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Su Jing also controls the alien and allows it to a.s.sist in the repair of a broken fighter plane. This is a carrier-based fighter F-18 jointly developed by the US McDonnell Douglas and Northrop, which is mainly incorporated into the US aircraft carrier fleet. The F-18, nicknamed the Hornet, was the first production type to be a single-seat, dual-engine airborne fighter attack aircraft, mainly used for escort of air-to-air and airborne attack aircraft, and some were also used to perform air-to-ground attack missions.

Although this alien did not know much about human F-18 fighter planes at first but the alien technology is far ahead of human beings. This alien is also very capable of learning, so as long as it is given a certain time and sufficient materials, maintenance and repairing these planes is not difficult. However, this is certainly not as easy as repairing the UFO he is familiar with, it has to learn new things. Unfortunately, there is no F-18 system knowledge, and it can only be pieced together from various professional knowledge on the Internet and in books.

In addition, Su Jing did not stop the study of the alien brain. He found that although he could not control the brain waves as flexibly as the alien, he could clearly perceive the brain waves by using a strong spiritual force.

"A'Li, come here." Su Jing spoke and A'Li thought that Su Jing was going to feed her, and ran over and jumped over Su Jing's shoulder, and licked Su Jing cheek, holding Su Jing around his neck with his head.

"Come and sit here." Su Jing hugged A'Li and let it sit on the table. A'Li looked at Su Jing with her head tilted, wondering what Su Jing was going to do.

"Don't move." Su Jing released his spiritual force and enters A'Li's brain. He can more clearly sense the rhythm of A'Li's life than before, especially the brainwaves. He can even read A'Li's mind roughly just by her brain waves, but it is not as simple and direct. He continued to concentrate, trying to keep up with Ali's brain waves and spiritual force.

"A 'Buzz' was suddenly heard in his head. It was as if a string had been plucked in his head. Suddenly, Su Jing clearly sensed A'Li's perception. He clearly sensed A'li's smell, touch, vision … it all felt the same as if A'Li's body was his own. In fact, when teaching Crystal Contemplation to pets, he had a similar feeling. It's just far from clear.

Feeling A'Li perception, Su Jing suddenly felt a bit itchy on his cheek, and subconsciously wanted to stretch out his "hand" to scratch. A'Li had her front claws controlled, stretched out, and scratched his cheek.

"Oh my G.o.d, what's going on?" Su Jing was shocked and his concentration of the spiritual force was broken and he immediately retreated from A'Li's mind. A'Li crooked her head and was a little confused. Why did she seem to fall asleep just now?

Su Jing's eyes flickered and he was feeling amazed in his heart. It was weird just now, it was as if his consciousness had entered A'Li body and easily controlled A'Li's body. This is significantly different from previous hypnosis.

"Let's try again." Su Jing couldn't bear the curiosity in his heart and tried again. He tried several times in a row without success. In the fifth or sixth time, he finally concentrated completely and encountered the feeling just now, his brain waves and spiritual force are completely in sync with A'Li. He can clearly sense the feeling of A'Li, and at the same time, he can easily control A'Li 's body. It feels as if it is his own body but blurred.

"This is amazing!" Su Jing controlled A'Li's head and turned to look at himself sitting in the chair. If he doesn't count the mirror, this is the first time he had looked at himself so directly, it feels weird. Su Jing controls A'Li and walks around the table. He finds that moving his four feet is really not that easy. He always stumbles together and he began to think about how the cat walks and then he tried to imitate it, less than five minutes later, he walked in a good manner and he was even able to run and jump and this body was very easy to control.

And Su Jing also discovered two extremely interesting capabilities.

One is the night vision ability. Climbing to the bottom of the bed, the original dark corners of the wall are very clear under his eyesight. This was originally a cat's instinct, and it was nothing to be surprised, but Su Jing experienced it for the first time and felt very surprised. The reason why Cats have night vision because their pupils are so dilated that they can instantly magnify their light collection by 40 to 50 times as long as there is a small amount of light.

The second is the ability to balance. Cats have an outstanding response to nerves and a sense of balance. They can achieve body balance by only slightly changing their position and height of the tail, and then use the strong muscles and strong joints of the hind feet to jump quickly. They can also change their body posture in the air by falling from the air, landing lightly and accurately. This ability is even superior to Su Jing's superphysical fitness.

