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Chapter 731 (Kidnapping the Bride!)

Chapter 731(Kidnapping the Bride!)

"I think that works too. Let me tell Lie Gu right now," Yue Hua joked.

Kai Yun snorted, "Yue Hua, you've been corrupted by that Lie Gu~"

Yue Hua chuckled softly, "I think so too."

Looking at Yue Hua's tender expression, Kai Yun sighed, "Yue Hua, this dragon has pursued you for a year. It's sincere now, and I can rest a.s.sured; entrusting you to him."

For creatures like dragons, they were a group without patience, indulging in their desires recklessly. Especially when it came to women. Lie Gu's insistence for a year, treating Yue Hua with respect, gained Kai Yun's approval and Yue Hua's acceptance.

"Banner Master, come on, you make it sound like I'm marrying into a distant place."

"Enough, others are waiting outside the palace."


Outside, Lie Gu finally saw Yue Hua. Every time he saw her, it filled Lie Gu with excitement. This excitement wasn't just a physical desire, but a simple longing to see her.

Even from a distance, Lie Gu waved his arms and shouted, "Yue Hua!"

Seeing Lie Gu's joyful appearance, Yue Hua showed a gentle smile, "Lie Gu, you've waited for so long."

Lie Gu tightly held Yue Hua's hand, "It doesn't matter, I'm willing to wait as long as it takes."

Yue Hua's finger shone with a sparkling wedding ring, causing envy in everyone.

"Will your wives bully me?" Yue Hua whispered jokingly.

"How could they? They are all waiting for you, and then our whole family will go take wedding photos."

"Okay, I'll listen to you." Yue Hua gently linked her arm with Lie Gu's, and the two disappeared from Nanwu Banner.

In the room of Cang Konghong, the table was filled with empty bottles of Wuliangye. Cang Konghong, who had sealed his cultivation, was already drunk on the floor. There were many torn pieces of paper on the floor, filled with yearning for Yue Hua, but he had torn them apart himself. [Wuliangye Yibin Company Limited is a Chinese alcoholic beverage company. It specializes in manufacturing baijiu, and is best known for Wuliangye, made from five organic grains: Proso millet, corn, glutinous rice, long grain rice and wheat.]

A melancholic song, "Learning to Get Used to It," played on a loop in the room.

Bai Gu stood by, looking at the desolate Cang Konghong after a year.

"Why pretend to be dead? Who would pity you?" Bai Gu kicked Cang Konghong on the ground, his tone filled with anger.

Seeing Cang Konghong's lack of response, Bai Gu sternly said, "You let yourself go, you can't blame anyone else. Look at how Lie Gu cares so much, and look at yourself. How could we, the Five Banners, have someone as spineless as you?"

"I can see that Yue Hua's choice of Lie Gu is right. With your cowardly demeanour, no woman would like you." Bai Gu became angrier as he spoke, especially when he saw Cang Konghong's foolish appearance.

"Now they are about to get married. If you have the guts, go and steal the bride, you coward!" Bai Gu's anger reached its peak, and he kicked Cang Konghong one last time before disappearing.

After Bai Gu left, Cang Konghong on the ground opened his small eyes.

'Steal the bride?'

Perhaps this was his last chance.

In Voidless Realm, Ye Hua was contemplating the wedding process. After all, it was Lie Gu's grand wedding, and as his subordinate, Ye Hua took it seriously.

However, this time he didn't plan to invite many people. It would mainly be his subordinates. Following Lie Gu's words, he wanted it to be low-key... very low-key...

Actually, it was Yue Hua's idea. She didn't like it to be too grand. Having everyone's blessings would be enough.

"Qing Ya, what do you think I should say?" Ye Hua curiously asked.

After waiting for a long time without a response from Qing Ya, Ye Hua turned to Donghuang Baizhi, "Baizhi, what kind of activities do you think we should have to make it lively?"

Donghuang Baizhi remained silent as well.

Ye Hua turned back to look at his two wives.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi had unhappy expressions on their faces as they silently drank their tea.

"Some people are so concerned about their subordinates' weddings, but why aren't they concerned about their own?" Qing Ya's words carried an underlying meaning. It had been so long, and Ye Hua hadn't given her and Baizhi a wedding.

Donghuang Baizhi added, "I think someone doesn't want to give us a wedding."

Ye Hua knew it would turn out like this. They had been acting strange these past few days, and now they couldn't hold back anymore.

"I've told you, once I've avenged myself, I'll give you an unprecedented wedding."

"And when will that be? When our hair turns white and our teeth fall out?" Qing Ya snorted, clearly showing her dissatisfaction with Ye Hua not wanting to marry them.

Ye Hua smiled bitterly and shook his head, "You all, don't worry. Just help me come up with a solution."

Donghuang Baizhi snorted, "We're from the bride's side. How could we come up with a solution with you? Just make sure Lie Gu prepares enough red envelopes, or else we won't open the door."

Ye Hua: "..."

This wedding was different from the previous one, and these women saw it as an opportunity to cause trouble.

All the female members joined the blockade, and even Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi joined in for fun.

Ye Hua sneered, "Alright, let's see."

"Okay, let's see who's more bada.s.s." Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were not afraid.

October 10th was a good day. It was the day of Lie Gu's wedding with his four wives.

Ye Hua finally decided that the wedding would be held in Voidless Realm. Today, Voidless Realm was filled with joy and celebration. It was the home of the groom.

As for the bride's side, they were all arranged in Nanwu Banner!

As the groom, Lie Gu wore traditional groom attire today, with a huge red flower pinned to his chest. With his happy expression, he looked like a fool.

No matter how powerful someone was, on the day of getting married, they would all look like this.

Ye Hua wouldn't, he would remain calm.

Ye Hua attended the wedding in his formal attire. He glanced at the time; it was almost time.

"Everyone, gather!" Ye Hua gave the order.

Lie Gu, Wei Chang, Death Mage, Yi Hong, Lu Hong, Dou Fus.h.i.+, Gorefiend, and even a Husky formed Lie Gu's groomsmen party.

"Subordinate pays respect to Your Honor!" Everyone shouted in unison.

Ye Hua raised his hand slightly and said, "Today, we have only one task! Kidnap the bride!"

When the crowd heard "kidnap the bride," they were thrilled.

But Lie Gu quickly said, "The bride is all mine, you can't kidnap her."


Everyone burst into laughter, even Ye Hua laughed. This was the joyous atmosphere they wanted. It had been a while since the entire team had experienced this.

This wedding was going well.

Ye Hua checked the time, "The auspicious time has come! Let's go!"

Everyone was excited, ready to turn Nanwu Banner upside down.

They directly arrived at Nanwu Banner, and Ye Hua waved his hand, "Kidnap!"

Lie Gu and the others shouted, "Kidnap!"

Bai Gu in the air saw that Ye Hua had brought people to kidnap, so he quickly went back to report.

"Your Honor is here to kidnap someone!"

They saw four beauties dressed in red bridal gowns sitting on a big bed, surrounded by numerous beautiful women.

Qing Ya, Donghuang Baizhi, Qing Yutong, Ye Zizi, Brittany, Tang Wei, Xun Fang, Zi Shan, Li Hun, Vampire sisters, Dongfang Yuer, Guan Yanxin, and of course, the little beauty Kai Yun.

Luo Hu, Kung Sha, and Bai Gu were also among them, but they didn't see Cang Konghong.

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