Medical Princess Chapter 1194 - Chapter 1194 The Older the Worse

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Chapter 1194 - Chapter 1194 The Older the Worse

Chapter 1194 The Older the Worse

Hearing that Chu Liuchen also came over, Shao Jing went to the door and opened the main door to invite him in.

Chu Liuchen got out of the carriage first and then reached out to help Shao Wanru get down carefully.

The corners of Shao Jing’s eyes twitched, and he felt inexplicably uneasy. It was really unexpected that Chu Liuchen would come over. He always felt that something was wrong.

“Your Highness, please go ahead and have tea!” Shao Jing reached out to lead the way.

“No, thanks. I’ll go to see Old Madam first!” Chu Liuchen said with a faint smile and deep eyes.

“Okay… okay!” Shao Jing couldn’t refuse this. Chu Liuchen was Shao Wanru’s husband, so it was not strange for him to want to see Old Madam.

Shao Jing winked at the servant beside him. The servant understood and hurriedly retreated to the side. Then, he rushed into the inner courtyard to report the news. Prince Chen accompanied Shao Wanru to see Old Madam. Of course, Old Madam could not make things difficult for Shao Wanru anymore.

Shao Jing accompanied Shao Wanru and Chu Liuchen inside. When they arrived at Old Madam’s Chuntang Courtyard, they saw Nanny Yu, who served Old Madam, waiting there from a distance. When she saw Chu Liuchen and the others coming over, she hurried forward to bow.

“How is Old Madam?” Shao Wanru asked as she walked in.

“Old Madam’s health…” Nanny Yu lowered her head and looked very sad. “Your Highness, Old Madam has been in poor health since she came back from the Yuhui Nunnery. She fainted yesterday after saying a few words. The First Young Madam and I were so scared that we hurried to send you a message. However, she’s fine today!”

That was to say, Old Madam was fine today. It was just that her condition looked severe yesterday as if she was about to die.

Of course, what had happened yesterday stayed in yesterday. Since Old Madam had recovered today, Shao Wanru couldn’t say anything about it. She showed a sarcastic smile. “Old Madam really just can control the severity of her illness at her will. But she’s good at making things difficult for me.

“However, after today, I’d like to see if she dares to pretend to be sick again.”

After entering the main room, they bypa.s.sed the large screen and went to the inner room. It was inconvenient for Chu Liuchen to go in, so he waited outside the room. Shao Jing accompanied him, and Shao Wanru followed Nanny Yu into the inner room.

Old Madam was lying on the bed, her eyes tightly closed, as if she had fallen asleep. Looking carefully, one could see that the corners of her mouth were slightly tilted. It seemed that she had a stroke like last time.

“Old Madam, Princess Chen is here to see you!” After inviting Shao Wanru to sit down, Nanny Yu walked to Old Madam’s bed and called her in a low voice.

After she shouted a few times, Old Madam slowly opened her eyes and asked in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “What’s the matter?”

“Princess Chen is here to see you!” Nanny Yu whispered.

Old Madam looked around in the air and then turned her eyes to one side. She happened to meet Shao Wanru’s eyes. There was a flash of disgust and even hatred in her eyes. Then, she slowly closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she said with a smile, “It’s you, Fifth Girl.”

How could she not hate her? She almost had a stroke after being angered by this b.i.t.c.h. She had to be more careful in the future.

She didn’t get along well with Infanta Qinghua and her daughter. They p.i.s.sed her off. At present, the main reason why she hadn’t died of anger was that she was tough and had a n.o.ble life. One could know what kind of person she was according to what happened to Madam Jiang.

“Old Madam!” Shao Wanru stood up, bowed, and then slowly sat down. She was far away from Old Madam. They had nothing to say to each other.

For a moment, the room became quiet, and there was an inexplicable sense of embarra.s.sment.

Seeing this, Nanny Yu could only smile and say, “Old Madam, as soon as Princess Chen heard that you were in poor health, she came to see you with Prince Chen. You have to get better. You can’t be as willful as before when you didn’t even take medicine!”

“Old Madam didn’t take medicine?” Shao Wanru blinked slightly.

Since she had come over, she wanted to see what they would do to make her naturally go to see Madam Jiang.

Nanny Yu sighed and said, “When Old Madam thought of Infanta…”

“Don’t talk nonsense. It has nothing to do with Infanta Qinghua.” Old Madam interrupted her unpleasantly, reached out to hold Nanny Yu’s hand, and sat up, trembling, like a real old woman at the end of her life. Her turbid eyes fell on Shao Wanru, and she looked calm.

She even looked a little emotional and regretful. Looking at Shao Wanru, she wanted to say something but stopped on second thought. She looked like an ordinary old woman.

Shao Wanru held the handkerchief in her hand and looked indifferent. She had come to see Old Madam because she was an elder and in poor health, so she had to come.

She didn’t think there was any friends.h.i.+p between them, nor did she think that Old Madam had any good intentions toward her.

“I’m getting old, and I’ve thought certain things through. I acted on my own will at that time. Although I didn’t hurt your father and mother, it has something to do with me. I think… I think…” Old Madam couldn’t go on, and there seemed to be tears in her eyes.