"It feels funny, let's go out and see how far the limited distance is." Su Jing continued to control A'Li's body and walked out of the house, then went down the stairs and jumped from above the stairs and landed more than twenty meters apart. Su Jing controlled A'Li to continue to walk and climbed up the courtyard wall and walked out of the courtyard and walked to the beach. It was more than 900 meters away, but it was still within the control range. It was not until the distance was close to a thousand meters that it finally felt the control feeling changed. It's fuzzy and he could only return.

"A kilometer is enough to do a lot of things." Delighted, Su Jing realizes that he has unintentionally extended a very useful power through his study of alien brain waves combined with spiritual force hypnosis. Among other things, the use of pet surveys is more convenient and he had already previously used the Invisible Lizard to spy on his enemies and brought them down by the information collected by the Invisible Lizard but because it's intelligence is too low, it can not act according to the requirements, even his spirit energy is not good enough for the animals to complete complex instructions.

Later, by learning the hypnosis technique of the Emperor of the Cosmos Universe, controlling animals got more handy, but at most it was barely controlling fish to hunt for treasure. No matter how complicated and changeable the instructions were, it would not work. Controlling the insects to go around and come back would barely work, but it's not realistic to control insects to go in carefully and accurately.

However, with this ability, that's not a problem at all. His consciousness can enter the mind of an insect, and he can control the insect directly from his room. He can investigate however he wants.

"Isn't this A'Li?" After pa.s.sing the Zhen's Great Seafood Restaurant, Zhao Mengxiang suddenly saw A'Li. Of course, she didn't know that A'Li was being controlled by Su Jing. No one would think that way.

"Meow." Su Jing suddenly had a teasing thought in his heart and he ran over and jumped onto Zhao Mengxiang's shoulder and licked on her cheek, making Zhao Mengxiang giggled.

"Are you hungry?" Zhao Mengxiang walked into the kitchen and brought a plate of fish left by the guests on the table. Su Jing controlled A'Li and shook his head.

"Why, don't you eat fish?" Su Zhenhong turned to see the scene and couldn't help but be surprised.

"Maybe it's because Father's dishes were bad." Zhao Mengxiang laughed.

"Didn't A'Jing cook fish for his pets every day?" Su Zhenhong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Su Jing controlled A'Li and jumped onto the table and dipped a bit of water in his paw and wrote, "I haven't eaten anything else."

"Uh …" Zhao Mengxiang, Su Zhenhong, Liu Shu all looked dumbfounded. They had seen A'Da writing before but that was also an Arabic numeral. This cat actually wrote Chinese characters and it looked like the cat's calligraphy was pretty good. Cats know calligraphy, they are going crazy.

"How the h.e.l.l does A'Jing raises his pets, it's … it's…It's almost perfect" Su Zhenhong said with wide eyes.

"Is there going to be a cat monster in the future?" Liu Shu also said feeling a little fl.u.s.tered. Originally, pets are smart, which is a good thing. The smarter they are, the more flattering they are, but if they become smart enough to go beyond a certain degree. That would be a little scary.

"How can there be such an exaggeration, there is no real cat demon in this world. Besides, even if it becomes a cat demon, it would also be a cute cat demon." Zhao Mengxiang was more childlike and more acceptable and said with a smile. She likes this cat very much. She is not stingy as she brings a small plate of uneaten fish and puts it on the table. Su Jing controls A'Li and eats, and finds how it feels to eat from a cat's mouth. It tastes so good. It seems that there is some reason why cats like to eat fish. After being full, Su Jing controlled A'Li to jump off the table and left and return home. From start to finish, no one noticed the anomaly, and no one knew that the cat was being remotely controlled. (To be continued ~ ^ ~)

Su Jing tried it with other pets and found that this new skill was not as simple as he had imagined. It can only be done if the animal has been fed with the Magical Beast meat or Jade Fang Fish and then entered the Crystal Contemplation.

Of course, this is not a big problem. When those Jade Fang Fishes on the desert island grow up and breed, he will have an unlimited supply of the Jade Fang Fishes. If he wants to control any animal, he can do it then.

In case of emergency, Su Jing thought about which animals might be needed in advance and planned to buy them to train them first. However, some connections are needed to buy animals, and the private purchase of some species is quite troublesome. So Su Jing called Jianhua.

