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[He is a precious person. Even if you deduct the national importance and the worth in the Hunter community, also in a personal sense.]

On the laptop monitor, Suk Simyeong spoke. It wasn't a live broadcast. It was a recording. The calm voice held grief that wasn't excessive. It was a voice that went beyond softly seeping into your ears, to driving into your chest. They probably used quite a lot of money on sound equipment.

A suit without a single wrinkle, and thin-framed that he didn't need to use. It was originally a face that gave a strong intellectual image, but with careful styling and hair-styling added, his voice's persuasive power became even better. It felt like you would unconsciously nod your head even if he insisted that the sun rotated around the Earth.

'That conman, really.'

I did ask him to more or less set things up while I was kidnapped, but wasn't it too much?

I looked over the materials on top of the table again. They were main articles, a summary of the reactions to those, etc. Look at how the price index of stocks had fallen. If I had done a option deal… since I purposely got kidnapped, would that be fraud?

'Anyways, that ahjussi, going beyond fanning the flames of public opinion, he's making it burn up.'

The method was simple.

First, he acted like someone who couldn't control his emotions against the a.s.sociation that was calmly and politely making excuses saying that they had done all that they could. It was correct that the a.s.sociation had done wrong and Haeyeon had reason to be angry, but aggressive articles that blamed Suk Simyeong's slightly excessive att.i.tude poured out. Just when the public opinion was tilting toward 'Suk Simyeong's words were too harsh' and 'the a.s.sociation had done all they could'. An apology to the public appeared.

Along with the perfect 100-point exemplary apology saying that his att.i.tude was excessive, he appealed to the a.s.sociation, or in truth, the citizens, with the a.s.sociation's issues and Haeyeon's sadness and the regrets and large national loss from the kidnapping case.

And then the press flapped around again. To completely opposite from before.

The clean face and uselessly good voice joined with the press and what was planted in the citizens was none other than guilt. That person was a little excessive, but it wasn't wrong, and thinking of it calmly, it was an understandable response, but we were swept up by the brief mood and criticized him together.

Originally, it was someone else's business. Even if it was a national loss, there was no direct relations.h.i.+p. But if there was guilt, people's hearts were so that they would stop being an onlooker and chime in once more, even at least to erase the discomfort in their conscience. Adding to that, it let the people who weren't swept away stand in the superior moral position and raise their voices.

At any rate, he was a poor victim but something that shouldn't have been done was done. This was all because of the a.s.sociation. It wouldn't have been that hard to lead that toward 'let's beat up the main culprit, the a.s.sociation'.

'There was probably some pressure toward the press, too.'

Seeing how things progressed that smoothly. It would've been too hard for Haeyeon alone, so Seseong probably collaborated, too.

And it was 'poor Han Yoojin'. We should have protected him. To think we left a precious Hunter the nation should have protected, to be sold off. It also continued onto 'let's protect him now at least!', d.a.m.n.

I was like 'please hand out some advertis.e.m.e.nt flyers around' and they spread around a high quality television ad on a public network. On top of that, it was centered around me, not a famous celebrity. How did you expect me to show my face from now on?

'…Still, it's a waste to throw away the situation now that it's set up.'

I had to use it. Petting Peace on my lap, I turned my head and stared at the man sitting at the provided wine bar. The laptop and pile of papers placed in front of him should contain a much more chilling content than mine. Like, about the collected material from the hotel or something.

“Sung Hyunjae-ssi.”

He obviously should've noticed my gaze, but he turned toward me as if he hadn't known.

“There is something I would like to ask.”

“The young master threatened me not to approach or even talk to you, so I can't reply.”

Yoohyun had gone to a night market with the other kids. When I said I would pa.s.s because I was tired, he tried to not go either, but I forced him to go, telling him to look after the kids as the most adult one. Though my inner intentions were to hope that the kids hang out with each other.

I even decided the time for them, because I thought they might come back too soon. Hopefully the four of them would have fun.

“Please do not say something unsatisfactory. Since when did you pay attention to something like that?”

“It's because you haven't seen your brother run wild. Isn't the burn mark still remaining like this?”

“Are you going to play off that d.a.m.n burn forever? That is enough, and I am talking about Song Taewon-ssi.”

“It won't be easy.”

Sung Hyunjae stood up from his seat. He took one bottle of wine and two and came toward me.

“Since he's a man who's second to none in being contradictory.”

“Is that something that should be coming from Sung Hyunjae-ssi?”

“Twisting your surroundings and twisting your own self are completely different. Above all, I don't delude myself.”

That sure was something to envy. I lived while telling a lot of lies to myself. Suddenly I wanted to turn off the poison resistance. Though I definitely shouldn't get drunk here.

