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Chapter 764 Madame Jingrou

At the thought that she probably would not get what she wanted if she continued pursuing this matter, the Empress cast a disdainful glance at Madame Jingrou and left arrogantly.

She said before leaving, “You will kneel here two hours longer as a punishment for making the arbitrary decision today. Don’t think you can do whatever you want with the Emperor’s favor.”

“Okay, I accept the punishment,” Madame Jingrou said, kneeling there primly without daring to overstep the line.

Meanwhile, the Empress and Mesdames, who thought they had got what they wanted, were all beaming with smiles.

After the corners of their clothes disappeared from the Fengyu Court, Lin Mengya finally breathed a sigh of relief.

She had witnessed Madame Jingrou’s great forbearance today. If she hadn’t come today, Madame Jingrou probably would have swallowed the insult from those people.

Lin Mengya shook her head, thinking although Madame Jingrou married her beloved man, her husband’s wife and other concubines picked on her all the time.

Lin Mengya involuntarily wondered if Madame Jingrou lived happily or not.

“Madame, get up quickly. They are all gone, and we will keep it secret,” Ningqiu said.

Lin Mengya looked up and saw Ningqiu was crawling over to help Madame Jingrou up.

Madame Jingrou smiled lightly and declined Ningqiu’s well-intentioned advice.

“It’s Okay. Miss Helan, thank you very much,” Madame Jingrou said.

Some people pa.s.sed outside the main hall from time to time.

Although those people might not be able to hear their conversations inside, those people could see what was going on in the hall from afar.

Those people were presumably left behind by the Empress to keep an eye on Madame Jingrou and make sure she accepted the punishment obediently. The Empress was quite tricky.

“Madame, you don’t have to be over courteous. As the helper Xiaoyu brought here, I should help you take care of this,” Lin Mengya said.

Standing behind Madame Jingrou, she took Ningqiu’s hand, shook her head gently, and then looked out of the door.

Ningqiu, who immediately understood what she meant, stamped her feet in anger, but could do nothing to them.

“They come to bully Madame all the time. Let’s wait and see how His Highness will deal with those people after he comes back,” Ningqiu, outraged by the injustice done to her master, said through clenched teeth.

“Stop it. Don’t tell Yu’er about this. Miss, since you are brought into the imperial palace by Yu’er, you are presumably aware of our current situation,” Madame Jingrou said.

She loved her son dearly. Because of her son, those Mesdames, who had children, liked to pick on her in the past half a year.

Fortunately, the Emperor was protective of her and Xiaoyu had gradually gained power, so those women did not dare to push her into a miserable situation.

If those women went too far, she might retaliate.

She just did not want to cause trouble during this troubled period.

“Madame, in fact, you don’t have to endure all this. His Highness is young, but he has a resolute mind and drastic means. In my opinion, he has been qualified to compete for the throne, and you must have acc.u.mulated enormous wealth over the years. So now it’s time to enter a new stage of well-grounded development,” Lin Mengya raised her brows and said in a soft but firm voice.

Madame Jingrou expected the palace maid sent by Yu’er to be smart and steady. However, from the few words she said, Madame Jingrou could tell she was as ambitious as men, which had a great negative impact on Madame Jingrou’s favorable impression of her.

Madame Jingrou looked disapprovingly at Miss Helan in front of her and said with a frown, “Miss, I admire your courage, but our family has behaved properly in the imperial palace over the years so that we can live a steady life now. You are not suitable to stay with us. Ningqiu, send Miss Helan off before others notice her existence.”

Lin Mengya showed a smile. She had expected that Madame Jingrou, who looked delicate but was actually extremely resolute, would only treat her as a time bomb.

She did not get angry. After all, she was aware of Madame Jingrou’s way of doing things and thoughts, but Madame Jingrou might not be aware of hers.

She immediately cast a consoling glance at Ningqiu, who was hesitating, and looked at Madame Jingrou with a smile.

She said, “Madame, do you think that I’m bluffing? But if I tell you that I have a way to enable His Highness to practice in the Pool of Various Venomous Insects for three months, will you think that I’m crazy?”

“The Pool of Various Venomous Insects!”

Hearing this, Madame Jingrou opened her eyes wide in an instant. That was the sacred place left by their ancestors. Even the best witches and wizards found it hard to get close to it.

It was said that the genius from the Xin Family had only practiced in the Pool of Various Venomous Insects for three days and three nights. Despite the great change in his personality caused by the torture he had gone through there, he became one of the best wizards in the country after coming out of there.

For this reason, he was regarded as the promising successor by the tribe elders who considered the Pool of Various Venomous Insects as the sacred place.

Otherwise, the Emperor would not have been forced to list the genius from the Xin Family as one of the candidates for the throne.

Madame Jingrou, whose face changed immediately, lost her composure.

However, she just got excited for a moment, and then shook her head with a slightly bitter look.

If there was such a way, why should she bother letting her son suffer that pain?