"A'Jing, do you have a new pet to send to the Perfect Pet Paradise?" Zhu Jianhua couldn't wait to answer the call and asked. Recently, Su Jing did not provide pets for sale. Without cooperation with Su Jing, his Income has plummeted and although his wages are now good, it is far less than the huge profits he got when working with Su Jing. Therefore, he is looking forward to Su Jing offering pets for sale again.

"I said I won't sell pets easily." Su Jing smiled and said, "I'm looking for you for something else, I want to cooperate with the Perfect Pet Paradise. I want to buy some pets, and the price will be twice your purchase price. You can ask the store manager if you can't make the decision."

The pets that Su Jing wants to buy are not readily available, so he wants to take advantage of the Perfect Pet Paradise network, which can save time and effort, and as for the double price, Su Jing does not care much.

"It should be possible, what pets do you want." Zhu Jianhua asked.

"I'll send you the species list for you to see for yourself." Su Jing said while sending the species list.

"What the h.e.l.l. Most of these can't even be considered as pets. What do you want these guys for?" After looking at the list, Zhu Jianhua's eyes widened. Most of these animals are not considered pets, and pet stores rarely sell them.

"Just buying them for fun, do you have a way?" Su Jing asked.

"We have various acquisition channels. Although many of the animals on the list you gave are very difficult to acquire, but if the price is higher you should still be able to buy them. I will discuss this with the store manager, but with your cooperation with Perfect Pet Paradise, The manager will definitely agree." Zhu Jianhua laughed. After hanging up the phone, he consulted with Shen Jiayao. As he expected, Shen Jiayao quickly agreed.


Perfect Pet Paradise is extremely efficient. In just one day, they bought a lot of pets on the list. If Su Jing had gone to buy them himself than it would have taken at least three or four times as long.

After the pets were bought back, Su Jing fed them with some Jade Fang Fishes and after they had evolved, they went to hypnotic Crystal Contemplation. He told them not to stop until they can enter the full control of psychology state.

"It's been four or five days, Brother Xiao hasn't sent the Dogs back. Is that case so difficult? Should I help?" Su Jing was a little worried about the five Dogs and w.a.n.g Xiao, especially the five Dogs. The dogs had no obligation to handle the case. However, they will obey his orders. Su Jing was uneasy thinking that the dogs were injured or even died.

Su Jing made a phone call to ask w.a.n.g Xiao and learned that this drug dealer case is implicated in a great deal. At present, the network is being closed, and a lot of people have been arrested. In addition, under these circ.u.mstances, they are about to find the biggest dens of this drug ring and they are hunting them.

"Those drug dealers are actually hiding in Liyuan New Village, these are a really brave group of guys." Su Jing looked up at the sky. The sun had already set and it started to fog. The sky was gray and the visibility was very low.

Su Jing decided to take a trip and whistled. The golden eagle flew down from the air. Su Jing leaped to the back of the golden eagle and let the golden eagle take him to the sky and they flew to Liyuan New Village. With the current flight speed of the Golden Eagle, he reached his destination in 20 minutes.

In the alley of Liyuan New Village, around a very remote building, the police had surrounded the building but the police did not break-in. They encountered an unexpected problem.

"What a horrible thing to hijack your own mother." Zhao Ming Said.

"Why don't I find a sniper spot and shoot him?" Shao Le said angrily.

"Don't be impulsive. There are at least four drug dealers inside. How can you snip them all? These people still have a strong desire to escape. We will first negotiate to save the hostages." w.a.n.g Xiao said while suppressing the anger in his heart, he couldn't handle it. He had seen a few cases with cruelty, but this is the first time that he had seen a criminal hijacked his own mother. They have tried their best to eliminate the possibility of drug traffickers catching hostages at the same time of quick encirclement and suppression. However, the people in the drug dens can not be rescued in advance and they did not think that they will hijack their mothers.

According to the investigation data, the main characters of these drug traffickers are a group of unemployed young people. The son of the owner of this house, whose father died long ago, was brought up by his mother. After graduating from junior high school, he began to make a social disturbance. However, he never did any serious work, he did some stealing and other small illegal activities, and often asked his mother for money. His mother worked hard every year to save the money that he hoped to leave him to marry his wife.

