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Chapter 949: Lin Wanwan Committed Suicide!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

This yellow-faced wife was already 45 years old. She couldn’t give birth when she was young. She certainly couldn’t give birth now.

The Qi family had had only one son for generations. This couldn’t end at his generation!

During the process wherein Madam Qi was beating Qi Shujie up, the reporters kept taking photos. Seeing that Madam Qi had walked toward Lin Wanwan, they immediately turned their cameras.

“This trip today is really worthwhile. There’s hope for tomorrow’s headlines!”

“I have long been curious as to why Lin Wanwan could be the female lead in Qi Shujie’s movie. Now, I understand. It’s a relations.h.i.+p that was developed from the bed, huh?”

“Lin Wanwan has a boyfriend. I really pity him. How many times has he been made a cuckold out of?”

Amidst the excitement of gossip, the flas.h.i.+ng magnesium light pierced Lin Wanwan’s eyes. However, her expression was still calm.

What was there to be not clear about right now?

This adultery act was just a conspiracy against her.

It was just that she had no enmity with Qi Shujie. Why did he frame her?

“Shameless s.l.u.t!”

Madam Qi glared at her ruthlessly. She rolled up her sleeves and looked like she was about to tear the world with her hands.

“I have long found you, you s.l.u.tty vixen, to be unpleasing to the eye. You don’t rely on your own efforts and only know how to gain advantages by sleeping with other men. You even dare to seduce my husband. Look how I’ll teach you a lesson!”

After saying this, she raised her arm and planned to give Lin Wanwan a few slaps.

Lin Wanwan grabbed her wrist lightly, and her eyes were clear. “Madam Qi, number one, I’ll definitely not be a third party. Number two, I don’t fancy your husband at all. I hope you can calm down and listen to my explanation.”

“Let go!”

Madam Qi struggled hard. However, her brute force, which even Qi Shujie couldn’t handle, had no effect on Lin Wanwan at all. She felt angrier in her heart. She lifted her leg and gave a kick.

“I won’t listen to your words. Vixens should be hacked to death!”

Lin Wanwan took a step back and frowned tighter.

The presence of the reporters made her somewhat pa.s.sive. Also, this Madam Qi obviously wouldn’t listen to her words now.

Before Madam Qi could pounce over, Lin Wanwan ran fiercely to the window and pushed it open.

The reporters who were busy taking photos were shocked. This was the third floor!

The next second, Lin Wanwan stepped up with both legs and jumped down.

“Lin Wanwan committed suicide!”

The reporters looked at one another and hurriedly ran over.

Madam Qi snorted coldly. “This s.l.u.t committed suicide out of guilt. At least she has some sense of shame…”

She had not yet finished her words when her eyes widened in disbelief.

Lin Wanwan landed lightly on the ground via the air conditioning vent. As if sensing everyone’s shock, she turned her head and smiled.

“Madam Qi, as a woman, let me give you a piece of advice. Even if he’s a good husband whom you have shared the same bed with for 20 years, he might still be a wolf in sheep’s clothing!”

Madam Qi looked at Qi Shujie immediately and appeared unkind.

Qi Shujie cursed Lin Wanwan in his heart. On the surface, he revealed a pa.s.sionate expression out of habit. “Don’t believe her. I have been married to you for so many years. When did I ever get intimate with someone else?”

“Let’s talk after returning home!”

“Wife, why did you suddenly come over? Did someone tell you something?” Qi Shujie followed up.

“Someone sent me a short message and said that you were meeting an actress in private.”

Qi Shujie clenched his fists.

It must be Chu Mingmo!

Aside from Chu Mingmo, no one else knew about his plans tonight. This woman was really too ignorant!

After she gave birth to his child, he would dump her completely!

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Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! Chapter 949 - Lin Wanwan Committed Suicide! summary

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