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Chapter 939 (Alchemy Master Departure of the Ah Li)

"By the way, this medicine is for men," said Donghuang Li solemnly. Don't take it randomly.

Ye Shen remained silent.

Everyone: "..."

Yang Haotian and Ren Yao felt that their men were not up to par, otherwise why would they need to take medicine? It's quite pitiful.

Life must be uncomfortable.

However, is the medicine made by Donghuang Li really a normal one?

Upon hearing that the medicine is for men, they felt rea.s.sured.

"Auntie, why did you all have time to come over this time? Surely it's to visit Ah Li, and with so many people coming at once, you must have been punished by daddy."

Everyone was speechless; you managed to guess it right.

However, Yang Haotian and Ren Yao were shocked. daddy?

Punished by daddy.

These terrifying women were punished by this child's dad. Who on earth is this dad? He can actually punish them!

It's simply beyond human comprehension.

Qing Yutong chuckled, "This matter is a long story. Many things have happened during this time."

Donghuang Li, feeling upset, said, "Why is it that when I leave, interesting things happen? It's really boring."

"Haha, Ah Li needs to grow up quickly, and then Auntie will take you to have some fun."

"Yeah, who are these two? Haven't seen them before," Donghuang Li said, looking at Ren Yao and Yang Haotian.

Qing Yutong smiled and said, "These two are quite impressive. This handsome guy is actually pursuing Zizi."

"What? You actually like lolis, so perverted," Donghuang Li said, looking at Yang Haotian. It seems that uncles really like lolis, how wicked.

Everyone was speechless; you managed to guess it right.

Ye Zizi's mouth twitched, wis.h.i.+ng she could pinch Yang Haotian to death. He had completely ruined her face.

Yang Haotian actually wants to explain, "I don't like lolis myself; what I like is the red envelope on her b.u.t.t. Who goes around liking lolis for no reason? That's sick."

"And this is a violent loli, can't provoke... can't provoke."

"Then what about this bald uncle?"

Brittany chuckled lightly, "This is not a bald uncle."

"Ah, is it a bald aunt then?"

Yue Hua added, "It's not a bald aunt either."

"Oh my, what is it?" Donghuang Li felt like her brain wasn't enough.

Ren Yao was quite disheartened, "What's wrong with being non-binary? Did non-binary people offend you or something? Can't believe you look down on non-binary people."

"I am a guardian," Ren Yao emphasised. Despite being a somewhat flawed guardian, at least the reputation was there.

"That sounds impressive."

"It's actually a weakling." Ye Zizi whispered.

Ren Yao: "..."

'You're too discouraging, beware of me shutting down.'

"By the way, Auntie, what exactly are you here for? Take me to play, Ye Shen, what do you say?"

"I want to study," Ye Shen said indifferently, remaining cold.

Donghuang Li immediately rolled her eyes, "Always practising. If I didn't take you to play, you would have become a fool."

"Sister is the fool."

"What! Put your hand out!"

Ye Shen obediently extended his hand.

Smack, smack.

Qing Yutong shook her head, smiling, "A Li, we came this time, of course, it was arranged by your father. As for what it is, you should know, right?"

Donghuang Li instantly understood, wearing a sly smirk, "Understood, understood."

"I really want to go play with you guys. In a few days, I'll go to the inner sect with Ye Shen."

Qing Yutong touched Donghuang Li's hair, "Good, you have made progress, but you need to be clear about your ident.i.ty."

Donghuang Li and Ye Shen nodded solemnly, their ident.i.ty being revenge for their father, and that's it.

No other emotions added.

"Alright, Auntie won't disturb you anymore, so as not to arouse suspicion. We'll leave first."

Hearing that Qing Yutong was leaving, Donghuang Li and Ye Shen both showed reluctance, after all, they were still children.

Even the cold Ye Shen hugged Qing Yutong.

"You two should take care of each other well. This way, mommy and daddy will be much more relieved." Qing Yutong patted the heads of the two little ones and said gently.

"Yeah, I'll take good care of my sister."

"Just don't cause trouble for your sister." Donghuang Li glanced at her younger brother.

Qing Yutong felt that the next time she saw them, they would probably get along well as good siblings. Her husband's method was indeed effective.

"Alright, you two can go now. If you don't leave soon, we won't bear to let you go." Donghuang Li said with a slightly choked voice. These two poor little ones, when others were their age, they were still spoiled by their parents.

But they had to complete tasks and undergo training here.

Qing Yutong crouched down, kissed the two of them, and said, "Auntie is leaving. You both be good."



Qing Yutong sighed in relief, then left the room first.

The two children inside said their goodbyes to the others, and the group descended the mountain.

Qing Yutong felt a bit sentimental. If she had known, she wouldn't have come to see the little ones. It has spoiled her mood now.

Watching Auntie leave, Donghuang Li and Ye Shen felt a bit lost.

After a long while, Donghuang Li took a deep breath.

"I'm going to refine medicine."

"Sis, this is not refining medicine; you're trying to destroy the entire Jade Vein Peak."

Donghuang Li patted her brother's head. "You don't understand. I'm investing in research and development. Of course, it comes with risks. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. Don't you know this principle?"

"With the pill you made, even the peak master's mount was scared paralyzed."

"That little thing has a weak heart. It's just vomiting for a month; it's a side effect of research. By the way, I've recently refined a new medicine. Try it to see its effects."

"I suddenly remembered that I left the door open. I'll leave first, sis." After saying this, Ye Shen ran away.

Ye Shen still remembered being fooled by his sister for the first time. As a result, he had diarrhoea for three days and three nights, which was even more uncomfortable than death.

His sister said she made an anti-diarrheal medicine, but he fell for it again. This was supposed to be an anti-diarrheal medicine, but it was probably an enhanced version of a laxative.

He had almost recovered, but then he had diarrhoea for seven days and seven nights again. Moreover, this kind of medicine was magical; it couldn't cure the problem it caused.

As a result, his sister brought out pills again, guaranteeing that they would work this time.

'If I, Ye Shen, fall for it again, it would be a disgrace to daddy. So, let my sister try it first.'

Unexpectedly, without saying a word, my sister stuffed it into her mouth.

'At this point, I, Ye Shen, believed her, so I also took one.'


The outhouse gained another squatting spot.

'If I, Ye Shen, die in the future, it's definitely because of my sister. So, I let my sister try first.

If my sister dies in the future, it's definitely because of being poisoned by herself.

However, from that point on, my sister never took her own medicine again. She specifically found people to test her medicines.

At first, many people were willing, and they even lined up, eager to be the first to try the medicine.

But a month later, the disciples became enlightened.'

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