Starting from March today, he came back with a group of friends for a few months. His mother felt that something was wrong, and occasionally said something to him, but every time she was scolded by him so she finally accepted it. However, presumably, his mother did not know that her son actually made ice-poison in the room, and it was estimated that at least dozens of jin had been sold. In the room, it is estimated that there is a lot hidden.

"Captain, let me talk to them. I'm a woman. They will easily relax their vigilance." At this time, a policewoman came towards them and she looked very young and beautiful, with a slender figure, especially a pair of long legs which were comparable to a model.

"No." w.a.n.g Xiao glanced at the policewoman, hesitated for a moment, and then refused. This policewoman was not originally in his team, but recently, after the Spider-Man incident, she was inserted in the Special Task Force was inserted. Her abilities and ident.i.ties are trustworthy and she is good at investigating, shooting, and melee instead of negotiation. w.a.n.g Xiao said, "You are not good at negotiating. Even if you let them relax their vigilance, you can't control four people at once, let Old w.a.n.g come here."

"Yes." The policewoman nodded obediently.

"Old Yao." w.a.n.g Xiao turned his head to look at a middle-aged man in his forties. His body was a bit out of shape and he looked slightly bloated. Ming and others seemed to trust him. Everyone at the police station knew that this man was a negotiator and he had handled many such situations and he was able to persuade the criminals.

"Leave it to me," Old Yao said. Actually, it was not difficult to save the hostages this time, but it was difficult to catch the criminals while saving the hostages. It was impossible for them to surround the drug dealers with ease. Old Yao, holding a stack of information in one hand, said, "Lin Xiaofei, do you really want to kill your mother …"

At the same time, Su Jing rode on the golden eagle and hovered over in the sky. Because it was dim and foggy, he could not be seen from the ground, but he controlled the golden eagle and used the golden eagle's supervision to see the following situation and understood everything. (To be continued ~ ^ ~)

Around and on the first floor of the remote second floor, surrounded by police dogs and five extremely large dogs, the drug dealer and the hostage are in a room and Old Yao is negotiating with the drug dealers which seems to be progressing well, at least it temporarily stabilizing the impulsive dealer and the dangerous situation. At the same time, Su Jing has basically understood the situation through the golden eagle's visual aerial view.

"It seems that the drug dens have been found and the situation has been basically controlled. There is no need for the dogs to come out. I'd better not go down." After Su Jing understood the situation, he decided not to fight. He left everything to the police.

However, Su Jing was still worried and he did not leave immediately and observed the situation quietly from a high alt.i.tude. If he listened carefully, he could barely hear some of Old Yao's negotiations with drug dealers and found that things were far from simple. The appeased drug dealers sometimes suddenly became irritable and the situation was very unstable. It is no wonder that the situation was like this as these drug dealers know that once they are caught, they will be punished severely. The crime of making and selling drugs is very serious, so they are not willing to get arrested even if they are faced with the threat of being killed. Moreover, they are drug users and their emotions are easily irritable. It is undoubtedly difficult for the Police to negotiate with them. After negotiating for nearly an hour, there was no progress and everything returned to its original point.

Su Jing also noticed that Shao Le and another sniper had been lying in the vicinity at the sniper spot, but unfortunately this group of drug dealers apparently also had a certain anti-reconnaissance and anti-sniper consciousness and they have closed the doors and windows tightly.

"Let's see what's going on inside." Su Jing took out the Spirit Beast bag and released an insect flying champion—the dragonfly, and not an ordinary dragonfly, but the most exquisite insect in the dragonfly species—the Emperor Dragonfly, this is one of the animals that Su Jing had selected carefully.

Like a falcon, Emperor Dragonfly spends most of its time hovering over water or swamps in search of food. It looks fierce. Therefore, some people also call them "falcon-dragonflies", and it has many advantages in reconnaissance.

