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Chapter 1960 - Fire Phoenix Blood Essence


"Kid, you got the Sect Leader and the others out, and left me alone. When I get out of here, I'm afraid I won't be able to stay in the Mountain and Sea Sect much longer."

Inside the Supreme Profound Hall, seeing the smiling Tang Huan opposite of him, Mountain River helplessly smiled.

Meng Chuwen and the others outside the Immortal's cave would soon realize that he had disappeared. After all, he was a HeavenG.o.d Marquis, and was no longer a n.o.body within the Mountain and Sea Sect. In the future, if he appeared alive in front of Meng Chuwen and the others, it would be very difficult to explain the reason to them.

"If I can't stay, then I'll change locations."

Tang Huan said with a smile, "Grandfather Gao, in the period of time that you disappeared, quite a few things happened in the Crimson Radiance Sect. The Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Palace that I am in can now be considered as the number one sect in Crimson Radiance Sect, and I have long since ascended to the position of Palace Chief of Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Palace over ten years ago. "

"At the same time, I also created the Heavenly Law Academy."

"All of the sects of various sizes in the Crimson Radiance Sect are now under the jurisdiction of the Heavenly Dao Academy. In time, the power of the sects will become weaker and weaker, to the point of even disappearing. The Royal Dragon Heavenly Palace will not be an exception, and the Heavenly Law Academy will replace those sects and become the only power in the entire Crimson Radiance Sect. "

"Is that true?"

The mountains and rivers were dumbstruck, their minds greatly shaken.

For the Royal Dragon's Heavenly Mansion to become the number one sect in the Scarlet Radiance Sect so quickly and for Tang Huan to become the master of the Heavenly Palace, it was already surprising enough. However, Tang Huan had actually created a huge power that stood above all the other sects. Wasn't this the same as unifying the tempo of the Crimson Radiance Sect?

From ancient times till now, there had been many strong pract.i.tioners who wanted to unite this Heaven Realm, but no one had been able to do so.

But now, Tang Huan seemed to be very close to reaching his goal.


As the two of them spoke, the situation in the air above the Tai Xuan Lake had greatly changed.

Meng Chuwen and the other cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Sect were no longer around. There was no need to cover up the Flamephoenix any longer. At this moment, the fire phoenix looked even more miserable.

Accompanying the rapid circulation of the "Ten Thousand Endless Sword Formation", the illusory images of mountains that contained a strong sword intent pierced into the body of the fire phoenix one after another. Unknowingly, the Flamephoenix's ma.s.sive body seemed to be riddled with thousands of holes, and the illusory mountain range had already turned her into a giant hedgehog.

"Rumble …"

Within the mountain range simulacrum, sword intent lingered and revolved, as if it had provoked bursts of resonance, and intense tremors rose and fell one after another.

Although the soul of the fire phoenix had yet to die, it was already extremely weak. Not to mention emitting a clanging sound, even opening its eyes was extremely strenuous. As time pa.s.sed, the illusory mountain range continuously merged into the fire phoenix's body.

One day, two days … Five days … Ten days …

After an unknown period of time, the countless illusory mountain peaks finally merged with the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix's body, and almost all of the illusory peaks were dyed a fiery red.

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In an instant, an earth-shaking explosion resounded as the enormous body of the fire phoenix suddenly broke apart into countless illusory mountain peaks. After which, it turned into streaks of fiery red light and entered one mountain after another within the Great Xuan Lake.

High up in the sky, there were no longer any traces of the existence of the fire phoenix.

Inside the Supreme Profound Hall, Tang Huan who was sitting cross-legged suddenly opened his eyes, and a satisfied smile rose between his brows. Indeed, it was as Jianxin had said. The fire phoenix and the s.p.a.ce within it had already been completely disintegrated, had completely fused into his "Illusory Sword Heavenly Palace".

As for the Flame Phoenix's soul, it gradually disappeared during this process, becoming nothing more than ashes.

On the surface, it looked as if there wasn't much of a change after fusing with the cave s.p.a.ce of the fire phoenix, but in reality, the current Illusory Sword Heavenly Palace had become a dual dimension. Now, Tang Huan only needed to think slightly and the s.p.a.ce inside the Fire Phoenix's body would be reborn from the cave.

Of course, the s.p.a.ce of Rebirth must no longer have any connection with the fire phoenix.

"Fire Phoenix s.p.a.ce …"

Tang Huan squinted his eyes and smiled. In a moment of thought, at the summit about a thousand miles away from the Tai Xuan Lake, a large area of fiery red Qi suddenly rose up. In the blink of an eye, a fire phoenix with a body of a few thousand meters long formed and spread its wings, as though it was about to fly away from the summit.

The interior of the Fire Phoenix's body was exactly the same as the interior of the Fire Phoenix's body.

"That's right."

Tang Huan nodded in satisfaction.

As the owner of the "Illusory Sword Heavenly Palace", he could clearly feel every little change within the cave. The appearance of the two different dimensions had already caused the "Illusory Sword Heavenly Palace" to become even more stable. Although it had not returned to its peak condition, it had already improved by quite a bit compared to before.


A white shadow flashed, and Sword Heart suddenly appeared in front of Tang Huan's body without any warning, he extended a fair and white palm, on the palm of the hand was something the size of a chicken egg, looking like it was condensed out of fresh blood.

"What is this?"

Tang Huan's gaze swept past the dark red object and landed on Jianxin's face, and asked in surprise.

Even though he couldn't recognize it, he could clearly feel the burning intent contained within it. Not only that, it also contained a surging, majestic, and vast bloodline power.

It was obviously related to the Fire Phoenix that had already died.

"Master, this is a drop of phoenix blood essence!" Jianxin slowly said.

"Fire Phoenix Blood Essence?"

Hearing that, Tang Huan's heart could not help but move, and Phoenix's figure appeared in his mind. This "Fire Phoenix's Essence Blood" should have originated from the Fire Phoenix's true body, also known as the former Heavenly Sovereign Fire Phoenix. Presumably, it was its existence that gave birth to the Fire Phoenix's enbodiment.

If he was able to refine it, it would only increase his Dao crystal, but if Phoenix were to absorb it, not only would her cultivation increase, her physique would also undergo a qualitative change.

In a moment of thought, Tang Huan had already made a decision, and said smilingly: "Sword Heart, fuse this ball of blood essence into the Fire Phoenix s.p.a.ce and nurture it, so that you can prepare it for Phoenix."

"Yes, Master." Jianxin left with his blood essence.

"It's time to return to Jade Imperial City."

After watching Jianxin's figure disappear within the Supreme Profound Hall, the depths of Tang Huan's eyes couldn't help but reveal a faint smile. He had obtained the Nirvana Fire for quite some time now, so it was time for him to return to the Jade Imperial City to go into seclusion, absorb it and fuse it together to form the true primal chaos Dao Flame.

This process might take a long time.

However, if he succeeded, not only would Tang Huan be able to master "Primal Chaos Dao Fire", his Tools Method Attainments would also experience a huge increase.

With that thought, Tang Huan's figure had already disappeared from the Supreme Profound Hall …

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