“What I am wondering is how far our dear Chief Song can endure. From what I have seen before, it seems like you have picked quite a lot of fights with him before.”

“I did bother him several times.”

“How far have you tried?”

“To the level of him kneeling in front of me and begging?”

…c.r.a.p, what exactly did he do? When I stared at him dumbfounded, the crazy guy who was carefreely leaning against an armchair smiled mischievously.

“What did you do?”

“A vacation due to a disorderly condition.”

“…Right before an S-Rank dungeon burst open? Other S-Rank Hunters should have gone in for an attack, and Song Taewon-ssi also could not have left his place. Was it a situation where two S-Rank dungeons were critical at the same time?”

“If you add that the a.s.sociation was being too greedy, then that's accurate.”

It seemed like the Hunter a.s.sociation had forcefully grasped dungeons, of which the amount and ranks were impossible for them to handle, and then a problem occurred. And Song Taewon would've been the bystander in the contest of strength between the a.s.sociation and Sung Hyunjae.

“Then why didn't you make the a.s.sociation Head kneel? Why the misconduct against an innocent person?”

“He isn't a blameless victim. Isn't Chief Song the biggest reason for the a.s.sociation being able to be arrogant?”

It wasn't wrong. No, truthfully speaking, it indeed was Song Taewon's fault.

He knew well the strength that he himself had, but he was playing the role of a weapon without a will. While wrapped up in the shallow fact that he could stop being a public official any time. From the standpoint of being disrupted thanks to that, f.u.c.k, telling him to stop would be natural.

“Still, he did show sincerity and led his tired body out. If it was as normal, I was thinking of just watching to the end.”

“Please think of the damage to civilians.”

“It wasn't me who left the easy and quick method of leaving the rights to unmanageable dungeons to Seseong, and used the safety of citizens as hostage.”

“It seems the struggle for leaders.h.i.+p was tense.”

“I also wonder if I was too lenient at that time.”

I wonder when it happened. Up to the beginning of the 2nd year, there were only a few S-Rank dungeons, so around one year to one and half years ago? The possibility of it being when the number of high rank dungeons suddenly increased, was high.

Yoohyun probably suffered a lot too, within that conflict. Moreover, he was also young.

“It was a time when the young master was. .h.i.t quite a lot here and there, too.”

Sung Hyunjae said as if he had read my mind or something.

“It seems like adults did not have any conscience against a young kid. Then again, they do not even now.”

If I heard more in detail and thought more deeply about it, I would go up to the 2nd floor terrace and jump down to the swimming pool, so I went back to the original subject. Or should I pour the wine over my head?

“If I grabbed the collar of that person cooped up in a cave and placed him on the seat he hates and threatened him, would he try to kill me?”

“As long as you are a stat F-Rank with no attack skills, he wouldn't aim for your life, whatever you do. Rather, you would be able to see him go to dumbfounding lengths to protect you.”

It was really plausible. Even if I became something like a mortal enemy, was it that he would protect me as long as I was no different from an ordinary person? It wasn't normal, but it was that kind of crazy personality was welcome for me.

Thinking over things in my head, I emptied the wine gla.s.s.

Currently, a considerable amount of the responsibility for my disappearance was piled on Song Taewon. Like I told him on the day I was kidnapped, he probably a.s.sumed the position of scapegoat. And the a.s.sociation would've been like 'oho that's good' and immediately accepted it without a protest. Because he did that, it seemed like he would protect the a.s.sociation.

'There's no way.'

I am sorry Song Taewon-ssi, but I want to cut the a.s.sociation's neck, not your neck.

It was a long time since the video stopped, and there were only the small sounds of pieces of paper being flipped over in the silence. There was one more thing to address and go over. I left dots on the paper with the tip of a pen, and then opened my mouth.

“During the Babar incident, it seems like the skill was shared even after I pa.s.sed out. Did you try to kill the other people who were there?”

At the lightly tossed out question, Sung Hyunjae smiled.

“Oh dear, as expected, the young master noticed.”

It was an affirmation. I had expected it, but the inside of my chest became slightly chilly.

“Should I apologize?”

“There is no need. I did something stupid.”

“I'll express a deep regret for breaking your trust.”

“I have never trusted you.”

It was that I was disappointed in my easygoing-ness.

“While I am at it, I will tell you for certain. Do not lay a hand on the kids. Please keep to an appropriate line. I trust that you know where that line is better than I do.”

“Isn't the young master an adult?”

“It is not allowed as long as Yoohyun is younger than me.”

Even if dirt went into my eyes, at least 5 more years needed to pa.s.s. No, if I died immediately right now, that was just twenty-five years old. It should definitely be over thirty at least.

