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Chapter 954 (Big brother! Stop!)

And it's the youngest Overlord, who wouldn't be jealous!

Especially those brothers at home, now Ye Juetian even suspected it was done by the second and third brothers.

Or maybe those uncles, anyone could be responsible, even the emperor!

After all, big brother back then was a formidable figure!

Even if given time, it's possible for big brother to become the Overlord.

Ye Hua is now a bit confused, completely unsure of the authenticity of this guy, but his appearance is the evidence!

Could it be the other two subordinates causing trouble?

Like Jue Tian did back then, creating a fake to console himself?

But creating one so sophisticated?

Suddenly, Ye Hua thought of a solution - if what this guy is saying is true, there should be a reaction in the bloodline!

Ye Hua slowly extended his finger, and a drop of blood emerged from Ye Juetian's forehead!

This surprises Ye Juetian. He didn't expect big brother to become so powerful over the years!

He didn't sense anything at all!

But looking at big brother's appearance, it seems like he wants to confirm something. How could big brother have amnesia?

What really happened back then?

At Ye Hua's forehead, a drop of blood also emerged. The two drops of blood gradually converge, emitting a terrifying aura!

From this, it can be seen that Ye Juetian's strength is not to be underestimated.

Everyone watched the two drops of blood in the air, feeling tense!

Especially the tens of thousands of people kneeling, don't merge together, if they do, they'll surely die today. Without merging, there's still hope.

However, others are thinking that they must merge. With that, the Voidless Empire will have a powerful backing!

But for Ye Hua's subordinates, as long as there's no fusion, just kill him. It's definitely a scam!

Ye Hua is also nervous now.

If they merge!

Then what he said is true, he existed!

Still having relatives!

For Ye Hua, relatives were not something he dared to hope for in the past. Of course, that was before; now he has loved ones, children, and a group of loyal subordinates, all of whom are his true relatives.

But mother!

That's why Ye Hua is nervous!

Honestly, Ye Hua hopes there's no fusion. Then he can kill this scammer, no mother, no brothers!

He doesn't want to figure out his ident.i.ty, as it's definitely a troublesome matter.

The two drops of blood gradually come together, seeming to repel each other, as if a.s.sessing each other!

Everyone's hearts tighten in that moment, and Ye Hua is no exception.The feeling of nervousness is something that rarely occurs in Ye Hua. This unexpected emotion surprises him, and it feels strange that there's something that makes him, the Supreme Overlord, nervous.

Two drops of fresh blood float out with thin blood threads, as if intimately caressing each other, and then, like hands clasping, they pull each other in! Followed by an embrace! They merge into one drop of blood.

At this moment, the world falls silent, and Ye Hua is dumbfounded. How is this possible?

He actually has a real brother! And a mother!

The subordinates standing behind are also utterly confused. Is this man really the Your Excellency's brother? This seems too unreal.

Is this not a dream?

The people kneeling on the ground have lost colour in their faces.

However, others are cheering. This is a tearful scene of brothers recognizing each other. Shouldn't there be a big hug now? It's too exhilarating!

Ye Juetian breathed a sigh of relief, looking at Ye Hua with a joyful expression, as if saying, "Big brother, now that it's like this, you should believe, right?"

However, after the initial surprise, Ye Hua's face gradually darkens. He is not happy about this revelation. On the contrary, learning this truth makes him uneasy.

Why? Ye Hua himself doesn't know.

Ye Juetian directly landed in front of Ye Hua, and the subordinates did not intervene. After all, this is Your Excellency's real brother, which is unimaginable.

When the two stand together, except for their hairstyle, it's really hard to recognize them, not to mention their demeanour and aura.

"Bind him!" Ye Hua says in a deep voice.

Ye Juetian was prepared for a big hug, but now he looked confused. Did he just imagine things? Even the subordinates feel the same – bind him? Did they hear it wrong?

"Did you go deaf when I told you to bind him?" Ye Hua coldly reprimands.

Lie Gu and Wei Chang's faces darken, and they restrained Ye Juetian from both sides.

"Big brother! What are you doing? I'm Little Tian! You used to teach me martial arts, remember? Think about it again," Ye Juetian hurriedly said, feeling that something is strange with his big brother. Earlier, his big brother was like a stone, but now it feels like there's a layer of ice outside the stone, chilling.

Ye Hua didn't even turn around and murmured, "Who are you? I will let you explain slowly, but I have important matters to attend to right now!"

Everyone was a bit confused. Why did the emperor, without a second word, arrest his own brother? What kind of plot twist is this?

Shouldn't there be a big hug now, followed by a celebration? That's the normal reaction.

Ye Hua's mind is still not clear. He decided to use these heads to clear his mind or figure out what to do next.

'A brother suddenly appeared, and a mother! I am undead, where would I have brothers and a mother? Even if there were, it's a matter of a past life!

No connection whatsoever with the person from before!'

"Big brother, what are you doing?" Pinned down by Wei Chang and Lie Gu, Ye Juetian has no way out, looking at his big brother with confusion.

Ye Hua calmly says, "Killing."

Ye Juetian pauses, suddenly remembering why he came down. It was the pleas of these people.

"Big brother, are you going to kill all these people?"


"But... big brother, they are just ordinary people. Why do you want to kill them?" Ye Juetian looks at the back of his former big brother in disbelief.

The former big brother used to cherish the people, fought for them, couldn't stand seeing them bullied. In Ye Juetian's heart, the big brother was a righteous war G.o.d, fighting for humanity!

But today, the big brother is turning against the people! Is this still the big brother he knew?

This disparity makes Ye Juetian find it hard to believe. How did big brother become so bloodthirsty? Could it be that people from the Demon City cast a spell on him? Making the big brother so brutal.

Ye Hua calmly says, "Because they displeased me."

"Big brother, you weren't like this before," Ye Juetian shouts, trying to make the big brother snap out of it.

"Before? There is no connection between me and your brother, don't bring up the past with me!" Ye Hua says sternly, then waves his hand!

In the front row, the yellow-armoured warriors directly draw their blades, raise them high, and then let them fall!

Hundreds of heads roll to the ground, accompanied by hot blood, creating a horrifying scene.

"Big brother, please stop! We are G.o.ds!" Ye Juetian shouts, G.o.ds are supposed to protect the people, not slaughter them.

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