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Chapter 549 (Deities, save me)

Looking at the queen on the high platform and the man on the throne, everyone felt uneasy, for they were both unnervingly calm. Has the pity in their hearts been erased?

Fewer and fewer people remained in the arena; some fainted from fear, but none could escape death. Until only Ye Xiao and Duan Hou were left.

The guards of the Voidless Realm dispersed once again to protect the area. Their silver-white armor was stained with blood that the heavy rain wouldn't wash away anytime soon.

Donghuang Baizhi watched everything unfold with indifference. "The authority of the Voidless Realm cannot be violated by anyone," she said.

Duan Hou suddenly laughed and chuckled. "The authority of the Voidless Realm? Haha! I'm laughing! Why didn't you mention authority when the Dongfang Family suffered the tragedy, Chu He? Do you think you can escape? We framed the Dongfang Family together back then."

Dongfang Yu'er, who had been silent for a long time, was moved to tears as they finally admitted their wrongdoing. "As for Donghuang Baizhi, your father killed all the male members of the Dongfang Family. What kind of authority is that when he knows the Dongfang Family is innocent? It's all a load of rubbis.h.!.+"

Chu He turned pale with fright. He didn't expect the empress to implicate herself before she died. He hurriedly knelt and pleaded, "Your Majesty, please spare me."

"Chu He, how many people begged for their lives earlier? They all turned into headless corpses. Do you think Donghuang Baizhi will spare you? She's a devil! A murderer!"

"Haha! Donghuang Baizhi, you'll face retribution. You've killed so many people, just wait for the deities to descend! They'll destroy your Voidless Realm, hahaha!!!" Ye Xiao was completely out of his mind, and his speech seemed incoherent.

Duan Hou also laughed loudly. "Yes, Duan Hou calls on the deities to execute this d.a.m.n Donghuang Baizhi!"

A golden glow descended from the sky! The heavy rain stopped instantly, the dark clouds dissipated, and the mild sun illuminated the earth again.

This situation made everyone stunned. Had they really called on the deities? It was like a deity had answered their call.

Ying Jingshan was very excited and stood up. Only three figures could be vaguely seen in the golden light.

This allowed Ye Xiao and Duan Hou to see their last hope. The deities had descended, and those in the Voidless Realm would receive the severest punishment.

The two sneered inwardly. Punishment?

Now it's Donghuang Baizhi's turn!

A wave of divine power immediately spread out, affecting everyone.

It was truly a deity...

Ying Jingshan was stunned, and immediately bowed down. All the people from the north and the south followed, bowing respectfully. Even the Ying Family knelt. There was no reason for them not to.

However, Ye Hua and Donghuang Baizhi watched indifferently.

Gradually, the golden light dissipated. Three figures appeared in the center of the ring. In front stood a woman, wearing a white s.h.i.+rt and skirt, her long hair cascading down her back. Her delicate skin resembled white jade, and she exuded a coquettish aura, having been well-moisturized by a man recently. Her purple s.h.i.+rt looked radiant.

Standing behind are Hong brothers, wearing green and red robes, with a bunch of long hair reaching their waist, looking very stylish.

The three of them came here today for a guest appearance because Ye Hua knew that they would pray to the deities, so he will give them hope!

All the people present swallowed their saliva when they saw the three people who came out of nowhere. Is this a deity?

"That woman is so beautiful, and behind her... Are the deities so fas.h.i.+onable? Hair dyed... Forget it, ignore these details, these are real deities. In these two days I have not only seen giants but also deities, I am content in this life!"

Qi Xuewen whispered, "Is this a deity? It's so powerful!"

"Yeah, I can't breathe because of the divine power," Xin Ba looked at the three people in the field with horror.

Wu Sheng and the others also knelt down obediently, worthy of being deities, the divine power exuded made people fear in the heart, that lofty aura seemed to be able to dominate everything!

Zi Shan is a deity in the first place, and it couldn't be easier to unleash divine power.

"Lord deity, save us!" Ye Xiao knelt on the ground and crawled in front of Zi Shan, and kowtowed vigorously, his forehead was immediately stained with blood, and he kowtowed desperately.

The same is true for Duan Hou, the veil in the kowtow fell off, and everyone saw the face of Duan Hou, compared with the high deities, it is simply...

Duan Hou begged and shouted, "Lord deity! Donghuang Baizhi killed innocent people indiscriminately in an attempt to disturb the world. Look at these corpses. They were killed by that d.a.m.n b.i.t.c.h Donghuang Baizhi. Please give us justice."

"Lord deity, this Donghuang Baizhi is inhumane, deprived us of our spiritual energies, and killed countless innocent people. We respectfully ask the deities to choose someone else for the position of the giant." Ye Xiao still doesn't give up and wants to drive Donghuang Baizhi from power.

After hearing this, Zi Shan ignored it and walked forward with the two "deities" behind her.

Everyone watched this scene, their hearts beat faster, and they were trembling with nervousness.

Will the Voidless Realm fight with the deities? Obviously impossible. It seems that the Emperor is going to suffer a disaster today. After all, she is encountering such a powerful deity. How can the entire Voidless Realm be the opponent of a deity?

It seems that the deities are going to attack the Voidless Realm. The Emperor is going to be unlucky, and that man is going to be very unlucky!

If you offend someone like a deity, you have no chance to survive. What a pity... it's a pity...

Faced with the sudden change in the situation, everyone mourned silently in their hearts. After all, no matter how powerful the Voidless Realm is, it is impossible to be stronger than the deities. Even if the deities come with only three people, they can destroy the Voidless Realm.

"Subordinates see the Emperor!"

Following Zi Shan's coquettish shout, the three of them knelt to Donghuang Baizhi.

At this moment, everyone is dumbfounded. Is this an auditory hallucination? Or hallucination?

The deity actually knelt in front of the Emperor and claimed to be her subordinate.

"How can this be?"

This is a deity, an existence stronger than a giant. How could she kneel in front of the Emperor?

Ye Xiao and Duan Hou were dumbfounded. They stared blankly at the kneeling deity. They couldn't believe that the deity had knelt to Donghuang Baizhi.

'It must be an illusion. It's a hallucination,' they thought. 'It's all fake!'

Ying Jingshan was also stunned, but he felt relieved when he thought of the Supreme Being's strength. However, other people couldn't digest such information. This deity was too terrifying.

Ye Hua was very satisfied and didn't let Zi Shan honor him. After all, it was his wife's game, so he let her have all the attention.

'This deity was a good man who loved his wife, never killed innocent people indiscriminately, and was a law-abiding citizen.'

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