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My Little Girl (57)

It was Jing Fei’s voice.

“Yes,” Shu Nuan replied, a deep frown on her face.

Jing Fei asked, “Are you tied up too?” 

“Hmm,” Shu Nuan responded, “We have been kidnapped.”

Then, she heard a rustling noise. Jeng Fei was making it.

A little while later, he reached beside her, and said, “Shu Nuan, hold out your hand. I’ll bite the rope to loosen it, and afterwards you can help untie me.”

Jing Fei could feel that the rope that bound them was not the thick or strong kind. If they were able to exert enough force, then it might loosen.

Shu Nuan understood his intentions and stretched out her tied-up wrists towards him.

Since neither of them could see, they had difficulty working with each other. It took a lot of time for her wrist to reach his mouth. Jingfei was tense. “I… will try not to bite you.”

“Alright.” Shu Nuan was aware that he couldn’t see after all. 

Jing Fei closed his mouth with care, making sure that when he bit down hard, it was on the rope and not her hand.

Jing Fei’s teeth tingled. After many twists and turns, he finally loosened the rope on her wrists. She exerted herself and forced off the rope, then pulled off the cloth on her eyes and untied her feet. Only then did she help Jing Fei untie his bounds.

Soon afterward, Jing Fei pulled off his own blindfold and looked around. He was stunned at the sight.

Shu Nuan looked around the room and didn’t know where it was, but then she heard Jing Fei mutter, “This is where I live.”

Shu Nuan was shocked and stared back at him. “This is where you live?”

Jing Fei nodded, still bewildered. “How did we… get brought here after being kidnapped…”

Shu Nuan was in deep thought. Her hands paused on the door and sensed that it was locked.

Jing Fei also tried to push open the door, then tried to open the window, but neither of them would open. He said with a serious expression, “Someone nailed all the doors and windows shut.”

 Shu Nuan was tight-lipped and a sullen quiet descended around her.

Jing Fei noticed the change in her and comforted her by saying, “Shu Nuan, don’t worry. My aunt will come over early tomorrow morning to deliver me breakfast. I will call her to help open the door.” 

Shu Nuan gazed at him, still sullen. “Tomorrow morning?” 

Jing Fei understood her concern. “I will lie on the table, and you can sleep on the couch. We will be able to get out when my aunt comes tomorrow.”

Shu Nuan pursed her lips.

It seemed they had no other choice.

 On their way back, Jing Fei had bought some pastries. They were now used to relieve Shu Nuan’s hunger. However, she ate only a few pieces before thanking him for them.

Jing Fei didn’t force her to eat it all either. He poured her a cup of tea, and asked, “Are you afraid of your uncle?”


“I will accompany you tomorrow to explain the matter to him,” Jing Fei a.s.sured.

Shu Nuan shook her head. “No, but thank you.” 

 After they finished talking, they chose to sleep. Shu Nuan went into the inner chamber of the room, but instead of climbing atop the bed, she sat by the window.

Outside, the sun had long set. 

Just by looking at the sky, Shu Nuan couldn’t tell how late it had gotten already.

In the end, she couldn’t obey the prince to return home before dark.

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Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 65 - My Little Girl (57) summary

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