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Chapter 2539: Crestfallen

Feeling slightly fed up with the woman, he whined, “Mommy, I don’t like this auntie! I hate her! Can’t we get her to leave?”

Youyou’s eyelid twitched when he heard that.

This brat has gone slightly far with his words!

Still… I like it.

“Yichen!” chided the twins’ father, who was seemingly somewhat displeased with his older son’s att.i.tude toward his elder. “Watch your manners!”

“Woo…” mewled the boy, like an aggrieved, little kitten while feeling quite angry with his dad.

Why is my foolish father helping an outsider?

A crestfallen look fell over Rong Xuan’s face as she eked out a smile and defended the boy. “Don’t scold the boy, Brother Zhe; he’s just an insensible kid! It’s only natural for him not to like me since he finds me unfamiliar.”

“Even so, children shouldn’t be spoiled,” said the man, telling his son thereafter, “Aunt Xuanxuan is our guest. As a host, shouldn’t you be more polite to your guest?”

The words ‘guest’ and ‘host’ lifted a weight off his wife’s chest, for the difference in status could not be any clearer!

What did it say?

His childhood sweetheart was nothing more than a distant memory and a guest to him now; him being polite to her was only out of courtesy as a host. It also meant that she, Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+, was the wife while Rong Xuan was just an outsider!

Enlightened, Little Yichen instantly understood his father’s position. Thus, he reluctantly walked over to his mother and sat on her lap obediently.

His brother soon joined him and squeezed himself onto her lap as if they were their mother’s guardian angels!

Because of the man’s words, Rong Xuan could barely keep the smile on her face; it was drooping fast like a withering flower!

His att.i.tude was clear. As it turned out, she was just indulging in her fantasy.

In an attempt to diffuse the awkward atmosphere, she turned to face the younger of the siblings and smilingly asked, “You’re Youyou, right?”


She then turned to face the older twin again. “And you’re Yichen?”


“These two are like peas in a pod! If not for their different hairstyles, I really would be unable to tell them apart!” As she spoke, her hand reached out to the younger boy, wanting to pinch his small, chubby cheek.

The younger boy, however, turned his face away in disgust as if the woman before him were a viper or a starving wolf!

“Youyou…” His mother smiled apologetically at the other woman. She then explained, “He might be young, but he’s a smart boy with a temper. He doesn’t allow just anyone to touch his face.”

Rong Xuan could not help feeling a bit upset at that, which was only inevitable, for it was on the man’s account that she was trying to please the twins, yet she was met with snub!

“I’m a petty person. Not everyone gets to call me by my nickname, especially those I dislike.” After a beat, he added in feigned graciousness, “However, since you’re my parents’ guest, I’ll give you the special right to call me ‘Youyou’!”

The little fellow even specifically placed much emphasis on her status as a guest to imply that she was an outsider.

She could no longer stay further.

The mother-son trio was working together to spite her. Despite their friendly exterior, their revulsion for her could not be any more blatant!

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