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Leo and his sister got ready soon after they woke up and went straight to the port . The distance between the mainland and Helt island was about quarter of the size of the whole mainland .

This distance would take about a week to travel by normal means , but with a machine made with a certain gift from a hero of an older generation , this time was shortened to half a day .

Leo didn't talk much during the whole trip and so did Leah , but he kept thinking about things all the while .

' The most concerning thing about Helt is that there is not much information present about it . We are basically going in blind .' He thought to himself . ' My gift isn't something I should reveal openly .'

He thought up solutions all the way till they reached Helt island , but he couldn't think of anything even as they approached the port on the island .

Just before they got off the s.h.i.+p , he heard his sister whisper in his ear . " They will ask about your gift if we register with the a.s.sociation but they have no way to determine the complete truth . We can make our gifts seem weaker and they won't suspect low cla.s.s heroes like us . You can say it helps you turn into a monster . Just hide the scales and the tail. The mouth , claws and the wings should be alright .But keep it to the wings if possible ." and then she innocently sat back in her place and waited for the s.h.i.+p to stop .When they finally got off the s.h.i.+p , there wasn't much to see as it wasn't as much of a port as Renoa . It was just a pier made in the middle of the beach and a small house near a forest on the distance .

" Sot of anticlimactic ." Leo said with disappointment . He was expecting a grand city , but this turned out to be nothing but a small island up to this point .

" All those who have a gift , please come forward . You will be teleported straight to the hero a.s.sociation." A voice rang out in all the hero's heads . Leo looked at Leah with confusion and she lightly nodded her head .

He trusted her unconditionally , and directly walked over to the huge group of heroes and Leah held onto the hem of his s.h.i.+rt and followed directly behind him .

When all the heroes finally stood together , a purple light came out from the ground in the form of a circle and directly covered the heroes in side of it .

Leo felt a little light headed , and all his senses stopped working . 'Is this an attack ?' This was his first though as soon as his senses returned .

In front of him was a huge building with hundreds of floors and just after a second of interval , they were directly teleported inside .

There were many people in this building . Most of them were wearing nothing that could be called a uniform . It was mostly easy to move in clothes and some were wearing fas.h.i.+onable clothes that people usually wear to functions .

" This isn't what I expected ." Leo muttered to himself to which Leah replied in a casual manner " Heroes of the a.s.sociation are free to do whatever they please as long as they complete their hunting missions . The ones with the easy to move in clothes mostly have physical type gifts and those with those overly stylish clothes are mostly magicians ."

He was surprised Leah knew so much but didn't show it . He just looked around and waited for someone to explain him about how things worked around here .

' Wizards have to actually learn concepts , so it is natural for them to think of normal humans and physical type heroes to be below them . It was the same in the game and it seems to be the same in this world .' He thought to himself.

He was thinking to himself about the spells he had learnt in the game and kept thinking if he could use them in this world when a lady with a cloak worn over a dress walked over elegantly and stood in front of their group .

" Good evening , heroes ! I am chief of the wizard tower of Heroes a.s.sociation . If there are any wizard type heroes who join the a.s.sociation through us , they will receive free access to the magic library and many more benefits . Please follow me for the warp portal to the wizard tower ." She said and walked off as if this was just a casual event.

Some of the heroes walked behind her through a door in the distance . Leo looked back at his sister and asked her " Aren't you a magic type too ?"

She smiled at him and said in a sweet voice " Heroes may decide not to join their respective type guilds and create simple parties with their companions . And anyways , my gift is a support type not a magic type ."

" So how do we join the a.s.sociation without a guild's support ?" He asked curiously .

Leah was about to reply when a burly man put his hand on his shoulder and turned him his way before speaking in a loud voice " Hey little friend , if you want to join the a.s.sociation independently you can do it through adventurer's guild . It is the only guild which accepts all types of heroes and even mortals . We work like a jack - of - all trades guild and do all sorts of tasks but mostly they are related with helping the civilians and hunting monsters . " The man looked at him with expectant eyes and said " Would you like to join ? We are much more casual than the other guilds that force you to do stuff for them for the benefits . You see that gate behind you over there , that's where our warp portal is . Meet me there if you want to join . " He said as he pointed at a gate behind Leo and walked away towards it .

" That was what I was going to say , because if you join the a.s.sociation directly , you have to sign a contract to be of service to them your whole life ." She said as she looked towards a reception desk between 4 doors . " The 4 doors are entrances to each of the Wizard Tower , Support Clinic , Warrior Fields and the Adventurer's Guild . The members directly joining the a.s.sociation get the most benefits , but almost no one ever does because , the life long service to the a.s.sociation can be extremely uncomfortable ."

" Hmm ." Leo nodded and looked towards the gates one by one .

All the gates looked the same , but Leo could see the difference . The maker of the gates had left runes on them , that made them indestructible to magic weaker than his own .

The adventurer's guild had the most runes and seemed to be the most well protected .

' The gates absorb tiny bits of magic power from all the heroes inside them to power the runes . The more a certain type of heroes in that room , the more stronger the rune '

Leo could clearly see 4 layers of runes on the gate to the Adventurer's guild . It was in the order of Mortal , Physical , Magic and Support in the order of brightness and from top to bottom .

' If the other gates are working at 100% of their maker's strength , the one to the Adventurer's guild ... is at about 300% ' He thought to himself .

He looked towards Leah and saw her looking at the gate with a dazed expression . ' I guess she can see it too .'

He put his hand on her shoulder and said with a smile " I guess Adventurer's Guild it is . " But didn't say what he actually wanted to say ' It is the safest for you , after all .'

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