The first advantage is, of course, the flying ability. The flying ability of the dragonfly is well known and the Emperor Dragonfly is a flight acrobat among dragonflies. Needless to say, its speed is very fast. They are able to spread their wings more than ten times over their bodies in a second and it almost looks like it is teleporting to the naked eyes, they can fly in any direction, front, back, right or left, sometimes they can fly like a jet plane, sometimes like a helicopter. Emperor Dragonfly's amazing aerial skills are accomplished by its complex body structure, and there is an axial structure at the connection between the wings and the body. In flight, it's body can rotate freely and each of its wings can rotate independently, it can fly with high precision like a fighter jet plane and it can hover in the air like a helicopter. It can do an eight-figure movement in the air to get the maximum lifting force during the downward and upward flapping. With these flying capabilities, people will only be able to shoot it if they are really really lucky.

The second advantage is its visual ability. Dragonflies are the insects with the most eyes in the world, with three monocular eyes. Their eyes are made up of 30,000 visual units called facets, each of which contains a lens and a series of light-sensitive cells. Their eyes are large and bulging, occupying most of its head. They have excellent vision. They can look up, down, forward, and back without turning their heads. In addition, their compound eyes can also measure speed. When the object moves in front of the compound eye, each "facets or small eye" produces a reaction in turn, which can be processed to determine the moving speed of the targeted object. This is one of the main reasons why they are so good at catching insects.

It can be said that doing investigation with an Emperor Dragonfly is really good and it is much better than the Invisible Lizard in many cases.

Su Jing released his spiritual force into the dragonfly's brain to achieve the same spiritual force tone with it and completely controls the dragonfly. Then he makes the Emperor Dragonfly carry a small finger-sized bag and flew down into the room. He saw five people in the room, four young people and a woman. One of them grabs the middle-aged woman's neck and uses a kitchen knife to reach the middle-aged woman's neck. This young man was Lin Xiaofei. The middle-aged woman's face was full of tears and she could not help but cry.

"d.a.m.n it, don't cry, it's getting on my nerves." One of the young men came up and slapped the middle-aged woman in the face. Lin Xiaofei frowns slightly, but says nothing.

"What's the use of beating her? Think about how we're going to get out." Said the young man, who sat on a chair with a bag in his left hand and a cigarette in his right.

"It's full of policemen outside. How can we escape? We're dead." The young man squatting peeking out the window was crying in panic.

"f.u.c.k, don't talk to these cops. They are stalling us. The more they talk, the worse it is for us. If we don't give them a reminder, they will think that we are nothing. Xiaofei, chop of your mother's two fingers." The smoking guy suddenly stood up.

"This …" Lin Xiaofei hesitated.

"Why are you hesitating, if we get caught, we don't know how long we will be in jail but we will definitely waste a lot of our youth in it." The smoking guy said.

"I'll hold her, you do it." Lin Xiaofei showed viciousness.

"Xiaofei don't, I'm your mother." The middle-aged woman's face was pale and she began to cry. She was frightened and sad. She was afraid and she would have never thought that she could bear such a beast that is willing to chop down her mother's fingers. However, Lin Xiaofei doesn't care about her cry at all. Several people put her hand on the table, and the young man who was smoking threw away the cigarette and took the kitchen knife and prepared to chop off her fingers.

"Savages." Su Jing couldn't stand it. He controlled the Emperor Dragonfly which was carrying a finger-sized bag and flew over several people, and then tore the bag apart, dropping a few black ants with great precision on them with two ants on three-person. Among them were Lin Xiaofei with a knife and two young men who were smoking. Trained by Su Jing, the ants were incredibly ferocious and they launched stingers immediately after falling. The next moment, there were four screams and two kitchen knives fell to the ground.

Common ants are not terrible, but these are the bullet ants. It is one of the largest ant species in the world. These one-inch-long insects are named after their stingers, and the pain caused by them is like being shot by a bullet.

"If you let bullet ant bite you, you will not die, but you will never forget it." People who have been bitten by bullet ant describe it as the most painful bite. In the Schmidt bite pain index, bullet ant is described as "a wave of burning, twitching and non-forgetting pain that can last for 24 hours without weakening." Like their ancestors, bullet ant bites are the most painful of all insects. If someone is bitten, then they must endure severe pain for 24 hours.

Hearing the screams, w.a.n.g Xiao, Zhao Ming, and the long-legged policewoman and other people faces changed. They smashed through the door and rushed in, but when they saw the situation inside, they couldn't help but stunned. (To be continued ~ ^ ~)

w.a.n.g Xiao, Zhao Ming, the long-legged policewoman, and others were stunned for a moment and then they rushed up to stop the four young men who fell to the ground screaming repeatedly. They felt as if they were suddenly shot with two or three bullets. They are ordinary people, how can they bear this pain.