“Then I wonder where Han Yoojin-gun's line is.”

“Let us adjust it reasonably case by case between adults.”

“You're like a plover.”

What was that? Anyways, I warned him that he would lose the item in front of him if he pulled any nonsense. If possible, I wanted to threaten him that I would efficiently kill him, but I couldn't let him get even a hint of Last Repayment.

Since, that person acting lenient towards me was because I was stat F. If he came to know that I could become much stronger than him. Would he just leave that kind of dangerous element alone?

At the least, it would become hard to keep a reasonably casual relations.h.i.+p like now.

“You have Song Taewon-ssi's personal number saved, right? Please lend me your phone.”

I didn't even have my cell phone, much less the business card I had received. What time was it in Korea right now? Was it a one hour difference? Sung Hyunjae unlocked his cell phone and pa.s.sed it over to me. I was going down the contacts list, when an unusual name entered my sight.

[My Item]

“Please do not add a possessive case, really.”

“Even so, to think you're revising it as you want. That's too much.”

“If you really want to add it, I said to pay the suitable price.”

Though I wasn't going to take it unless he handed over all his skills. I found Song Taewon's number and made a call. Not long afterwards, a stiff voice that was polite while drawing a boundary answered the phone. Maybe because it was Sung Hyunjae's number, there was already fatigue seeped in the tone that was asking what the matter was.

“h.e.l.lo, Chief Song. It seems like you had many hards.h.i.+ps during this time.”

[…Han Yoojin-ssi.]

“I apologize, but I am not Han Yoojin. I am a nameless blackmailer.”

As if he was taken aback, a silence was the reply. I was already feeling sorry, but what could I do? While holding a hint of laughter, I blackmailed him.

The only ones who came into the airport with me were Yoohyun and Kang Soyoung. Yoohyun, as having come to Hong Kong to save me, and Kang Soyoung, as Seseong Guild's helper. Since there wasn't a record of Yerim and Noah leaving the country, they left quietly, taking Peace and Chirpie. Both of them were capable of flight, and they had instant movement and hiding, so they could easily leave.

“Do I look a little tired?”

I had purposely stayed up straight through the night. It was hard trying not to doze off during the flight.

“Yeah. Your complexion isn't that great. And your lips are dry.”

“I had wanted to put a bruise somewhere that's visible.”

Having two high rank Hunters with me and not using a potion would be exposing my inner thoughts too much. Though I didn't have the type of expenditure where I would pour a potion on a little bruise.

I took in a breath and turned off the fear resistance. The anxiety slowly rising wasn't a bad feeling. A victim for whom it hasn't been long since he was rescued from a human auction house.

“Yoohyun, stick a little closer. It would be good if I looked frightened still and you also looked a little sensitive still. Even so, don't needlessly scare the surrounding people.”

To a reasonable amount, a reasonable amount.

In the middle of the barricade that the Hunters from Haeyeon and Seseong made with their bodies, the people who were waiting at the airport pushed themselves forward. Camera flashes burst there and there. It was swarming with a crowd like a market street on market day. Once this matter ends, I should really stay cooped up at home or something for a month. It would probably be noisy for a long time, but if I stay quiet, they would quickly forget.

“Han Yoojin-ssi! Do you remember the faces of the kidnappers?”

“I heard that you were rescued from an Awakened Person auction house, but a little more detail-”

“Are you related to the Kraken that appeared in Hong Kong? There is talk that the auction opened in the flooded hotel!”

Where did that information leak from? The leaders of the auction partic.i.p.ants remained fine, so did talk come from that side? As I turned my head with a tired expression like I was avoiding the cameras, I grabbed the hem of Yoohyun's clothes.

I had resolved to stand forward, but as time went on, my mood wasn't good. Just then, Song Taewon appeared. Along with a few relevant people from the a.s.sociation, he followed the path that the journalists moved away to make for him, and stopped a bit away in front of us. Questions poured out towards him too, but the lips that were pressed firmly in a straight line didn't open.

'It's an expression like he doesn't want to do it.'

I had ordered him to come out to the airport. While pressuring him, saying that there would be no knowing what kind of harsh criticism of the a.s.sociation I'll give if he didn't obediently follow along. Since the tongue of the most popular victim in the Republic of Korea was a sharp knife that could give a fatal injury to whoever it pierced.

“Chief Song.”

In the middle of the gazes that were mostly reproach towards him, I held a smile. With an expression pleased to see him, I went toward Song Taewon. A feeling of pressure pressed down on both my shoulders, but this much was endurable.

To focus their ears on our conversation, the sound of chattering in the surroundings lessened. Looking straight at the slightly twisted set of Song Taewon's eyes, I spoke while purposely raising my voice.

“Thank you very much.”

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