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Chapter 1047: Dangerous Situation

Great Gan’s land was made up of three pieces of cloud continents that were tens of thousands of miles apart, which was why the sea trade was booming.

Once their navy was crushed, then even if Great Gan had billions of armors and large amounts of resources it was still useless.

The millions of troops of Great Gan were going to be trapped dead in the south.

However, since Zong Shou was prepared to attack the south of Central Cloud Continent and bleed Great Gan totally dry, he definitely had something to rely on.

Great Gan’s navy was currently strong enough to go up against Great Shang.

The problem was that Great Shang had decades of acc.u.mulation and they had gained close to 20 Nine Tooth Giant s.h.i.+ps.

Although they were cloud s.h.i.+ps, they were enough to fight against some low-end Earth Grade Wars.h.i.+ps.

“There is no need to worry about this matter! I have already sent orders for s.h.i.+ Ruolan to lead nine Tiayi G.o.d Lightning Wars.h.i.+ps and six Nine Bright Broken Star s.h.i.+ps to head over. There are also 40 other s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps…”

He originally didn’t dare to do that, to move half of the s.h.i.+ps that were guarding Tianfang World.

However, roughly 10 days ago, the Shura Race had already handed over those 10 Tiayi G.o.d Lightning s.h.i.+ps in advance. The former Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty Navy Admiral, Yi Lingsu, for some reason, also decided to join his side. He even convinced many other war prisoners who had controlled and used the s.h.i.+ps for the Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty.

Such that the pressure on the Great Gan Celestial Dynasty was reduced and they finally could take out a portion of their strength to be used in the Cloud World.

…15 close to top Earth Grade wars.h.i.+ps along with an Unparalleled Famous General, that was going to be more than enough to suppress Great Shang.

The people in the hall were all excited and relaxed. This time, with the biggest problem solved, then even if Great Gan lost, they would be able to keep their foundations.

They just needed to seal the Cloud Ocean such that Great Shang couldn’t disembark on the three continents. Then, even if they had billions of troops, they wouldn’t be able to use their strength.

Qiu Wei wasn’t so optimistic, how could the three factions be so easily underestimated?

Before the Common People’s Vast Habitat battle, the three of them took the top three spots in the Cloud World.

The depth of their acc.u.mulations was tough for one to imagine. Even at such a moment, it wasn’t something that Common People’s Path and Sword Sect could hope to defeat.

Even if s.h.i.+ Ruolan returned, both sides would at most be on the same level of strength.

“Speaking of which, Qiu Wei thinks that Great Shang will attack us soon?”

“It is obvious! It is only a matter of time…”

Qiu Wei answered without any hesitation, “Half a day ago, the Military Intelligence Division of the Privy Court received news from the Imperial Capital that Emperor Yuanchen had already sent decrees to gather the troops of the various va.s.sal states. He was prepared to follow the words of the Saint and personally lead the battle! Which is why we are really fortunate that Ruler was able to return in time.”

Renbo frowned, Great Shang attacking them was something he expected. However, this news was something that he hadn’t heard about.

“Then, how many people do you all estimate? When will they start to invade our territory?”

“Roughly two months! If the Confucian Faction and Taoist Faction rush them, then it might be even quicker!”

Qiuwei took in a deep breath and still said so confidently.

“Great Shang currently has 53 states and a total of 370 provinces. Each province has a Governor that raises a lot of troops and collects large amounts of taxes, it would range from 100,000-300,000. Logically speaking, all of them would be Grade Three soldiers, but Great Shang has managed for 1,800 years and its foundations are already rotten. It is normal for them to make up the numbers. The armies have been idle for really long and have had peace for too long, so their combat strength is also really weak.”

Even if the Great Shang Generals falsified the numbers and 30% of their numbers were reduced, there was still around 30 million troops!

Compared to Great Gan, the difference was around 10 times!

No matter how weak they were, the number was shocking.

“The south and the mid plains are separated by a mountain range. The mountain here spreads thousands of miles and is really rocky and hilly. It is tough for an army to spread out and pa.s.s through. Unless they make use of enough s.p.a.ce treasures, it would be tough to even support a million troops.”

This was also the reason why Great Shang was unable to take down the south over thousands of years.

Zong Shou gave out a bitter laugh. The three factions might really be able to take out enough s.p.a.ce treasures to support tens of millions of troops.

Luckily, there were signs of chaos rising in Great Shang. They needed to defend against the north and west barbarian country races. With Zong Shou’s estimation, the limit to the number of troops they could mobilize would be between 10-15 million.

“However, the crucial part of this battle is the Dao Soldiers! Great Shang’s 300,000 Dao Soldiers were all wiped out at Common People’s Vast Habitat and only 40,000 guards entered Grade Four. However, with Confucian and Taoist Faction suppressing, those aristocratic families and va.s.sal states would definitely join in the battle. The more than 20 families joining hands should have 200,000 Huang Grade Dao Soldiers and 50,000 Xuan Grade. However, although their numbers are huge, they have no cohesiveness. If the battle goes well, they could win, but if it goes south the aristocratic families will definitely try their best to protect their strength.”

Zong Shou nodded his head. This was one of the reasons why he knew that although there was a six times number difference, he was still unafraid.

As long as he focused on one of them, these seemingly overpowering 200,000 Dao Soldiers would be easily crushed.

