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Chapter 2705: Wrong Person

“Don’t be a busybody. Knowing too much won’t do us any good…”

The two men started chatting among themselves.

After some time, the child heard a car’s horn coming from outside. His head, as well as the men’s, jerked at once. The men exchanged a puzzled look before venturing out to take a look.

Outside parked a Volkswagen Magotan.

Song Enya alighted from it and was met with fawning smiles as well as a warm welcome from the two men. “You’re finally here, Ms. Song! The person you want is already in the warehouse. Hehe!”

The missy, who was wearing a pair of shades, appeared calm and unruffled as she hummed in acknowledgment. She then warily asked, “Did anyone discover you two while making your way here?”

“No, no! We’ve hidden the kid in a corner, so no one noticed him.”

She c.o.c.ked a brow, sensing something amiss right away. “The kid?”

It’s Meng Qingxue I want, but how come they got a kid, instead?

“Yep! We did as told!”

That confused her even more, and she barked an order at them. “Take me there!”

Upon noticing her queer expression, the men immediately respectfully showed her the way in.

As soon as she stepped into the warehouse, floating dust engulfed her, which got her waving her hand in disgust. The men next to her immediately followed suit like the bootlickers they were. Laughing awkwardly, they told her, “It’s quite dusty here.”

“Where’s the person I want?” she demanded.

A man grinned and pointed a finger to the boy before he replied with a thick accent, “There!”

The missy wrinkled her brows in disdain and turned to the pointed direction, only to see a five-year-old child, cuffed to a chair, staring back at her with wide, innocent eyes as he trembled in fear.

Her face turned grimly white as she spun around and swept them a stern look. “What is this? Are you freaking h.e.l.l kidding me!”

“What do you mean, Ms. Song?” The men stared blankly at her with perplexity.

“This isn’t who I want! Why the h.e.l.l did you guys abduct a child for?” Anger showed on her face. “Didn’t I give you a photo of a woman? Where is she?”


With wide eyes, the two men exchanged stunned looks.

One of them mustered up the courage to ask, “D-didn’t you say that you want a child… We found that woman, but since it’s a child who you want, we only captured the boy.”

A realization hit the missy right there and then.

These useless had likely misunderstood my words and abducted an innocent child instead of the woman I want!

She raised her hand high in the air in a fit of pique, wanting to give them each a tight slap across their faces. Thank goodness she still had a trace of rationality in her, though. These men came from poor villages and had nothing to lose or fear. Should she really hit them, there was no telling what they might do to her in retaliation. Her safety was not guaranteed in this remote wilderness.

Thus, she retracted her hand and lashed out at them, instead. “Are you idiots? I want the child in her stomach, but what on Earth have you done?!”


It was their turn to be at a loss for words this time.

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