"What's wrong with them?" Zhao Ming asked in surprise.

"Look at their hands and necks." The long-legged policewoman found red and swollen bites on the bodies of four young men.

"What kind of bite is this, everyone be careful." w.a.n.g Xiao said that since he had handcuffed the four young men and was not worried about them running away, they let them go and just surrounded them. They put on their gloves, searched, found a dozen ants on the ground and on them, and they put them in a bag.

"What kind of ant is this? They only got bitten two or three times and they are screaming like this." Zhao Ming was surprised. The policewoman with long legs, however, looked at the middle-aged woman on the side and then she looked back at the young men who were bitten by ants at least two times, but the middle-aged women who was in the middle surrounded by them did not get bitten at all, is it coincident? Moreover, several people were bitten at the same time, this is also very strange, how did these ants get here? The long-legged policewoman did not know what she had in mind, and suddenly looked out of the window but unfortunately, she could not find any clues.

"What happened?" Shao Le and another sniper ran over.

"They were suddenly bitten by ants," Zhao Ming said, raising the ants in the bag.

"What type of ants are so powerful?" Shao Le's eyes widened as he looked at the ants in the bag. Unfortunately, he didn't know much about the ants and didn't know what they were. Although the bullet ants are famous, they are rarely seen in China.

"Captain, I recognize this kind of ant, this seems to be a bullet ant." Suddenly a young man said.

"Bullet ant?" w.a.n.g Xiao, Zhao Ming, Shao Le, and others were all surprised.

"It is said that this ant can inject toxins. Being bitten by it is as painful as being shot by a bullet, so it is called a bullet ant. Moreover, the pain will last for twenty-four hours." The youth explained.

The people suddenly realized that it was no wonder that the four young men screamed like this, even as special policemen, if they were suddenly shot two or three bullets. I'm afraid it's hard to bear, let alone a few young people who haven't suffered much pain in their life.

"However, this kind of ant should only be found in the rain forest in the Amazon or some other natural places. How can it be here?" The youth showed doubts.

"Is the probability of bullet ant here too high?" w.a.n.g Xiao asks.

"In this case, it's impossible, unless someone raises it and accidentally lets it out." Said the young man.

"That's weird." w.a.n.g Xiao frowned slightly, although he managed to save the hostage and took down the drug dealers but this thing is too strange, he is feeling that there is something that he is missing.

"Zhongyun City is really weird." The long-legged policewoman squinted.

w.a.n.g Xiao glanced at the long-legged policewoman without saying anything and suddenly thought of someone—Su Jing. Because to his knowledge. He has only seen Su Jing's ability to manipulate animals. However, he did not intend to say it. If Su Jing did help in secret, then since he was unwilling to show up, he shouldn't expose him, so as not cause him unnecessary trouble. If it has nothing to do with Su Jing, there is nothing more to say.

Of course, w.a.n.g Xiao was still in doubt even if he didn't talk. He couldn't help but want to found out everything and immediately said, "I will leave everything here to you, you are responsible for taking away these drug tools and drug-products."

"What about you, Captain, aren't you going back with us?" The long-legged policewoman wondered. Although the rest is easy to handle, generally speaking, there is no reason for the captain not to bring the drug dealers back himself. If something went wrong along the way, the captain would be the one responsible even if he is not there.

"I will return these five dogs and give them back to their owner." w.a.n.g Xiao said, after ordering Zhao Ming, he left in a van with five huge Dogs.

"Who is the dog owner?" The long-legged policewoman asked again.

"It's just a villager in the countryside, but it's just that he is very good at domesticating pets." Zhao Ming said, without revealing Su Jing's information too much. He had promised Su Jing at the beginning that he would not disclose Su Jing's methods to anyone.

"Oh." The long-legged policewoman didn't seem to care.

w.a.n.g Xiao drove to Su Jing's house at the fastest speed and heard the melodious zither sounds from a distance. He stepped forward and tried to ring the doorbell, but found that the original doorbell switch was no longer there and it became a smooth tile. Looking around, he couldn't find the doorbell and he couldn't help but wonder. Is Su Jing going to close the door and not accept any guests later? He took out his mobile to call Su Jing.

