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My Little Girl (60)

Sheng Qianmo stayed in the military camp until late when he returned to his manor. The little girl should be in the courtyard, waiting for him to return.

Sheng Qianmo returned to the main hall of the courtyard, but no one handed him hot tea. No one changed his clothes for him either, and neither did anyone talk to him with a soft voice.

Sheng Qianmo stood in the main hall for a long time before he remembered that Shu Nuan had been locked up in the library all day.

He went to the library and pushed open the door, and upon doing so his gaze came to be fixed upon the pile of scattered clothes on the floor. Sheng Qianmo walked over with a relaxed posture. As expected, the little girl was still naked and kneeling on the floor.  However, half her body was already leaning on the chair besides her. She was unconscious! 

Her face was pale as paper and, even in a lethargic state, her expression was indignant. It reminded him of the first time he had seen her, when she had knelt beneath his horse.

Sheng Qianmo flinched. Without a word, he took off his outer robe and covered her naked body with it. As he picked her up, through his palm against her skin, he could tell her body temperature was abnormal.

Sheng Qianmo bowed his head, unsure of why he felt angry. He clenched his teeth and uttered, “Stupid.” 

He took the little girl back to the Qin Hall, changed her into a nightgown without any reservations, and ordered the people outside to bring the imperial doctor.

And it came as no surprise that Shu Nuan had a fever the doctor prescribed some medicine for to drink. Sheng Qianmo tried many times but couldn’t feed her as the liquid would always flow out of her mouth. [1]

Sheng Qianmo’s temper had never been any good. Seeing her body getting hotter as she refused to take the medicine, how could he not get angry?

After many more tries failed, he pinched her cheeks and stared at the unconscious girl with a fearsome expression. “If you spill it again, This Prince will throw you out and never want you again by my side.”

After such a threat, he sensed that she seemed to have agreed to it. When he fed her after this threat, the little girl clenched her small mouth and managed to swallow the medicinal soup. Although it still spilled out from time to time, it was much better than before. Sheng Qianmo watched her drink as tears flowed out of her eyes, the grievances she’d suffered evident in those drops of salty water. He felt a slight groan of pain in his heart.

It wasn’t easy to feed Shu Nuan. Sheng Qianmo wiped the stains on her mouth. Then he wiped her tears and coaxed the little girl who was crying while still unconscious. He whispered, “I know. You didn’t deceive This Prince.”

 But her tears didn’t stop, and in turn, his hands didn’t stop; he kept wiping the tears away.

Shu Nuan didn’t sleep well. At night she woke up many times, her fever still severe. She kept a strong grip on Sheng Qianmo’s arm, like grasping a life-saving straw that could be lost at any time. Only during the second half of the night did her condition stabilize. Embracing his waist, she kept sleeping.

[1] – She’s always been bad at swallowing.

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Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 68 - My Little Girl (60) summary

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