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2323 Chapter 2327

After Yu Luoluo finished speaking, she turned around and continued to make things.

Cheng Chen stood behind her and looked at her deeply. “It’s indeed very excessive.”

After saying that, Cheng Chen’s eyes reflected a hint of helplessness. However, this was reality. Reality was not an idol drama. It would only be more melodramatic than an idol drama.

It was just like him and Yu Luoluo. They had an idol drama-like meeting, but they had a more melodramatic relations.h.i.+p. Although there were no blood ties or legal restrictions between them, the truly terrifying restrictions often came from the hearts of the people.

In fact, Cheng Chen was not much older than Yu Luoluo. The difference between them was only seventeen years. Among the many old and young couples, seventeen years old was not an insurmountable gap. Moreover, Cheng Chen’s mentality was young, he maintained himself well, he was handsome, and his figure was s.e.xy. Among all the women in his past, there were some who were younger than Yu Luoluo.

Therefore, age was never a problem in a relations.h.i.+p. Then what was the real problem? It was the b.l.o.o.d.y relations.h.i.+p between them.

Therefore, Cheng Chen had a good impression of this interesting and hard-working girl a few years ago, and he had to restrain himself. Only in this way could he be responsible for both sides.

However, he was a human being, an extremely normal old man. Even at his current age, he would still have that restless feeling in his heart. And this restless feeling was something that he couldn’t restrain no matter how hard he tried.

Cheng Chen took a deep breath, and his expression instantly became relaxed. He walked to Yu Luoluo’s side and stood side by side with her. He asked in a light tone, “Mn, it smells so good. What did you do?”

After a short moment of loss of composure, Yu Luoluo also returned to normal. When she heard Cheng Chen’s question, she smiled and replied, “I didn’t do anything wrong.” “This morning, I called Wei Lianmu to ask about his condition. The Doctor said that he and my a.s.sistant are recovering well and can already eat something.”. Wei Lianmu complained that the food in the hospital here was not good, so I wanted to prepare some porridge and light and delicious side dishes for them,”yu Luoluo said as she prepared, while saying, “I think this kitchen hasn’t been used for a long time. There’s nothing here. I just bought these from the supermarket nearby. There’s no Chinese rice here, only local rice. The congee shouldn’t taste very good. But there’s nothing I can do. It’s the only way for now.”

“You’re so good to them,”Cheng Chen said indifferently, but his eyes were fixed on the congee that Yu Luoluo kept stirring.

Yu Luoluo glanced at Cheng Chen from the corner of her eyes and said with a smile, “I brought some for you, chairman Cheng. I heard your footsteps when you came back last night. When I went to the supermarket just now, I saw that your car was still there. I thought that you hadn’t left yet, so I brought some for you. “But I didn’t do well. I don’t know if you will dislike it.”

Hearing that Yu Luoluo brought some for him, Cheng Chen’s mood immediately brightened. “How can that be? I happen to be a little hungry.”

“I see. Then, chairman Cheng, go to the dining room and wait for me. I’ll be done soon.”

Cheng Chen obediently walked to the dining room. It was not until the moment he sat down that he suddenly felt that he was somewhat laughable. He was actually excited over a plain congee and side dishes.

Not long after, Yu Luoluo came out with a large tray. On it were two nights of congee and a few side dishes.

At this moment, Yu Luoluo did not have the aura of a celebrity at all. She looked like a little girl next door, a good wife at home.

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