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Chapter 412 All Appeared in the Lord Protector’s Manor

When Ning Xueyan came out of the room, there was no one in the lotus pond. Knowing that Ning Ziyan had been helped out, she went out along the corridor. When the older female servant at the gate of the courtyard saw Ning Xueyan, she nodded and bowed to her with great respect. She even made way for Qingyu.

“Young Lady, I got it.” When they went outside and looked around, Qingyu stepped forward, took out her handkerchief, and spread it in front of Ning Xueyan. There was a small piece of joss stick in it. Qingyu had secretly broken off a piece, when everyone was busy and hid it in the handkerchief.

Before entering the manor, Ning Xueyan had hinted to her to do that.

The incense was not lit, but when one came close to it, it still had a strong fragrance. Smelling the scent made one flush and have palpitations. “Pick it up, wrap it up, and send it to the pharmacy outside to get someone to check what it is.”

Although Ning Xueyan had made a guess about the contents of the incense stick, she was not sure. So, it was better to get someone to identify the item.

“Yes, I’ll take it to Mother Han and ask her to send it for an appraisal.” Qingyu nodded and carefully wrapped up the small piece of joss stick in her hand. In order to choose a place for her shop, it was much more convenient for Mother Han to go in and out these days. There was only one useful older female servant staying with Ning Xueyan. It would be better for her to do this kind of thing, and Madam Dowager had also made it convenient for her.

After putting away the joss stick, Qingyu followed Ning Xueyan and could not help asking, “Why did you suddenly provoke First Madam just now, Young Lady?” She could tell that her young lady had deliberately provoked the First Madam when she came out. Besides uttering those words, her young lady did not usually have that kind of provocative att.i.tude.

“Did the First Madam get angry?” Ning Xueyan asked leisurely, with a smile.

“No!” Qingyu was confused and shook her head, “It is so strange. Given her character, how could the First Madam not be angry? Besides, you pushed the Eldest Young Lady into the lotus pond before that!”

“First Madam is gentler now after her illness.” Ning Xueyan smiled, as she walked on the path. This time, they walked on a side path instead of the road, when they went back to the Bright Frost Garden. The path was a shortcut, with many flowers growing on both sides. Now, the flowers were in bloom. Ning Xueyan pushed aside a horizontal branch in front of her and walked over.

“It’s impossible. How could the First Madam have such a mild temper?” Qingyu shook her head decisively and looked at Ning Xueyan doubtfully. She pushed the branch aside for Ning Xueyan and turned around. “The First Madam is always looking to find some evidence to frame you. Why did she not do that today?”

Since Madam Ming’s death, Madam Ling had been after Ning Xueyan more than once. Qingyu was with Ning Xueyan, so she knew very well that Madam Ling had caused a lot of trouble. Now, how could she just stand aside when the Eldest Young Lady had been pushed into the lotus pond, without saying a word? It was almost impossible.

Qingyu immediately thought of another possibility and hurriedly said, “Young Lady, is the First Madam going to find another way to torment you, so that is why she put up with it?”

When she heard what Qingyu said, Ning Xueyan turned back and looked at Qingyu with a faint gleam in her jet-black eyes. “Even you are telling me this. It seems that she is really out to hurt me.”

Hearing Ning Xueyan’s praise, Qingyu was happy at first, but then her face turned bitter. “Young Lady, the First Madam wants to frame you again. How can you still be happy?”

Ning Xueyan turned around and stood under a flowering tree. She looked up leisurely and said, “So, you will give the joss stick to Mother Han so she can find out what it is. Then, ask her to inquire discreetly if there is any prescription that is good for pregnancy.”

There was a faint fishy smell, which gave people a strange sensation as soon as they smelt it. Besides that, there was also a strong fragrance. It was as if it was there to mask the fishy smell, rather than the smell of medicine. A patient’s health was poor, but her room was fragrant, which was very strange indeed. Ning Xueyan had deliberately provoked Madam Ling just now, which was also a kind of a test.

Madam Ling could not be that good-natured. It seemed that this had something to do with the faint fishy smell.

The two returned to the Bright Frost Garden. Before they took a sip of tea, Lanning came over. Not only did she bring some news, but also a message from Madam Dowager, asking her to accompany Prince Yi.

“Young Lady, as soon as I arrived at the front, I heard that the Fourth Prince had come over. After saying a few words to Madam Dowager, he went to the Cloud Reflection Courtyard with the Second Young Master at his side. At that time, the Third Prince had already come out of the Cloud Reflection Courtyard. He ran into the Eldest Childe-in-law. Later, they happened to meet the Third Young Lady, and talked in the pavilion. Later, the Fourth Prince also went over there. After that, Madam Dowager asked the Fourth Young Lady to go with them.”

“Third Prince, Fourth Prince, Xia Yuhang, they are all here at the same time! It seems that the ex-princess has attracted a lot of people!” Ning Xueyan sneered in her mind.