She picked up her handkerchief and gently wiped her tears to suppress the sadness in her heart. Then, she raised her head, looked at Shao Wanru, and said bluntly, “Fifth Girl, I was wrong about what happened before.”

Shao Wanru heard those words clearly as she looked at Old Madam in front of her. Old Madam seemed to be repenting with her eyes full of tears, but Shao Wanru found it ironic.

“She’s going to use the family cliche, and it’s an old one at that.”

“Grandma, don’t worry. It’s all in the past!” Shao Wanru said.

“It’s not. I can’t let it go… I have been so compet.i.tive in my life and I always try my best to make Duke Xing’s Mansion more prosperous. At that time, I even said in front of your grandma that I would definitely make our Duke Xing’s Mansion better, but now things have become like this because of my partiality…”

Speaking of this, Old Madam cried. After she wiped her tears hard with her handkerchief, her eyes turned red.

“Old Madam, don’t cry. It’s not your fault. It’s Second Madam… Second Madam deceived you. She made you think that it’s all Infanta Qinghua’s fault… It’s all her fault…” Nanny Yu hurried forward to appease her in a low voice.

In fact, everyone in the inner room could hear her whisper.

“How was that not my fault? If it weren’t for the fact that Madam Jiang had been raised by my side since she was a child and seemed to be filial to me, I wouldn’t have thought that she was a good-tempered girl and wouldn’t have listened to her. It’s all my fault that my eldest son’s family got hurt. I couldn’t even protect a child!”

Old Madam cried and said those words in a choked voice. It seemed that she was regretful as if she really regretted what she had done.

In her words, she put all the blame on Madam Jiang. Madam Jiang did everything. She made it like she was just deceived for the moment, and it wasn’t her true intention to hurt Infanta Qinghua.

Shao Wanru sneered inwardly. “Old Madam is really good at acting. Every time we fall out with each other, she will pretend to be miserable, heartbroken, and regretful. She uses the ident.i.ty of an elder to say some specious words. In such a scene, those who don’t know the inside story would definitely think that she is pitiful.

“She makes me appear to be quite overbearing.

“Half of her acting aims at me, and the other half aims at Chu Liuchen.”

“Fifth Girl, it’s all my fault in the past. I hope you can forgive me. I won’t be deceived by anyone in the future. I will make it up to you.” Old Madam looked at Shao Wanru expectantly and reached out her trembling hand. “Fifth Girl, can you forgive me for being senile?”

She was trying to wipe out the past by claiming to be senile. It was quite clever. Shao Wanru looked up and looked at Old Madam without avoiding her eyes. Her eyes were dim and a little more s.h.i.+ning than before, but because of this, she appeared very indifferent.

“Old Madam, what are you up to?”

Old Madam almost couldn’t hold back her anger and pressed her hand against the corner of the quilt. She was afraid that she couldn’t help grabbing the cup on the table and throwing it at Shao Wanru.

“Old Madam!” Sensing Old Madam’s anger, Nanny Yu hurriedly reached out to hold her hand, for fear that she would do something furious and ruin their plan.

“I’m not up to anything. I’m so old that everything I say is pointless. I just hope that you’ll be fine. Madam Jiang… Madam Jiang…” Old Madam said in a low voice, “Fifth Girl, although Madam Jiang is such a bad person, she has suffered retribution now… If you… if you…”

Speaking of this, Old Madam sighed again. She sounded very weak, and her voice was even lower. “There is a family heirloom. Go and ask for it. It was originally for your mother, and it… has always been in her hands… It’s a family heirloom… Later, it fell into Madam Jiang’s hands. I just found out about it… You can send your servant to ask for it and leave it to Hao’er in the future.”

Shao Yuanhao was the inheritor, so everything in the Marquis Xing’s Mansion would certainly be given to Hao’er.

Shao Wanru and Madam Jiang were incompatible. The first branch and the second branch were at war with each other. This so-called family heirloom was originally kept by Shao Wanru’s mother, and now it should belong to Hao’er. Shao Wanru wasn’t aware of this, but if she knew it, why would she allow Madam Jiang to have it all the time?

“Well, I’m tired. You can leave now!” After saying that, Old Madam waved her hand and became increasingly weak.

Nanny Yu held Old Madam and said in a low voice, “Old Madam… Old Madam…”

Old Madam’s heavy breathing responded to her as if she had fallen asleep in a short while.

Nanny Yu carefully helped Old Madam lie down and tucked her in. Then, she bowed to Shao Wanru with modesty and said, “Your Highness, Old Madam is in poor health. She often falls asleep right after talking for a while. Also, she suddenly fainted yesterday. I’m afraid she is not doing well!”

“She fell asleep? She just doesn’t want to talk to me anymore, does she? She’s afraid that she will say something more unbearable to me.” Shao Wanru had clearly seen Old Madam’s forbearance just now and knew that Old Madam had almost lost control at that moment.

Old Madam was indeed old. Her control over her emotions was not as perfect as before. Without Madam Jiang’s help, Old Madam could not make trouble alone.

Shao Wanru stood up, glanced at Old Madam, turned around, and walked out of the room.

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