At this time, the two parrots flew over and landed above the gate, saying, "Who are you, and why are you here?"

w.a.n.g Xiao opened his mouth after being stunned for two or three seconds. He replied, "My name is w.a.n.g Xiao. I'm looking for Su Jing to return these five dogs."

"Please wait a moment," The Parrot yelled and then flew back to the top of the building together. It didn't take long before the music disappeared and Su Jing came downstairs to open the door. The two parrots followed him and said when they saw w.a.n.g Xiao "Master, he is the one who is looking for you."

"I know, you don't need to say anything when I see them." Su Jing laughed.

"A'Jing, your parrots are so amazing. No wonder you don't use your doorbell." w.a.n.g Xiao sighed, wondering how Su Jing trained his pets, and why are his pets so smart?

"Oh, the doorbell is too noisy, it's better if the pets report it." Su Jing smiled. Actually, not only parrots, all of his pets are smart enough to understand and report to him but parrots can talk, fly, and love to make fun. Them reporting to him is most appropriate.

During the conversation, w.a.n.g Xiao looked at Su Jing up and down and saw that he was still wearing slippers, shorts, s.h.i.+rts. w.a.n.g Xiao couldn't help thinking, wasn't he secretly helping with the Bullet ants? What he didn't know is that Su Jing came back on the golden eagle much faster than him, after changing back he changed into his loose clothes and played the ancient zither for a while.

"How did you chase went, did the Dogs helped?" Su Jing asked.

"They were a big help. After determining the approximate range, they immediately found the hiding point of the drug dealers. They were a few steps ahead of the Police dogs." w.a.n.g Xiao put aside his doubts and exclaimed. To tell the truth, he really wanted to have such a dog.

"Did you catch the drug dealers?" Su Jing asked.

"Although the situation went through some twists and turns, they were finally caught." w.a.n.g Xiao said.

"That's good." Su Jing nodded his head and then said, "Brother Xiao, come inside. Why don't we go in and drink?"

"No, I still have something to do, let's drink another day." w.a.n.g Xiao left the Dogs and then left. Looking at w.a.n.g Xiao's back, Su Jing felt that he seemed suspicious of himself, but Su Jing didn't care, because he believed in w.a.n.g Xiao, even if he knew that Su Jing was the one who sent out the bullet ants, he wouldn't say anything. (To be continued ~ ^ ~)

"It is very useful to fully control the ability of animals." Looking at w.a.n.g Xiao's back, Su Jing thought cheerfully, this is the first time he had used this ability in real life, he is not very skilled but this skill has fully demonstrated its effectiveness.

For the next two or three days, Su Jing continued to collect all kinds of weird animals. Most of them could not be called pets. They are not kept by anyone, and some of them are extremely dangerous. However, they have various abilities that Su Jing likes. The adult Jade Fang Fishes were soon gone as ever single fish was eaten, desperately, Su Jing went to the uninhabited island and caught some small fishes from the lake. He found that the newly hatched fishes grew very fast and it didn't take long to see it as they had already grown to two fingers wide, it seems that the lake is much better than the fish tank at home.

Su Jing didn't get too many and he only fished about a hundred fishes to meet the urgent need. If a hundred small fish were fed to large animals, such as killer whales, I'm afraid that's not going to be enough for it. Fortunately, most of the animals Su Jing plans to train later are small and many of them are insects. For insects, a hundred small fishes are a lot.

Cats and Dogs and the golden eagles, in this period of time, they can only be aggrieved and continue to eat ordinary meat. However, the effect of the Jade Fang fishes fed to them a few days ago has not completely pa.s.sed, and it continues to play a role, so they are still growing every day.

During this time, a lot of complaints appeared in the village. Su Family Village is close to the entrance to the village. One day, Su Dapao accidentally found that his male dog was molesting a hen. He knew his male dog was in the estrus stage and he was obscene. He couldn't even think of killing him. His male dog is four or five years old and he is not young anymore. He used to be good. Why is his s.e.xual orientation went wrong now?

