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The parrot's voice hasn't even stopped and the male tourists have begun to laugh all around them and some of the female tourists also began to laugh abruptly, and some have laughed and called this parrot really shameless, who taught such a bad parrot. Of course, Some people heard it and thought that this is a snippet by Fei Yuqing. But listening to a parrot speaking like this from its own mouth, they were still amazed. Some tourists who knew some things about parrots were secretly shocked. This parrot is too powerful. He can actually speak such a large paragraph clearly and fluently without making any mistake. In fact, before this change, even if these two parrots have eaten the Magical Beast meat and also communicated with Su Jing through the Ten Thousand Beasts Tablet, they could only talk about some paragraphs intermittently and could only speak straight single sentences but they wouldn't have been able to say such a long paragraph at once, this is the effects of Crystal Contemplation and the Jade Fang Fishes provided further effects.

“Speak one more.”
“Yes, say one more.”

Tourists have begun to coax the parrots as they haven't heard enough. Those female tourists who scolded Parrot for being unscrupulous, are shy, but they are reluctant to leave and want to see the liveliness.

“To hear the story, buy us melon seeds first.”

“We want to eat big seeds.”

The tourists were enjoying themselves. The two parrots were so good and the seeds were only worth a few yuan. Some people were very generous and they bought a bag and after a while, the sign at the feet of the two parrots was already full with bags of melon seeds.

“These two laurel ghost clever spirit.” Zhao Mengxiang didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

“Let's see if they get caught.” Su Zhenhong laughed. In fact, the two parrots telling stories here did not have any bad influence. It is also good for the tourism industry. The only thing to worry about is them getting caught. After all, such two parrots are very valuable.

The two parrots ate melon seeds for a while. After being impatiently urged by the tourists, they finally stopped eating and started talking again. The parrot that just talked a lot said: “I just talked about one. It's your turn. Speak now. “

Another parrot was unambiguous and said immediately: “There is a man who needed to pee urgently while he was on the train. The train was particularly crowded and it has only two stations. The road to the bathroom is full of people and he began to squeeze forward. After squeezing for some time, he couldn't squeeze out. In desperation, he had to squeeze to the side and squeezed to the window and he pulled down his zipper and bent his body into a C shape and spread out outside the window. As a result, standing next to the track on a small station, A stationmaster was splattered on the face. The stationmaster was angry, but the train was too fast. He could only try to see clearly in the electric light flint, and then rushed in to call the next station master to report that 'There was a pa.s.senger who was very rude just now, he was just signaling to the train and got sprayed on the face with saliva and he didn't know why it was salty. They should investigate it quickly. This pa.s.senger made me very angry and he must caught.' The stationmaster at the next station said, 'Don't be angry, I will definitely try to catch this pa.s.senger, please tell me his features. 'The stationmaster said,' Let me think about it.' , The speed of the train was very fast so I only saw a man with a big beard and a cigar in his mouth.”

As soon as the words fell, the audience had already begun to laugh. The guys laughed while swaying back and forth, and the girls also smiled shyly, cursing these two parrots too badly. So the people once again bought some melon seeds bags and gave them to the two parrots. The two parrots probably felt that they almost have enough. Each of them picked up a few bags of melon seeds and fluttered their wings hard. Regardless of the tourists' retention, they flew back home. However, these two clips of the story were just recorded and posted on the Internet, which quickly became a trending subject.

In the cla.s.sroom of Zhongyun High School's second year, Tang Xiaoyu just watched the video and she laughed so hard that his stomach was hurting from it. Although these two parrots have changed from before as they are now bigger and looked more beautiful, but she recognizes that they must be the two parrots of Su Jing. There are no other parrots that speak so fluently and badly in the world.

“What did my brother teach them?” After Su Ya watched it, she couldn't help laughing with her friend.

“Haha, this is too funny.” After watching the video, the Divine Dog's crew consist of Qin Xulan, Guo Biting, Jin s.h.i.+jia, Liu Qian, and others watched the video, and tears burst out of their eyes as they laughed. As a girl, Guo Biting wanted to keep holding back her laughter, but she couldn't help it. As a sequel to Divine Dog, the same producer and director are here and the main actors have not changed, so the crew has already reached a tacit understanding between them, making it easier to shoot. Moreover, audience acceptance is already higher. The perfect new installation has not yet finished, but it has already been recorded, so Guo Biting is also free now, and is dedicated to the shooting of the Divine Dog sequel.

“These two parrots are really bad,” Guo Biting said.

“They must have been taught by the guy A'Jing.” Liu Qian also laughed.

At this moment, Su Jing, who was at home, also learned this news from his sister, Tang Xiaoyu, Qin Xulan, Guo Biting, and he got scolded for teaching the parrots such things which left him in a position in which he couldn't cry nor laugh. The parrots were punished and they learned a lesson and they weren't allowed to go out and make trouble later, or they would lose out if they were caught.

The reason why these two parrots learn to tell stories is that they are related to Su Jing and follow Su Jing, but Su Jing did not specifically teach them. They learned it by themselves and they went out and told it without his permission.

“Well, it was a good story, and the punchline was right but the parrots were too clever. It seems that too much cleverness can lead to trouble, and all pets will have to be kept on a tight leash in the future, or else they will go out and cause trouble.”

Su Jing was vigilant. Before pets became clever, they were still in the category of animals. But now, they have become more and more detached from animals, their behaviors are biased towards humans, and their thinking is no longer so simple. If they are left unattended, their actions may have very bad consequences. The Parrots used to like melon seeds, but they never thought of selling stories to get more melon seeds, but now they know how to think about it. If the Dogs went out to see people buying meat, they may do something to steal their meat. After all, people didn't think the dog would be so smart. Not to mention that there is also the Battle Wolf, of course, if it ran out willfully, it may cause a great disaster.

In short, he can't treat the pets as if he is training them. They are like children in the development of intelligence. He must strengthen their moral discipline and let them know from the bottom of their hearts what they can and cannot do. What to do and what not to do. (To be continued ~ ^ ~)

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