“I don’t know where you learned this, but it’s difficult to do that. Since you’re brought here by Yu’er, I will treat you with due respect. But Miss, something is not as simple as you imagine,” she said.

Lin Mengya knew that it sounded like she was making irresponsible remarks at this moment.

However, if there was only one person around the world capable of doing that, it was none other than her.

“Madame, I’m aware of your concern, but Xiaoyu… His Highness knows whether I can do that. There’s no need to worry. His Highness will be here soon, and you’ll learn the whole thing,” Lin Mengya said.

Madame Jingrou took a close look at Miss Helan with fixed attention.

Helan had pretended to be s.h.i.+vering with fear in front of the Empress just now. However, she faintly saw the fearless look in Helan’s eyes during their twice eye-contacts.

Moreover, although Helan was only dressed in an ordinary palace maid uniform, her graceful bearing could compare with that of the princesses brought up in the imperial palace.

Madame Jingrou knew about Yu’er’s personality well. Perhaps Miss Helan had some amazing knacks indeed.

Thinking of this, Madame Jingrou became much gentler. She gave Lin Mengya a meaningful look and nodded.

Lin Mengya did not feel angry at being doubted.

Although she was brought here by Xiaoyu, given Madame Jingrou’s character, it would be strange if she gained Madame Jingrou’s trust at once.

Two hours pa.s.sed quickly. Ningqiu immediately helped Madame Jingrou up.

At the sight that Madame Jingrou just frowned slightly despite her trembling legs, Lin Mengya involuntarily praised Madame Jingrou in her heart.

Xiaoyu indeed inherited his determination and perseverance from his mother.

“Mother, I pay you my respects.” There came Xiaoyu’s voice from outside the door.

He hurried back to the Fengyu Court after paying his respects to the Emperor.

After entering the room and making sure that his mother was lying in bed safe and sound, he restrained the anxious look he rarely showed and bowed meekly before standing in front of his mother.

Meanwhile, he fixed his eyes on Lin Mengya, who was standing aside.

“Are you alright? Did the Empress and other Mesdames pick on you?” He asked about Lin Mengya’s condition rather than about his mother’s condition, which indicated how much he valued Lin Mengya.

Lin Mengya shook her head with a faint smile and subconsciously touched his messy hair caused by his coming in a hurry.

After a while, she found it strange to do so. But Xiaoyu looked so meek that even Madame Jingrou was involuntarily astonished.

Why did her son, who even acted like an untamable beast in front of her, act differently in front of Helan?

“I’m fine. Your Highness, you should take care of Madame. She has knelt for too long, and her tendons and bones need relaxation,” Lin Mengya said.

Xiaoyu nodded and obediently started to ma.s.sage Madame Jingrou’s calves.

Madame Jingrou, who saw her son behave in such a docile manner for the first time, had a completely new appraisal of Miss Helan.

As the saying went, no one knew a man better than his mother. Although Yu’er was not very close to Madame Jingrou, as his mother, she knew him even better than himself.

Thus, Madame Jingrou felt like getting close to Miss Helan.

“I’m alright. It’s all thanks to Miss Helan you brought here, otherwise I would’ve suffered a lot more. By the way, Yu’er, you didn’t tell your father about this, did you?” Madame Jingrou said.

Xiaoyu shook his head. He felt the urge to tell his father many times.

But at the sight of his father’s haggard look, he said nothing about this as Lin Mengya told him.

Those women were so insolent. Sooner or later, he would make them pay for what they had done to his parents and him over the years!

“That’s good. A lot of things happened today, which troubled your father a lot. Knowing you’ve been occupied with your business, I always avoided disturbing you with such trifles. Yu’er, you haven’t introduced Miss Helan to me yet,” Madame Jingrou said and showed an amicable smile to Lin Mengya.

Perhaps because of Xiaoyu, now Madame Jingrou treated her more friendly with less vigilance.

Nevertheless, regardless of Madame Jingrou’s att.i.tude towards her, Lin Mengya took it calmly.

Delighted to see that Lin Mengya seemed to get along well with his mother, Xiaoyu immediately took Lin Mengya’s hand, and introduced her to Madame Jingrou with a complacent and flaunting look in his eyes. “Mother, she’s my sister who saved me in the Jin State and enabled my name to be recorded in the Lin Family’s genealogy. This time, she specially came here to help me. My sister is extremely smart with unparalleled medical skill and a gentle disposition. She is the most outstanding woman in the world!”

Hearing Xiaoyu blurt out one and another adjectives as if he had his words at hand, Lin Mengya felt so ashamed that her face became burning hot and blushed, and she almost failed to suppress the urge to interrupt Xiaoyu.

Well, she admitted that she was outstanding, but she was not that abnormally outstanding as Xiaoyu described, was she?

She dragged Xiaoyu’s sleeve hard and said with an embarra.s.sed smile, “Haha… Your Highness, I’m flattered.”

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