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Chapter 433

Wei Chang sighed and walked towards Xiao Tang, sitting next to her.

Not knowing how to comfort Xiao Tang, he simply hugged her gently to express his apology.

Seeing Uncle Wei's success, Yi Hong wanted to follow suit.

However, Yi Hong overestimated his position as his ears were immediately caught.

"You explain! Why don't you want to have a baby?"

Yi Hong's att.i.tude was rigid: "Wife, don't worry, I won't let you down!"

Zi Shan was slightly surprised, Yi Hong agreed so quickly, making herself a little shy.

"I will work harder in the future to be a man who is worthy of you. At that time, I would be willing to dedicate myself to you."

Hearing Yi Hong's words, the shy little face of Zi Shan froze. She wasn't sincere and said: "I'll slap you! You heartless man who only knows how to bully me."

The little fist beating on his chest was quite comfortable, and Yi Hong followed Uncle Wei's example, hugging his wife in his arms and comforting her carefully.

Lu Hong couldn't stand it anymore. 'Look at both of you; flexing your public display of affection! Learn from Your Honor. He never displays his affection in front of us.'

'Let's go out and get some air, maybe smoke a cigarette…'

'Relax. You can use your hands to reach your dreams when you return.'

Everything was arranged in a magnanimous manner.

Lu Hong smoked a cigarette and slowly raised his head to look into the air. 'Even at night, some birdmen appeared. What the h.e.l.l...

Just when Lu Hong wanted to clear his eyes, the group of birdmen fell into the Seven Bar.

This stopped Lu Hong, who wanted to enter.

As the guardian of the Buried Love Family, he won't meddle with these matters, even if they lose their entire family and fortune.

Besides, Ye Hua didn't order him to take care of it, so why bother? They are vampires, not even human beings. Maybe they have sharp teeth they use to bite others with a click!

Thinking of this, Lu Hong shuddered and decided to leave...

Lu Hong suddenly looked up and saw the group of birdmen flying into the night sky just now, holding two pure white figures.

'I don't care... I don't care…'

Lu Hong sighed softly. Who calls him a good person? He can't watch others bully a girl. It's just that this girl is a vampire...

'But after all, she has the characteristics of a girl. I don't know if there are any, but it would be nice if I could take a look.'

'I'm unlucky today, and should mind my business.'

After thinking about the issue, he disappeared. Today he'll be a good person.

Seeing that the seven people in front had stopped, Lu Hong, who was following behind, also quietly hid and spied on them. 'These foreigners' forces were quite complicated, and it was shameless for five people to come to arrest two girls.'

'Look at Your Honor, he destroyed the Tianfu imperial capital with just a little over ten people. That is called style. The kind of hero who wins against more with less.'

'Wait until I save you two, but don't give me any promises. I won't accept a long-distance… it is interracial.'

In the grove, seven people sat on small stones, and a bonfire was set up in the middle, emitting a faint light, illuminating their faces.

At this time, the two sisters were bound. Lu Hong has seen the binding method before. It was quite professional, commonly known as Asian binding.

'As a vampire, I didn't expect them to have such a good figure.'

But that won't be attractive to Lu Hong. The more beautiful a woman is, the more she will lie. Lu Hong has suffered a lot, and he can't change his heart.

"Celine, Serena, it is your supreme honor to contribute to the great Lucifer." The person who spoke was named Julia, with a plump body and a very charming appearance.

But Lu Hong felt that this person was like an Obasan.[Grandmother]

'But who is this Lucifer? A big devil?'

'I didn't expect that they really exist in this world. So the European G.o.ds are also real?'

Serena said in a cold voice, "Even if we are wanted by a dog, we will not succ.u.mb to Lucifer!"

Lu Hong felt that Serena's words were a bit too much to describe. After all, humans and animals have a stronger taste.

Celine said softly: "Kill us! My sister and I will not give our pure blood."

"Hehe~ it's not up to you to give or not. My emperor will naturally have a way to pry open your legs." Taylor let out that obscene laugh, this man and one woman are two of the top ten demon generals in Lucifer's hands. They are four-winged dark angels, while the other three men are two-winged soldiers, nothing to be afraid of.

Lu Hong felt more shamelessness the more he listened. Back then, he liked Lucifer better, but he never thought that Lucifer would do such despicable things in reality.

'If it was me, I would definitely open their legs with love.'

When it was almost his turn to appear, Lu Hong took out the hair wax.

That's right, Lu Hong was carrying hair wax with him now, just to imitate Ye Hua's demeanor.

Pinch lightly.


'Uh… it smells like fart.'

'Yes, it's a little embarra.s.sing.'


The bird people stood up immediately, looking around vigilantly, while the two sisters who were bound also looked around curiously. If someone comes to rescue them now, they must repay the heroes by devoting their lives to them.

Lu Hong hurriedly squeezed out the hair wax, put it on his hair, and brushed it back.

He took out a small mirror from his windbreaker and looked at it with an air of respect.

'All right! Now it's time to show up.'

Lu Hong was standing with his hands behind his back, imitating Ye Hua's walking posture and demeanor.

Taylor and Julia looked suspiciously at the "green man" in front of them, while the two sisters who saw that Lu Hong was coming, their hearts were full of joy!

If they have a choice, they would rather give him the pure blood than Lucifer.

Lu Hong didn't know what to say. He had also learned a lot from Ye Hua's speeches, but the tone and momentum were too difficult to learn.

"You all have to die today." Lu Hong said coldly. The atmosphere dropped to freezing point at this point. Lu Hong was very satisfied with the effect and felt that he was 0.1 mm close to Your Honor.


Celine exclaimed, "Will my sister and I die?"

"No, no, I'm here to save you." Lu Hong quickly explained.

But with this explanation, the atmosphere disappeared immediately.

'Forget it, I can't learn from Your Honor, so let's go the tricky route.'

"Who are you?" Julia shouted.

Lu Hong touched his hair, feeling very cool.

At this time, Celine whispered, "Sister, he is so handsome."

"Yeah." Serena also nodded.

It seems that the aesthetics of foreigners are a bit strange.

"Good question, I'm the left guardian of the Buried Love Family. Lu Hong! My nickname is Big Brother Green!" He threw his windbreaker with both hands and pointed at the crowd. This pose was a bit handsome.

"So handsome..." The little fangirl Celine shouted at Lu Hong to cheer.

Lu Hong was a little uncomfortable. It was the first time that he had been praised like this in person. He was a little excited!

Wrong! This vampire is clearly hinting that he's crazy.

"Don't be obsessed with this brother. I'm just a legend." Lu Hong said lightly, with a desolate tone and a hint of indifference.

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