". 

[Mission Completed: Gain slight fame by getting recognition from ten thousand people.]

[Mission Aim: 10000/10000.]

[Mission Reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest.]

Ling Ran could not help but straighten his back as he said in his heart, 'I can't believe that I managed to get recognition from ten thousand people so soon.'

When the patient's family saw that the doctor had stopped working, they quickly asked, "Doctor, is his foot… okay?"

"Oh, his foot is fine. Do you want to have a scar?" Ling Ran then used a pair of small scissors and cut the last bit of rotten flesh in the outer part of the wound before he began to perform sutures. 

The patient's family was thrown off by the question for a while, and they asked tentatively, "How much money will we need to pay if we don't want a scar?" 

Ling Ran was also thrown off by the question.

Zuo Cidian quickly said, "It has nothing to do with money. It just depends on your request for the scar."

"Of course no one wants to have a scar." The patient's family smiled.

Zuo Cidian looked at the patient who looked like a middle school student and smiled. "This is a legal tattoo. Even if the school teachers found out, they can't do anything about it."

Before the parents could react to it, the middle school student who was laying down could not hold back anymore and quickly shouted, "Give me an Ultraman tattoo, then."

Zuo Cidian's face instantly turned red. 'What's up with the students nowadays…'

"We are not professional tattoo artists. You can request a letter," Zuo Cidian said helplessly, "Is there a girl you like? We can suture the initials of her name."

The middle school student sighed in excitement. "Then, 'N' will do."

"He wants a scar." Zuo Cidian corrected the request, and he said to Ling Ran, "Doctor Ling, can you suture an 'N'?"

"Alright." Ling Ran obediently started working. 

At this moment, the family members who heard the conversation gasped in exasperation.

"You brat… so you ARE dating in school!" The heat in the parent's voice was as high as a clothing iron. 

"Don't move. I will be suturing in a moment." Ling Ran did not feel the heat. He had Zuo Cidian press down on the patient's foot and asked, "Is the anesthetic too strong? Can you feel the pain?"

"No pain…" the voice of the middle school student trembled, and he continued to lie down. He did not dare to look at his dad. 

Once he finished the suture, Ling Ran handed the dressing to a nurse, and the patient's father suddenly laughed.

The middle school student looked up in surprise as he thought, 'My dad sure is open-minded. Is he thinking of saving up for the betrothal gift?'

At this time, the patient's father said savagely, "I would love to know how you'll show off your 'N', you brat. Will you take off your shoe to show your barefoot or you will first take off your shoes, then your socks? You'll just give her a whiff of your foot odor."

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