Su Dapao's real name meaning is not cannon. It is because of his hot personality that he was given such a fancy name. As a result, many younger generations do not know his real name. With Su Dapao's character, he will naturally not allow this kind of vicious incident to continue. He immediately stopped the male dog and drove it out, yelling: "A lot of b.i.t.c.hes are outside, go be happy outside." But. A few moments later, the male dog returned and his desire was apparently not resolved. After whining for some time, he began to continue.

"It's over." Su Dapao was depressed. Did his dog really become a pervert? Su Dapao didn't give up. He drove the dog out again, and this time he went out with the dog, trying to figure out what was going on. Is his own dog really not interested in the b.i.t.c.h?

Su Family Village is more dog-friendly, except for Su Jing. On average, there is only one dog per family. Of course, the village is not particular about raising dogs. Basically, they are native dogs. They usually fed them leftover foods. So, it didn't take long to go out and they encounter a b.i.t.c.h and Su Dapao also recognized that it was Su Hai's. Su Dapao's male dog ran over immediately after seeing the b.i.t.c.h and went licking the b.i.t.c.h's a.s.s, looking in dissatisfaction.

"Well, it's normal." Su Dapao was stunned and confused, but soon he understood the situation. A huge native dog with a huge amount of hair and oil came running over from a distance and slapped his male dog away, keeping the female dog behind him. This native dog was also a male dog and was followed by several female dogs. Su Dapao's male dog had no strength to fight back. After falling and flying out, he screamed and ran away with his b.u.t.t between his legs. No wonder it is so weak, after all, the opponent is too strong. Su Dapao knows that the huge native dog must be from Su Jing's home. No doubt, no one can raise such a powerful native dog except for Su Jing.

"What the h.e.l.l is happening here." Su Dapao was so angry that he browned his eyes. Su Jing's dog even took over the female dogs in the village. Su Dapao was angry and immediately ran to find Su Jing.

In fact, this phenomenon is not limited to Su Family Village. It has expanded to nearby villages. After all, Su Jing has more than one dog. In addition to Dogs, cats were having the same phenomenon.

This is not even the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that no rats could be found in the nearby villages and all of them are scared away. Naturally, they fled to the villages farther away, so the villages farther away have more rats than before and have caused various small disasters.

All these phenomena make people in Su Family Village and nearby villages laugh and cry at the same time. Of course, they only complain occasionally and put forward some suggestions. No one is really angry. After all, this is harmful and it is nothing for merit.

"Haha, Su Jing, you should manage your Cats and Dogs. They will soon become kings." When the village chief knew the situation, he found Su Jing and reminded him, but he couldn't help but make fun of him at the same time.

Su Jing has already disciplined his pets strictly but he did not expect this situation. After all, he cannot completely limit the freedom of Cats and Dogs. In desperation, he can only teach them another lesson.

"In my arms, in your eyes, the spring breeze is drunk there, and the green gra.s.s is like there …" The ringtone of the cell phone rang suddenly and Su Jing looked at it and found that it was Zhu Jianhua, and he answered.

"A'Jing, are you interested in attending Mr. Murong's birthday party?" Zhu Jianhua asked as soon as he answered the phone.

"Which Mr. Murong?" Su Jing wondered.

"The master of the ancient zither. Perfect Pet Paradise has received an invitation." Zhu Jianhua said.

"What does Mr. Murong have to do with Perfect Pet Paradise?" Su Jing was even more puzzled.

"Hehe, he likes pets. He is still the Vice-President of the Pet a.s.sociation, but his reputation for ancient zither far exceeds and he is well known for being an ancient zither master so very few people know him as the Vice-President of the Pet a.s.sociation." Zhu Jianhua said.

"So it is." Su Jing suddenly realized, before that, he never thought that Mr. Murong had the ident.i.ty of Vice-President of the Pet a.s.sociation.

"Go and join in. He likes insects, too. You've bought a lot of them lately. Although he is now retired, his reputation is still with him, and with his recognition, Perfect Pet Paradise would be even better. With his help, it would be easier to buy many rare animals. " Zhu Jianhua said.

"Okay, I'll go." Su Jing hesitated for a moment, then agreed, he would need to buy various animals in the future, with the help of the former president, it would really be much easier. He would also be able to expand his contacts. Last time, he had to ask Sun Yue to handle the matter of nuclear radiation waste, so Su Jing understood a single truth. Sometimes, contacts with various people in high positions are necessary. (To be continued ~ ^ ~)

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