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"Buzz buzz buzz …"

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

… ….

Violent sword hums constantly rang out.



A sword flew out, uncontrollably flying out. "My sword, my sword."

"I can't control it!"

"What's the situation?" My sword is completely out of control. "

"I can't catch it, I can't catch it at all."

… ….

All the swords were being controlled by the aura on Long Fei's body, as though there was another gigantic magnet on his body, causing the swords on their bodies to tremble violently.

Dongfang Jian's sword could not even support flying out with a 'whoosh'.

Xiao Changfeng's sword was the same.

Liu Luoxi and the three sisters' swords also flew out.

Everyone's swords flew to the top of Xiang Longfei's head, spinning non-stop. The ones that injured Xiao Changfeng were only the illusionary swords, but this time, they were all real swords.

Dozens of swords began to spin.

Long Fei moved his body and stabbed forward, "Break for me!"

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

"Boom, boom, boom …"

When the ten thousand swords returned to the sect, the G.o.ds and ghosts were shocked!

Nagong Ao's expression changed greatly. This time, Long Fei's strength had once again exceeded his expectations.

"Hualala …"

"Huala …"

The blood spirit could not withstand the pressure and cried out as it retreated.

Several tens of swords flew down, and at this moment, Long Fei's dragon salyer suddenly changed. In the air, he consecutively slashed out seven moves.

"dragon chop!"


Just as the flying swords were constantly flying towards Nagong Ao, Long Fei released his dragon chop.

At this moment.

The swords and sabers chimed together.

The sword danced wildly!

It wreaked havoc in the surroundings.

"Teleport!" Long Fei's body moved, the Hurricane Slash swept Nagong Ao up into the air and released the dragon chop. The blood colored sword Qi and the flaming blade Qi fused together.

At the same time.

The roar of the Wild Mountain Devil.

The divine tiger's angry roars overlapped.

In mid-air.

Long Fei was like a G.o.d of death, a dancing G.o.d of death, madly killing everything on his path.

"Hundred Slashes!"


"One hundred and sixty slashes!"


"Two hundred and twentieth slash, die!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Looking at the last drop of blood on top of Nagong Ao's head, Long Fei roared out, and released his last slash.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Countless cracks covered Nagong Ao's body, but not even blood flowed out from the cracks, as though the blood had been cut off and forgotten.

Nagong Ao crawled up from the ground, as he furiously roared with his head raised, "Ah … Long Fei, I want … I, I, I … "



His entire body was divided into two hundred and twenty pieces, and was separated from his body piece by piece.

"Ah, ah, ah... "Save me, save me, save me …"

The incomparably arrogant Nagong Ao, at this moment, was not one bit arrogant.


In the end, his head flew out and rolled at Nangong Huo's feet.

Long Fei moved a bit, placing his shoulder on top of it and swept his eyes across the place, "f.u.c.k, who else is there?"

His domineering aura leaked out.

Arrogant! Arrogant beyond belief!

At this moment.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Nagong Ao, disciple of the Blood Refinement Sect' for obtaining 100 experience points, 120 true breath, 100 Energy Values, and 100 points."

"Congratulations to the player 'Long Fei' for obtaining the 'Blood Spirit's Fusion'?"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' …"

A series of notifications sounded.

If not for the fact that Long Fei wanted to leave Striking Energy Value with Nangong Huo, he really wanted to explode with Nagong Ao. After all, he was a genius disciple of the Blood Refinement Sect.

Without waiting for Long Fei's order.


"The Spirit Gathering Pearl has swallowed the blood spirit!"


"The Spiritual Gathering Pearl has been filled!"


"Do you want to release it? Please choose your weapon! "

Long Fei thought for a while, then said: "I don't even have a sword, I can't just bring the dragon salyer up there right? The blade is a blade, and the sword is a sword, they all have their own unique characteristics."

dragon salyer's Solitary Nine Swords was indeed powerful.

However …

This was because dragon salyer themselves were strong, and were just holy artifact.

If the same holy artifact level sword was used to release the 'Solitary Nine Swords', then even more damage would be released.

Thus …

Long Fei thought for a moment, then said: "Not fusing yet!"

He thought to himself, "I should think of a way to make a sword."

… ….

Everyone was stunned.

Nagong Ao was instantly killed!

When he first appeared, he was so arrogant and superior that he could kill a person instantly with a single kick on the stage.


killed him instantly.

That wild dance of sword and blood was simply too shocking.

In the end, when Nagong Ao died, his entire body was separated from his body.

Nangong Huo's body slightly sank, and he was slightly unable to stand steadily. His body swayed as he muttered, "Ao'er, Ao'er, my Ao'er …"

Nagong Ao was his most proud son.

He was also the strongest son in terms of martial arts training.

The reason why he had hidden away for sixteen years was so that he could amaze the world with one move, but … She was killed the moment she thought about it.

He was going crazy!

"Ahh …"

"Ah... "Ahhhh …" Nangong Huo bellowed, "Long Fei, I will kill you!"

Long Fei laughed contemptuously: "Everyone says that they want to kill me, so normally, those who talk to me like this will all die under my hands in the end."


"Nangong Huo, I am already at the top of the Zi Ji Realm." Long Fei smiled faintly and said: "Shouldn't you be giving me an additional t.i.tle?"


"Elder Xiao, do you want to give me your Heaven Sect's qualification token?" Long Fei laughed.

Without any hesitation, Xiao Changfeng took out an order badge from his bosom and threw it to Long Fei, "Long Fei, take care yourself."


Xiao Changfeng supported Dongfang Jian and was about to leave.

Nangong Huo let out a heavy roar, and said: "Did I let you leave?"

Xiao Changfeng frowned, and said: "Nangong Huo, you dare!"

Long Fei didn't care about their flame war. Instead, he looked at fatty w.a.n.g and said: "Today, you are the only one who stood on my side. You're very lucky, because you're on the right side."

"This token is yours!"

After Long Fei received the order badge, he directly threw it to w.a.n.g Jinglian.

When the order badge flew in the air, Long Fei smiled and said: "fatty w.a.n.g, accepting this means that you are a member of my Long family. If Nangong Huo wants to kill you, it's fine even if you don't accept it."

Not waiting for him to finish.

w.a.n.g Jing stepped forward and took the token in his hands, "Young Marquis Long, I'll follow you from now on!"

"Hahaha …" [].

fatty w.a.n.g still agreed to Long Fei's temper.

Seeing him accept the token, Zhang Xuan smiled.


Long Fei moved, pointed at Nangong Huo, and said: "The next one is you!"

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