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Chapter 952 (Big brother!)

"Your Excellency, should we take care of him? Daring to cause trouble here!" Lie Gu beside him spoke in a low voice. Coming to disrupt the execution ground is simply seeking death!

Ye Hua paused and said slowly, "No hurry, let's see first. After all, he's from that Spirit City or whatever. It's our first meeting. Many Overlords hid in Spirit City back then."

Wei Chang said in a deep voice, "Is this person from Spirit City? Did they discover us, or... did they really come down on their own accord?"

"We'll know in a moment, won't we?" Ye Hua said casually. Things have become interesting. Someone actually wants to stop me from killing!

Hope you bring more people. Otherwise, it will be disappointing for me.

As the Radiance of the Rainbow descended, a faint figure could be seen!

This surprised Ye Hua.

"Not bad, only one person came." Ye Hua chuckled lightly. It seemed like the enemy looked down on him, sending only one person.

The subordinates behind Ye Hua revealed sly smiles. Only one person came; they didn't know what to say.

Who should be sent to deal with him? Tear this person to pieces and let these condemned prisoners know that not even a G.o.d can save them.

Gradually, the Radiance of the Rainbow slowly disappeared!

A man was seen floating in the void!


He showed Ye Hua his back, leaving Ye Hua and the others stunned. He actually showed his back to him!

Where does your confidence come from, and that hairstyle, a perm with foil? And the hands-in-pockets gesture, are you serious?

A person can actually reach this level; this guy must have trained hard!

And, wearing a flashy red robe. From this point alone, it can be seen that this guy is a show-off, one hundred percent!

At least more flamboyant than Ye Hua!

Although the man's back was facing Ye Hua, the front was facing the others!

However, now, everyone, including the kneeling condemned prisoners, was looking at this descending man.

But everyone's gazes were different, as if they had seen a ghost!

Ye Hua and his subordinates also noticed this strange situation and became curious.

"Your Excellency, something seems odd." Luo Hu whispered.

Ye Hua also felt the same. Everyone seemed abnormal. What happened?

Why did the eyes of those condemned prisoners change? Isn't this person their saviour? Why do their gazes turn from hope to despair, while others look at him with astonishment?

At this moment, the man in the red robe felt the same. Just now, when he was strolling around, he suddenly felt someone praying. Such prayers happened often, and he usually ignored them.

But feeling a bit bored, he descended to see what was going on, and also to elevate his style.

Sure enough! As he descended, these people were dumbfounded, but just for a moment. Then their eyes started to change, from admiration to astonishment, or from hope to despair.

'Did you all see a ghost?

I, Ye Juetian, am a handsome and versatile man. Quickly, restrain your gazes. I, Ye Juetian, don't need this.

Alright, since you all are so eager, then reveal yourself. I, Ye Juetian, will take all of you in. My irresistible charm, wherever I go, will cause a sensation.

But behind me seems to be the real deal. You can admire my broad shoulders; this kind of magnificence is something you can't achieve.

But speaking of which, this is an execution. The number of people is not small, quite ruthless. I, Ye Juetian, like that about you!

Let me, Ye Juetian, see who is so cruel, and if there's anyone as handsome as me. If there's even a little, I'll just casually kill today. If it's half, then it's still casually killing, leaving you with a complete corpse.

This idea is not bad. I, Ye Juetian, am still too kind. This d.a.m.ned kindness of mine should have been extinguished long ago.'

Ye Juetian slowly turned around.

Ye Hua also watched this flamboyant man turn around. 'If he is scared of him, I'll immediately kill him!'

However, when Ye Hua saw Ye Juetian, he was truly shocked, as if he had seen a ghost.

Not only was Ye Hua shocked, but his subordinates were also shocked.

Ye Juetian was equally shocked, as if he had seen a ghost.

Time seemed to stop at this moment, and no one dared to believe what was happening in front of them.


Ye Hua and Ye Juetian looked too alike!

It was like they were carved from the same mould, except for one thing!

That is their demeanour.

Between Ye Hua's eyebrows, there was a coldness, while between Ye Juetian's eyebrows, there was a certain... a certain... flamboyance.

Exactly, coquettishness.

Apart from their demeanour, these two people were almost identical.

The subordinates' minds were a bit malfunctioning. Who is this person? Could he be the long-lost brother of Ye Hua?

This is impossible...

We have been with Your Excellency for thousands of years. Your Excellency is an immortal, how could he have a brother? This is too ridiculous, completely unbelievable!

Ye Hua was truly surprised now. This person looks exactly like himself, it's truly unbelievable.

Ye Juetian's mind was a bit chaotic. This person... why does he look so much like... his Big brother!

Too similar, the coldness between the eyebrows, the style in the pupils, it's almost identical to himself.

This is impossible. His Big brother disappeared thousands of years ago, and it was during a great battle. Many people saw his Big brother fall. It's impossible for him to still be alive.

Then who is this person? Ye Juetian rubbed his eyes, then patted his own cheeks, and pinched his waist, feeling the pain and rolling his eyes.

Realising that this is a fact."Bi...Big...Brother..."

Big brother???

Ye Hua was confused. This guy came and immediately called him Big brother.

The group of subordinates behind thought this guy was a scammer. Unable to win, he casually called someone Big brother, probably just like that.

Simply shameless. They thought he was someone important, but turns out...

Everyone heard this statement and was a bit dumbfounded. A G.o.d actually shouted Big brother at the emperor. What's going on? With a G.o.d as a backer, wouldn't the Emperor be invincible?

The tens of thousands of condemned prisoners kneeling on the ground felt despair. After all the prayers, they actually summoned a little brother. This is unbearable for us.

Why did such a person appear? Can we have another try? Let this little brother go first, and we'll summon again.

"Big brother, is it really you?" Ye Juetian's voice carried a hint of nervousness, and even his hands were trembling.

Ye Hua's brows furrowed tightly, sensing that something wasn't right.

However, the subordinates noticed that the man's expression seemed genuine, as if he really saw his Big brother. Look at that extremely surprised expression. If this is acting, it's too realistic.

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