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Chapter 795 (Soul River)

Ye Hua glared at Qing Yutong fiercely, as if asking her, "What are you up to now?"

She had been enjoying herself every night, and now she was pulling a stunt like this. He really wanted to give her a good scolding.

Qing Yutong hid behind her sister and stuck out her tongue playfully. She thought, 'You've been bullying me every night, so tonight, I'll tease you a little.'

Ye Hua was aware of Qing Yutong's mischievous nature, so he decided to play along.

"Ye Hua, stop bullying Yutong all the time. She's not a machine and can't handle your nightly activities," Qing Ya sighed helplessly. Her younger sister had complained to her several times, but Qing Ya thought Yutong was just being naughty. So, don't blame your sister for setting you up.

Donghuang Baizhi also smiled and said, "Ye Hua, Yutong is still young and has just experienced such a thing. Be gentle with her."

Qing Yutong nodded from behind her two sisters, agreeing with their words.

Ye Hua suddenly chuckled. "You've all come a long way with me, and you know my habits."

"Besides, don't be fooled by Yutong. She always says she wants to reach the heavens with pleasure," Ye Hua said, thinking of that scene and finding it amusing.

Qing Yutong blushed and said, "No way, Brother-in-law, you shouldn't make things up. It's so painful every time; I feel like I'm going to die."

"Oh, by the way, Yutong even asked which sister is more comfortable. She was wondering if Baizhi is as amazing as herself. I haven't said anything, but she started boasting, saying she's the best and the tightest," Ye Hua continued.

Qing Ya: "..."

Donghuang Baizhi: "..."

Qing Yutong hurriedly explained, "Brother-in-law, you're making things up. Sister, Baizhi, please don't believe him. I never said that. I just said it very subtly."

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi immediately grabbed Qing Yutong and pushed her into Ye Hua's arms.

Donghuang Baizhi said calmly, "Ye Hua, make do with what you have."

"Yeah, and if you break it, we'll get you a new one," Qing Ya added with a stern tone. The little rascal was quite naughty.

Hearing this, Ye Hua burst into laughter. It was quite an interesting proposition - being able to get a new one if it broke.

Qing Yutong felt like dying inside. "Sister, how can you do this? You're sending a lamb to the tiger's mouth!"

Qing Ya said sweetly, "Ye Hua, please give her a good lesson so she knows the consequences of being naughty."

"Alright, I'll take care of it."

After saying that, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi went to be with their children. As their children were about to leave, the mothers felt even more reluctant.

When the door closed, Qing Yutong's expression changed instantly. "Brother-in-law, I know I was wrong."

"Hehe, do you think saying sorry is enough?" Ye Hua said coldly. She dared to do such a thing; she had quite the audacity!

"Brother-in-law, please, I beg you," Qing Yutong pleaded, rubbing her chest against Ye Hua like a little kitten.

Ye Hua raised an eyebrow at Qing Yutong's exquisite beauty and said softly, "Yutong, tonight, we'll change the position as a punishment for you."

"Change the position?" Qing Yutong didn't immediately understand, but when she saw Ye Hua's mischievous smile, she realised what he meant, and her whole demeanour changed.

"No! No! No!" Qing Yutong quickly tried to escape, but Ye Hua lifted her onto his shoulder.

Qing Yutong begged desperately, "Brother-in-law, please, it's deadly."

"Don't you want to try? How will you know if you don't?" Ye Hua grinned. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were too scared to try it, but Qing Yutong had quite the courage. She needed to be taught a lesson.

"Brother-in-law, I promise to be good from now on. I'll listen to everything you say, okay?" Qing Yutong was on the verge of tears. If she had known this would happen, she wouldn't have sought revenge on Ye Hua.

"No one will come to save you, no matter how loudly you scream."

"Sister! Sister! Help! Your husband is about to kill your sister!" Qing Yutong shouted for help.

Ye Hua threw Qing Yutong onto the big bed, and she curled up with the blanket in one corner, looking like she was asking whether he was going to come over or not.

Seeing Qing Yutong like this only fueled Ye Hua's desire for conquest.

The next day, Ye Hua walked out of the palace, feeling completely relaxed. He had completed Qing Ya's task, and Yutong wouldn't be able to get out of bed for a few days.

As for Qing Yutong, who was lying on the bed, she felt frustrated. Her brother-in-law was shameless, but she had to admit it was quite enjoyable.

The days pa.s.sed one by one, and Ye Hua watched as the streets grew increasingly bustling. He was pleased to see the population rise, and business development was also doing well. It was a good start.

Even the property prices had increased several times. Ye Hua couldn't help but marvel at how real estate speculation happened everywhere.

As for the other kingdoms, everything was peaceful. The Northern Chill region was firmly under his control, and he had no intention of bothering with small fries. His focus was on his children now.

After all, his children would soon be embarking on their own missions. Ye Hua could see that Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were reluctant to let go, so after sending the children off, he decided to take his three wives out for a break and also inspect the Soul River.

Speaking of the Soul River, Ye Hua had only seen it on maps. Northern Chill was the northernmost region, and below it lay the Soul River.

The water of the Soul River flowed to an unknown destination, but rumours had it that the river's water was incredibly corrosive. Anyone who touched it would be instantly dissolved. That's why the river's water was called "Soul Water," and no one dared to touch it.

However, people in the vicinity of the Soul River wors.h.i.+pped the River G.o.d, and the Soul River was also a symbol of power.

In the areas surrounding the Soul River, there were many powerful sects and countries. Compared to Northern Chill, those places were like provincial capitals, while Northern Chill was just a small village.

Among them, the two most powerful were the "Three Supreme Halls" and the "Benevolent King Prison." Ye Hua hadn't seen what they were like yet, but after sending his children off, he planned to take his wives out for a break.

Ye Hua was currently sitting in the children's palace, pondering some matters.

During these days, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi had been instructing their children, giving them various instructions and expressing their concerns.

"Ye Hua, where do you want to send Yan'er and Liu'er for their studies?" Qing Ya, holding her children, asked curiously.

Ye Hua furrowed his brows slightly and said in a deep voice, "In the southern part of the Sapphire Continent, there are two of the strongest forces, one is the 'Broken Vein Mountain' and the other is the 'Divine Scripture Academy'. Both the Sect Masters are Overlord-level powerhouses."

"These two places are very strict in their selection of disciples, and the selection only happens once every five years. In three days, it will be the time for Broken Vein Mountain and Divine Scripture Academy to recruit disciples. After sending Yan'er and Liu'er there, we'll go to Divine Scripture Academy. Time is a bit tight." Ye Hua arranged the children like this because, on the one hand, it would help strengthen their bond, and on the other hand, Donghuang Li and Ye Yan sometimes lacked the decisiveness needed.

As for Ye Shen and Ye Liu, they were completely fearless, so separating them was also a way to let them look out for their older siblings. Kindness was good to have, but excessive kindness would only harm oneself.

Ye Shen and Ye Liu didn't have any worries, so he decided to separate them, allowing them to admonish their older siblings. Kindness was a virtue, but excessive kindness would be a weakness.

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