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Chapter 1486: Great to Have You (46)

“Alright, go home, then.”

After they left, the elder Mr. Mu leaned against the chair with his eyes gla.s.sed over. Staring at his second son, he said, “I’ve let you down.”

“It’s already been so many years. The truth still got out anyway. However, I still see Wansheng as my daughter. It’s just that our family’s reputation is now…”

“Our family’s reputation has long been ruined. Forget it, we’ll just play it by ear.”


“Are you really alright?” Fan s.h.i.+xin asked Mu Wansheng while holding onto her hand.

“Yes. Actually, the Mu family isn’t that important to me anymore. What matters most now are you and our daughter. So, I won’t take it to heart after making my priorities clear.”

“You’ve got the right mindset. The truth can never be changed, regardless of how absurd it may be,” he said, smiling.

Once they got inside the car, she asked, “Are we going home?”

“Where would you like to go?”

“I’ll go wherever you take me to.”

“Sure.” He reached out to buckle her safety belt before driving toward the amus.e.m.e.nt park.

“Why are we here?”

“This is the place where I found you. We have to come and take a look.”

“This may be the place where you found me but it’s not the place where I first met you again after my accident,” Mu Wansheng said with a smile.

“The first time you saw me again was at the hospital.”

“Yes, it was on the elevator of the hospital. We were going to the same floor.”

He looked at her and said, “You should have called my name back then. I couldn’t tell it was you because your voice was different and you had your face covered.”

“Yes, I regret it too.”

“It’s alright, we’ve still returned to each other’s side at the end of the day after going round and round in circles.”

Mu Wansheng’s heart began to flutter. She often found herself turning as meek as a lamb whenever she was with him. She felt like she was becoming increasingly attached and reliant on him.

Giving your heart to someone else is indeed a great risk and a huge gamble.


A few days later, Fan s.h.i.+xin took Mu Wansheng overseas again.

This time, she was embarking on a journey toward regaining her beauty and confidence, which would involve a great deal of pain, suffering, and risks. If the surgery were to fail, the results would be fatal because of the numerous blood vessels beneath the skin on one’s face. Not to mention, the costs of the cosmetic surgeries were hefty, especially since Fan s.h.i.+xin had booked an appointment with a renowned plastic surgeon.

He wanted to maximize the chances of success, as far as possible.

After running a physical check on Mu Wansheng’s face, the surgeon told them, “Fortunately, Ms. Mu’s features are still intact. I’ve performed many other surgeries that are similar to this, but there are definitely risks involved because of the numerous blood vessels beneath the skin surface of the face. I have to let you guys know this beforehand so that you can prepare yourselves mentally.”

Mu Wansheng nodded and said, “We’re well aware of that.”

“On top of that, once the anesthesia wears off after the surgery, you’ll be in great pain due to the severe damage on your skin. The recovery will take a longer time as well. You must be ready for that.”

“Yes, I’ve prepared myself as fully as I can. Doctor, please help me. I can bear with the pain regardless of how excruciating it may be.”

“I’ll do my best to help you.”

Although Mu Wansheng was rather terrified, she felt much less worried because Fan s.h.i.+xin was around to accompany her.

The surgery was scheduled after the surgeon had come up with a concrete plan.

While waiting for the day of the surgery, Fan s.h.i.+xin brought her to the hospital to have her vocal cords checked.

He wanted her to regain her confidence and, hence, he had been keeping it in mind.

After the checkup, the doctor informed them that the damage to her vocal cords was not severe and could be fixed with a minor surgery.

Mu Wansheng felt as if she was in a dream. After some discussion with Fan s.h.i.+xin, she decided to undergo the minor surgery.

Mu Wansheng was put through a whirlpool of emotions and a whole lot of pain because of the two surgeries that were scheduled in one week.

She came to when the effects of the anesthesia subsided.

She was in too much pain to even continue lying down. In order to stop her from moving, Fan s.h.i.+xin had no choice but to hold her jerking body down.

Fan s.h.i.+xin was sympathetic yet helpless when he heard her shrill screams and shrieks.

As much as he wanted to suffer in her place, there was nothing he could do to ease her pain. All he could do was try and comfort her.

Grabbing his hand and panting heavily, Mu Wansheng spluttered in unbearable pain, “s.h.i.+xin, I… I think… I’m… I’m going to die of pain.”

“Bear with it. It’ll be over very soon. Think about how beautiful you’re going to become in the near future. No one would dare to tease you or call you names anymore. Isn’t that great? Be good and stay quiet. You’ve just gotten your vocal cords operated on. I’m here with you. It’ll all be over soon. If you find that time is crawling by, why don’t I tell you a story?”


Fan s.h.i.+xin held her body down with one hand and grabbed her hand with the other while telling her a story. He recounted everything that happened to him in the past, including anecdotes about his childhood. He managed to distract her from the pain and she gradually began chatting with him while forgetting about the pain.

Despite feeling parched, Fan s.h.i.+xin continued to go on and on until she dozed off. He heaved a sigh of relief.

Fan s.h.i.+xin had never taken such a long break from work before due to the fact that he used to be single. Hence, he could focus entirely on work since he had no women to go on dates with. He was still rather preoccupied with work even after marrying Yang Qianxue.

Jin Qingyan had actually begun to miss Fan s.h.i.+xin after not seeing him for such a long time.

He gave Fan s.h.i.+xin a call to show his concern about the situation.

“Young Sir.”

“s.h.i.+xin, I haven’t seen you in such a long time. Did you miss me?”

Pursing his lips, Fan s.h.i.+xin jested, “Young Sir, what has gotten into you? Are you possessed by a ghost?”

“Are you out of your mind? Why would I be possessed with your Young Madam around?”

“Why did you… ask such a random question, then?”

Jin Qingyan smiled and said, “I’m just not used to seeing you around.”

“You’ll have to bear with it for a while longer. Wansheng has just undergone surgery. I’ll have to take care of her while she’s recovering. The recovery is going to take some time.”

“Yes, you should. I’m waiting to attend your wedding.”

Fan s.h.i.+xin chuckled and said, “Young Sir, you can prepare the red packets in advance.”

“I can get that ready anytime. What’s the rush? I’m going to go now.”

“Young Sir! Don’t go! What’s going to happen to Young Madam if you leave?”

“Seems like you’re asking for death. How dare you make fun of me.”

“I learned it from you.”

He then ended the call.

Fan s.h.i.+xin was in high spirits. It had never crossed his mind that Jin Qingyan would miss him. Unbelievable. However, it’s rather amusing for a grown man to be missing another grown man.

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