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Chapter 434

"So magnanimous." The little fangirl Celine shouted madly.

Although her elder sister Serena didn't show it, she felt that Lu Hong was very manly. He dared to rescue her and Celine alone. The other party was the devil general under Lucifer, his fighting power was terrifying!

With this courage alone, he had already obtained her affirmation, while her sister had been fascinated beyond words.

Lu Hong sighed softly, ever since he followed Ye Hua, he felt confident, energetic, and greener, and said to the two sisters, "You shouldn't misunderstand. Also, don't have other thoughts about me. It'll be meaningless."

"Sister, he is so good." Celine had a good idea about men, and when she suddenly encountered such a man, she couldn't hold back.

"Well, he must taste good." After speaking, she licked the corner of her mouth.

'd.a.m.n, you actually want to suck me. As expected of a vampire! Always thinking about sucking.'

"Shut up!" Julia shouted angrily, 'Still in the mood to talk about love!'

Lu Hong said to the two sisters, "When you are saved, take a taxi yourself. I don't have money."

"I have money." Celine said hurriedly.

'My G.o.d, they want to buy me with money!'

"Kill!" Tyler couldn't take it anymore, the four black wings behind him spread out instantly, and a two-handed sword was slas.h.i.+ng toward Lu Hong.

Fierce sword energy swept all around, and the plump Julia attacked as well.

Facing the attack of the demon generals, Lu Hong stopped smiling and moved his hands together.

Unarmed naked sword!

'Just tell me if you are afraid!'


Immediately, the dust flew up, and the sisters stared blankly at him. Did he just surrender like that?

Lu Hong's gesture of raising his hands made the sisters mistakenly think that he was surrendering. If Lu Hong knew about it, he would be at a loss for words.

'I am the subordinate of Your Honor's subordinate. Although the rank is the lowest, it is only in the team.'

The smoke cleared, making the two sisters stare in astonishment, their faces full of surprise. He actually caught the attack of the two demon generals with his bare hands!

How can it be? Incredible!

The ground under Lu Hong's feet completely disintegrated, but his body was standing upright, and the tall figure made the two sisters fall into a state of admiration.

Who doesn't like a hero who saved them? Originally, they thought they would become Lucifer's slaves, and never expected a hero to appear. Doesn't a beautiful woman deserve a hero like this?

Lu Hong secretly glanced at the two sisters, thinking that they must be attracted by his appearance.

Taylor and Julia were surprised, this mysterious oriental man could catch their attacks with bare hands!

How is this possible? Although it is said that the Orientals are very mysterious, it is impossible to be so powerful!

And he was ignoring them from beginning to end, flirting with those two vampires.

Lu Hong wanted to explain that he was not talking about love. 'Can you guys have some brains?'

"Withdraw." Julia gave the instruction, 'We're not this oriental man's opponent. This man is so terrifying.'

Lu Hong snorted coldly. 'Wanting to leave?'

'How can you bird people come and leave as you please?'

Immediately, five black veils of mist came out of his hand, restraining the five birdmen, abruptly dragging them.

Lu Hong looked at these birdmen with cold eyes. If they kidnap these two sisters today, maybe they will try to kidnap little Ah Li tomorrow. They can't be allowed to stay alive!

After the bloodbath in the imperial capital, Lu Hong is no longer the person he used to be.

Seriously, he is colder than anyone else!

"What are you doing?" Julia looked panicked and struggled hard.

Lu Hong walked over slowly and asked aloud, "I wonder what would happen if your wings were pulled out?"


"I'll use your subordinate as an experiment first." Saying this, he grabbed the wings behind his subordinate's back and yanked them out!

Looking at the b.l.o.o.d.y wings in his hand, Lu Hong said slowly, "It would be great if it were chicken wings."

Speaking of chicken wings, he felt a little craving for KFC.

The wingless little brother suddenly screamed and turned into little black particles disappearing in the air.

However, Lu Hong did not know that pulling wings was the most severe punishment for angels, and the pain was unbearable.

These three will soon be freed.

"Lord Lucifer will not forgive you!" Julia did not beg for mercy and coldly stared at Lu Hong.

"Oh, I see."


Lu Hong forcibly pulled out a pair of black wings, which made Julia let out a terrifying wailing.

Immediately, his hands pulled her black wings, completely freeing the other party.

Taylor said in a deep voice: "The G.o.ds will not let you go! You will pay a painful price for your actions!"


Taylor: "..."

Pulling out all their wings, the world was quiet again.

He walked over to the sisters and loosened the Asian bindings. In fact, they looked excellent when they were tied.

"Okay, you are safe, go home." Lu Hong threw the rope in his hand, which turned out to be a spiritual weapon.

The sisters looked at each other and knelt in front of Lu Hong.

This shocked Lu Hong, who hurriedly helped the two up, unable to see it.

"Lu Hong, thank you for accepting me and my sister." Celine lowered her head slightly and whispered.

'Nani? When did I accept you? You shouldn't try to scam me. Don't bully me for being honest and ignorant!' [Nani → What; also the scam here was pengci, a widespread fraud in PRC involving deliberately cras.h.i.+ng cars and then demanding compensation.]

Lu Hong smiled and said, "Misunderstanding."

"But you helped us get up just now." Celine said, aggrieved.

"Ah?" Lu Hong exclaimed.

Serena said in a deep voice, "Just now, my sister and I used the greatest ceremony of the blood clan. You accepted us as you helped us get up."

"But you didn't say anything."

"You didn't ask." Celine said pitifully.

Lu Hong was losing his mind. 'I give you full marks for this scam.'

"Really, you really misunderstood. We are not suitable." Lu Hong hurriedly explained. It was not that he was playing hard to get, but he really didn't like vampires. If the other party were two ordinary girls, he would definitely accept them.

After the two sisters heard this, they silently lowered their heads.

"Then do it." Serena said lightly.

Lu Hong was at a loss: "What to do? This place is not suitable."

"The ceremony has been performed. If you don't want to accept us sisters, then please execute us. You can rest a.s.sured, we sisters will not complain. Yes, you are a powerful king and we are not worthy of you. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, my sister and I are sorry."

'Dang! Now that the stick didn't work, you're trying a soft approach?'

"Since you want to die, then I will fulfill your wish."

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