“What I worry most about is still those three factions. Taoist Faction has 50,000 Purple Qilin Flame Spear Cavalry. During the Common People’s Vast Habitat, they didn’t suffer many losses. The Heaven Demon Vast Habitat also kept roughly 18,000 Heaven Demon Cavalry. The number of Xuan Grade Dao Soldiers they could mobilize could reach 30,000! As for the other sects and factions, it is tough to estimate. Although they suffered some losses, their foundations are still really firm.”

“The number of Grade Three soldiers we can use in the south is only three million. Apart from that, there are 40,000 Big Dipper Sword Soldiers, 20,000 Big Dipper Crossbow Soldiers, and close to 30,000 Blood Cloud Cavalry.”

Everyone kept silent, be it soldiers or Dao Soldiers, there was still a six times difference.

With the situation this bad, even the ancient famous Generals wouldn’t be able to turn this around right?

Zong Shou sat on the throne and looked on, he couldn’t help but shake his head. Great Shang was so strong that the officials under him actually had such low morale.

However, it was tough for him to blame them. If he was the one, if he didn’t grasp such an important trump card, he wouldn’t feel so at ease.

He knew that the heart of the people was something he had to take care of. Zong Shou smiled.

“Before coming back from Common People’s Vast Habitat, Common People’s Path Revered One, Wei Xu and Sword Sect Palace Head Lingchen personally promised that they would send Dao Soldiers over for me.”

Qiu Wei’s eyes lit up with joy, “With that, our Great Gan might have some chance of winning!”

Common People’s Path and Great Gan standing on the same side was expected. However, the Sword Sect placing such a huge bet so early on was really surprising.

Be it the Common People’s Path Xuan Dragon Warriors or the Sword Sect Moyang Sword Cavalry, they were all famous in the Cloud World and their names even spread to the outer regions. They were top Xuan Grade Dao Soldiers.

There were mountains and swamps in the south region, so if they planned it well, it would be tough for the huge number of Great Shang troops to spread out. Such that the elites will fight the elites and the situation would definitely stabilize.

He trusted Zhang Huai’s intelligence and Kong Yao’s control of the battlefield.

However, everyone still looked toward Kong Rui, who was at the end of the crowd.

They all felt that Qiu Wei’s words weren’t as important and useful as his.

Even Renbo and Qiu Wei themselves were filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Kong Rui broke into a laugh and shook his head, “The phenomenons Heaven has already been messed up and I can’t predict anything. Even if I did, I couldn’t talk about such a huge matter. I don’t dare to bear the sin of exposing the secrets of the Heavens…”

Even with the Wen King Divination Money at hand, he didn’t dare to peak at Zong Shou’s destiny.

He raised his head and looked in the air; he could see a huge red cloud waiting to explode out.

The energy within tossed and turned, turning into the shape of a dragon and a phoenix.

Their strength was already formed and no one could change it.

Even the Heavens were standing on Zong Shou’s side. He was the Saint King and was naturally favored by Heaven and Earth.

He thought back to the colleges and also those Confucians who tried to block the carriage today.

He scoffed coldly, unfortunately, he couldn’t bet with Zhongxuan again.

“Although I can’t predict it, I am certain that Great Gan will be fine.”

Everyone relaxed, like they ate a heart calming pill, their eyes even filled with joy.

Zong Shou was slightly unhappy, why did he feel like the power he had as Ruler was not as much as Kong Rui?

However, there was nothing he could do as he was Imperial Astronomer and his father in law.

“Since Qiu Wei and Kong Rui both said so, then we are at ease.”

Renbo bowed, his expression was solemn, “The six ministries of the cabinet will go all out! Gantian Army will have no worries about food and resources.”

“Ruler, please make Concubine Kong the Commander!”

Qiu Wei bowed, “Please decree for us to recruit all Grade Three and above Martial Cultivators and Spirit Masters!”

Troops who weren’t trained and had no learned formations wouldn’t be useful, but it was more than enough to suppress the situation within the country.

As the Head of the Privy Court, Qiu Wei was really certain about how huge the potential within Gantian was. The prosperity of the martial path and spiritual cultivation was biggest in the entire Cloud World.

Many normal people gained the support of Great Gan and were able to climb up slowly from the martial cultivator and spirit master level. There were even many who started to show outstanding cultivation talents.

Most of them were grateful to Great Gan, they might not fight to the death for it but they would be loyal to Zong Shou.

Zong Shou’s lips rose up and he waved his sleeves. A scribe appeared to help him write the doc.u.ment.

It was completed quickly and just as he was about to seal it, there was an explosion outside.

At the same time, the Yin Dragon roared furiously.

Zong Shou’s brow rose up and he looked out. Several corpses were tossed in.

“Zong Shou! During these two months I will make sure you can’t eat and sleep! Two months later is when your Great Gan will be wiped out!”

After he said this, there was a Heaven shaking laugh and then that sound and aura both disappeared.

“That person, he is the Blood Saint Demon Head…”

Kong Rui seemed to recognize the voice and his pupils constricted.

Renbo’s eyes were filled with pain as he looked at the corpses on the ground.

“It is Xuan City Prefect and Yan City Garrison!”

He didn’t recognize the other few people. However, from their clothes, he could tell they were local officials.

The faces of the people within turned ashen white, their expressions were filled with pain and hate but also helplessness.

Zong Shou’s face also turned green. Saint Realm Expert!

At this moment, Great Gan seemed to be in a dangerous situation.

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