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“In my arms, in your eyes, where the spring breeze is intoxicated, and there is green gra.s.s there …” Su Jing just finished teaching the two parrots and the ringtone of his mobile phone suddenly rang. Opening and seeing the ID, it was w.a.n.g Xiao calling and he answered.

“A'Jing, are you home?” w.a.n.g Xiao asked.
“Yes, can I help you?” Su Jing replied.

“I want to ask you one thing, can I borrow your Dogs for some time? Recently, we are investigating a drug dealer case. Although the police dogs you helped train are also good, they are still far less than your dogs. If your dogs help out, it should speed up the case. I a.s.sure you that they will not be injured. “w.a.n.g Xiao said sincerely.

“This…… Is five enough for you?” Su Jing hesitated for a while and then agreed. w.a.n.g Xiao is a good person and is worthy of deep friends.h.i.+p. Besides, investigating the drug trafficking case is for the benefit of the country and the people, so it is also necessary to help wherever he can. Not to mention far, a few years ago near the village, there was a small incident because of drug trafficking that led to murder and arson, making the nearby villages terrified.

“Thank you. Five will be enough. I can go to your place now.” ” w.a.n.g Xiao Said.

“Yes, I'll wait for you at home.” Su Jing nods.

Not long after, w.a.n.g Xiao and Zhao Ming arrived in a van. When they entered the house and saw the Cats and Dogs in the yard, they couldn't help but blink their eyes slightly and Zhao Ming was surprised: “This group of Dogs, they are still growing up, they look a little bigger than last time. “

“Yeah, every one of them must weight at least one hundred jins.” w.a.n.g Xiao was also very surprised. Even if it was a Tibetan mastiff weighting eighty-ninety jins is already very large. Native dogs and the like weight about fifty or sixty jins. But whether they are native dogs, huskies or others, they all look tall and mighty and every single one of them must weight more than a hundred jin, how exaggerated can this be.

“The youngest in this group weighs about 108 jin. A'San, A'Si, A'Wu, A'Liu, A'Qi, come out here.” No sooner had Su Jing spoken that the five dogs came forward in a line. As neat as five swat officers, Su Jing said, “These five dogs, you can take them with you.”

“Thank you, with them, everything will be much easier.” w.a.n.g Xiao laughed.

“Also, here are some dog foods. If they are injured, feed it to them.” Su Jing handed w.a.n.g Xiao a small bag of dried fish. Of course, this is no ordinary fish, but Jade Fang Fish.

“Okay, but we will try our best not to hurt them. We will be ahead of them in times of danger.” w.a.n.g Xiao took the small bag of dried fish and said that they had a case to deal with and didn't wait too long. They took the five dogs to the van and drove away.

Su Jing feeds the other pets before entering the Garbage Station. Now, he had almost run out of the Magical Beast meat. There is less than 100 jin left in total and Su Jing plans to keep it for a rainy day. Anyway, it will not go bad in the storage bag. Only a few dozen Jade Fang Fishes grew up and it is impossible to take out too much to feed the pets so he can only feed some selected pets and he can only feed them very little. So, for now, pets can only eat regular meat and fishes.

After Su Jing entered the Super s.p.a.ce Garbage Station, he took out the Spirit Beast bag and used his spiritual energy to release the alien inside the bag. It was tied by Su Jing with a t.i.tanium alloy chain and could not move. Although the main strength of this alien is the brain wave attack and its physical attack should not threaten Su Jing, but being careful is not a bad thing.

“Human, I want to kill you.” As soon as the alien was released, he stared at Su Jing angrily, sending out a brainwave.

“I didn't kill you, you should be glad but you want to kill me.” Su Jing sneered and he was too lazy to reason with it and he used his spiritual force and injected it into the alien again. During its coma, Su Jing has gradually learned more about it. He also uses the Spiritual Beast Taming skills to pa.s.s through some of the alien's spiritual force blockade, so it is now easy to invade the alien's brain. Suddenly, the alien was suppressed and he could not even attack using his brainwave.

“After invading his brain these days, although I haven't fully understood the brain wave communication, I have already glimpsed into his communication method and now I should be able to do mental hypnosis,” Su Jing thought while he was invading the alien brain. Sensing the alien's life rhythm and then using his spiritual force to invaded deeper into the alien brain, it took about half an hour and he was finally able to hypnotize the alien.

“Go and see if this UFO is still usable.” Su Jing ordered and unlocked the t.i.tanium alloy chain on the alien.

“Okay.” The alien responded via brainwaves and then began to inspect the UFO. After checking it and doing some preliminary repairs, the inside of the UFO actually turned on and then it got suspended in the air.

“It can fly?” Su Jing's eyes flashed.

“There are still a few places that are damaged and need to be repaired for it to drive.” The alien continued to answer with brain waves.

“Then fix it quickly,” Su Jing ordered.

“I need materials.”

“The tattered UFOs next to you, look inside and see if you can find suitable materials to replace them. If you still want anything else, tell me, I will try to provide them for you.” Su Jing said.
“Okay.” The alien followed his command and began to repair the UFO. Fortunately, some of the more important parts can be replaced by other broken UFOs. Some hardware can be replaced with earth materials. After two days, the UFO was finally repaired. Once opened, a protective cover would form on the outside. Su Jing tried to fire two shots. As expected, the bullets were blocked by the protective cover, and no trace was left on the UFO surface.

“I'll try to drive.” Su Jing has already asked the alien how to drive, so he sat in the UFO. UFO driving is very simple, it mainly consists of controlling a directional handle, just like playing a game.

Su Jing's heartbeat accelerated slightly, he took a deep breath and grabbed the handle of the wheel with both hands and pulled up slightly and the UFO immediately hovered and flew up. Then Su Jing controlled the UFO and circled inside the hemisphere of the Garbage Station taking laps. One Lap, two-lap, three-lap … the speed is getting faster and faster.

“Hahaha, this is awesome. It would be great if I drove out into the air, or even out of outer s.p.a.ce?” Su Jing thought so, but she soon suppressed the impulse. If the UFO was found by the national security agency, it would be a big problem. Besides, this UFO also needs energy. Even the appearance of advanced technology can not violate the law of conservation of energy. What it currently has is the energy taken from several broken UFOs. If he went out and run out of energy, it would be too late to regret then. This Alien Aircraft, it is better if he uses it only when necessary.

Of course, rationality and sensibility are in conflict. In terms of sensibility, Su Jing really wants to go out for a stroll. What's so great about those who drove airplanes and fighter planes. He had an Alien Aircraft. Can anyone on this earth say that they have driven an alien aircraft? (To be continued ~ ^ ~)

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