“What is the matter with Prince Yi?” Ning Xueyan asked. She did not believe that Ao Chenyi was the last to know about this matter. The incident at Cloud Reflection Courtyard had happened for a period of time. According to his character, Ao Chenyi would have been the first one to know. However, he was the last one to show up today. How could she not suspect him?

“I don’t know. It is said that there are some problems with the betrothal gifts. Prince Yi came over to check, so Madam Dowager asked me to invite you to go over. After all, the betrothal gifts have something to do with you. But I always feel that it is against the rules. You are going to marry him soon. How can you meet him?” Lanning asked.

Ning Xueyan had a mocking smile at the corners of her mouth. Even Lanning, a maid, knew the rules. How could Madam Dowager not understand? She just wanted to please the Third Prince and Prince Yi. She did not care about the young ladies’ reputations. Since Ning Qingshan had gone to accompany the Third Prince, she and Ao Chenyi could meet.

Madam Dowager always talked about the rules of Lord Protector’s Manor. However, there were no rules in Lord Protector’s Manor at all. If so, Ning Ziyan would not have been able to have an illicit relations.h.i.+p with Xia Yuhang. It was the same when the Third Prince came over just now. If Madam Dowager really cared about the rules, she would have asked Ning Qingshan to hide behind the screen. Now, she pretended to overlook this and let Ning Qingshan and Ao Mingyu meet each other by chance.

As for Ning Lingyun, she met Ao Mingwan coincidentally too.

Now it was her turn, so she did not dare to say “no.” Even if Ao Chenyi was here regarding the betrothal gifts, he could still see Ning Xueyan. Madam Dowager’s rules were meant for the others.

“Don’t worry about this. Since Madam Dowager is agreeable, let’s go and have a look. Where is Prince Yi?” Ning Xueyan stood up and straightened her clothes. They were all at Lord Protector’s Manor. It could not be a mere “coincidence.”

“Prince Yi is coming over. I thought it would be bad to let Prince Yi go directly to the courtyard, so I walked ahead. At this time, he should be in the garden. So, you should head straight to the garden to meet Prince Yi,” Lanning told her. Madam Dowager had suggested that Prince Yi should go directly to the Bright Frost Garden, but Lanning felt bad after thinking about this, after some time.

“Anyway, you have not married into Prince Yi’s Manor yet. If you let Prince Yi in, you would lose your reputation.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Ning Xueyan nodded and walked out. Indeed, she could not let Ao Chenyi enter her courtyard. Otherwise, it might bring about scathing remarks. Madam Dowager was intent on pleasing Ao Chenyi, so she did not care about her reputation at all. She could not let Madam Dowager ruin her reputation.

This time, she brought Lanning with her. Qingyu had gone to see Mother Han.

When they found Ao Chenyi, he was still in the garden. In a pavilion beside a quiet rockery, Ao Chenyi stood there with his hands clasped behind his back. On his large black robe, there was a bright and eye-catching Equinox Flower, which always gave people a shock.

Hearing voices, he turned his head and looked at Ning Xueyan, with a faint seductive smile on his face. His usual coldness contained a sense of evil, which was extremely beautiful and unparalleled.

When the two eunuchs saw Ning Xueyan coming over, they stepped aside and respectfully retreated a dozen steps back. Then they turned around and stood there. After looking at the two eunuchs, Lanning did not follow Ning Xueyan. After they stopped, she stood with them.

“Prince Yi, why are you here?” After greeting him, Ning Xueyan raised her head and asked in surprise, her long eyelashes fluttering.

“I’m here for the betrothal gifts today. Why can’t I come here?” Ao Chenyi said with a lazy smile. He sat down on the stone bench and there were tea and snacks laid out on it. Looking at the steaming tea and snacks, Ning Xueyan felt a little warm, as her heart skipped a beat.

She had thought that Ao Chenyi was always arrogant and unrestrained, and would not usually care about other peoples’ opinions. Since Madam Dowager had agreed to let him come to see her, he did not need to be concerned about anything. But now, the steaming tea showed that he did not intend to rush directly to the Bright Frost Garden, because he cared about her reputation.

Moreover, the prince only needed to send the betrothal gifts to the consort. Ning Xueyan had never heard of any prince sending the betrothal gifts to the co-consort, in person…

“Prince Yi, is there anything wrong with your betrothal gifts?” Ning Xueyan sat down in front of Ao Chenyi and looked up at him with a smile. The manor had selected the betrothal gifts, so how could there be something wrong?

“Nothing wrong. I just misplaced something I needed, so I came here to have a look,” Ao Chenyi said matter-of-factly. He poured a cup of tea for Ning Xueyan and pushed it in front of her.

Misplaced something he needed? He dared to say that. Ning Xueyan’s lips curled discreetly. This excuse… was fake!

“What’s the thing that is missing? I will ask someone to find it for you right away,” Ning Xueyan said seriously. Since he talked about the betrothal gifts, she too brought that up.

“Well, I’ve changed it now. But I heard that there has been news about the princess of the previous dynasty, in your manor. I’ll stay here and have a look.” Ao Chenyi said in a light voice. He casually brought up the subject that Ao Mingyu had not spoken of.

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