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Chapter 1465 The Five Determined Elders

Zhou Yuan's gaze peered through the clouds and onto the battles breaking out on the ground. He noticed one of the Sacred Race expert’s aura gradually growing stronger and finally broke the restraint and reached the Saint stage.

That sudden change made Zhou Yuan’s expression turn cold. The Sacred Race expert was clearly on the verge of breakthrough but she suppressed it until now so that the so-called Heavenly chessboard would regard her a Law Domain expert.

But once the chessboard was set up, the Sacred Race expert completed her breakthrough under Yan Xu’s command. The emergence of another Saint could completely reverse the situation.

Although Yan Xu said the chessboard would only take effect when the two sides’ strengths were equal, it was in fact full of loopholes.

In other words, Yan Xu left that loophole for his side to take advantage of.

Yan Xu wore a smile as though he didn’t care about Zhou Yuan’s cold gaze. Instead, he s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the chess piece growing stronger on the chessboard like admiring his masterpiece.

Zhou Yuan didn't say anything else, but the Heavenly Yuan Brush hovering above the chessboard suddenly erupted in a blaze of light. The millions of Genesis Runes transformed into a torrent and rushed more ferociously towards the chessboard.

Zhou Yuan was accelerating the corrosion of the chessboard.

He knew what Yan Xu had planned. Yan Xu wanted to clear the battlefield as quickly as possible and gain the upper hand. If that happened, the chess game would change, he would be strengthened and everything would be much simpler to him.



A mighty Saint force suddenly swept across the vast sea domain and Law Domains exploded like bubbles where it pa.s.sed.

Many Cangxuan Heaven Law Domain experts spurted out jets of blood while miserably blasted back, and their bodies stirred up surging waves as they plunged into the sea.

Other Cangxuan Heaven Law Domain experts stared ahead in horror and panic, because they saw the Sacred Race experts suddenly halted and looked at them mockingly.

This was because a figure was treading on the waves and coming towards them.

It was an attractive woman with an alluring figure. Dressed in revealing clothes, her exposed fair skin made many people’s blood vessels bulge.

The sight of her riding the waves was extremely captivating.

But many Cangxuan Heaven Law Domain experts’ eyes went wide with fear when they saw the attractive woman because she was the one who suddenly broke through to the Saint stage and defeated over a dozen of Law Domain experts with one palm strike.

In front of mighty Saint power, even the strongest Law Domain was just paper mache.

Li Chunjun, Chu Qing, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Qingchan and others gathered on the sea surface, looking uneasily at the captivating and charming female Saint.

“All the Saints on our sides all being hindered, but us Law Domain experts alone might not be able to stop her.” Li Qingchan said through gritted teeth.

“She already stopped the Law Domain experts over there. Is she planning to eliminate all Law Domain experts alone?” Zuoqiu Qingyu's beautiful eyes glinted with killing intent.

“What a ruthless woman.” Chu Qing rubbed his smooth head.

Li Chunjun tightened his grip around his rusty mottled sword. “Kill her!”

However, as his voice sounded, several figures appeared in front of him— sect master Qing Yang, Heaven Sword Sovereign, venerable lord Gu Jing and Shan Qingzi and other veteran Law Domain experts in Cangxuan Heaven.

“You guys retreat, let us stop her,” said sect master Qing Yang as he swept his glance over the crowd.

Chu Qing scrunched his brows. “Old man, don’t act brave, she’s a Saint.”

“Do I need a lazy boy like you to teach me what to do?” Sect master Qing Yang shot a glance at Chu Qing and thundered. “Quickly get out of here."

The mountain-like wrinkles on Heaven Sword Sovereign’s face smoothed out as he looked at Li Chunjun with a gentle smile. “Chunjun, you guys should retreat. Us old guys can’t hide behind some juniors.”

“Even if we can’t defeat her after joining hands, we won’t make her feel good,” said Shan Qingzi, her beautiful eyes blazing.

Chu Qing, Li Chunjun, Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others were all taken aback for a moment. It was only after a good while that Li Qingchan said through gritted teeth, “Sect masters, why don’t we…”

“Are you looking down on us?” Sect master Qing Yang sounded annoyed.

The group of youngsters were at a loss for words. Even if they wanted to continue to persuade them, seeing sect master Qing Yang and the others’ expressions growing fiercer, they finally chose to step back.

“When you joined our sect, you weren't even fully grown yet but now you dare talk to us like that?” Sect master Qing Yang’s mouth twitched, but his eyes were filled with gratification and joy when he looked at Chu Qing.

Chu Qing was the disciple he thought the most highly of in recent years and he had put in a lot of time and effort to teach him. It was just that Chu Qing’s laziness and mischievousness often infuriated him, who was always calm and collected.

But no matter what, Chu Qing was no longer considered weaker than him. Furthermore, Chu Qing had great potential and infinite possibilities in the future.

This was why even if sect master Qing Yang sacrificed his life, he wouldn’t let Chu Qing, who represented the future of Cangxuan Heaven, lose his life here.

Sect master Qing Yang, Heaven Sword Sovereign and the others all retracted their gazes and exchanged glances with one another. They all saw the unwavering determination in each other’s eyes.

Then, simultaneously, their gazes s.h.i.+fted to the captivating woman treading on waves in front.

They unhesitatingly shot out at the next moment.

The bewitching female Saint yawned lazily when she saw the five streams of light. She covered her lips and giggled tauntingly. “You guys have a death wish.”

“What is the point of moths flying into flames?”

However, sect master Qing Yang and the others didn’t respond to her. Instead, the determination in their eyes grew even fiercer.

Then, five tremendous Law Domains suddenly expanded.

However, as those Law Domains emerged, mysterious flames suddenly rose from the Law Domains and all five Law Domains started to melt.

The Law Domains melted and fused into the flames like fuel, making the flame blaze much stronger.

Many Cangxuan Heaven Law Domain experts’ expressions changed dramatically at the scene. “Combustion of Law Domain?!”

Sect master Qing Yang, Heaven Sword Sovereign and the others unexpectedly chose to burn their Law Domains, and thereby produce the most dazzling light seen in their lives.

It was just that the light was fuelled by their Law Domains!

Regardless of whether they succeed or fail, once their Law Domain was destroyed, so would they.

They were risking their lives to fight!

The dazzling rays of light illuminated every corner of that s.p.a.ce, and all Cangxuan Heaven experts stared at the five streams of fiery light streaking across the sky, their eyes glistening with tears.

The five streams of light unhesitatingly aimed at the female Saint, and when they crashed down, five soul-stirring laughter echoed throughout the sky for a long while.

“May the all-heaven be Peaceful!”

“May all return safely!”

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