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Chapter 3951: A Perfect Match (147)

For the rest of the night, Qin Zhou, who prided himself on being a gentleman, managed to keep his composure and pried the actor’s hand away from his waist.

It’s said that when a man and a woman share a bed and something does happen, then the man is inevitably the beast. But if nothing happens, this man would be worse than a beast. Naturally, Qin Zhou became the latter.

Nothing happened, but Qin Zhou could see the obvious guilt and embarra.s.sment on Liang Yin’s face. At this point, he wondered if the two of them had swapped back into their own bodies. Being suspicious, he probed. In the end, Liang Yin had very quickly given herself away.

Qin Zhou did not expose her, however, to save her the embarra.s.sment. Girls are most particular about their reputation.

If he were to tell Liang Yin that he knew she had gone back into her own body, the girl would definitely feel very awkward… So Qin Zhou pretended not to know.

He smirked and said, “I was only teasing you!”

“Ahhhhhh…?” Liang Yin muttered, “Are you kidding me? Last night… nothing happened between us?”

Unruffled, he leaned back against the headboard. “Were you hoping that something had happened between us?” he asked suspiciously.

Liang Yin cleared her throat and blushed. “Of course… I hope not!”

“Furthermore…” Qin Zhou folded his arms, and asked curiously, “Wouldn’t you be able to feel it, if something did happen?”

Liang Yin said innocently, “Why would I feel anything? Besides… I don’t know how it would feel, if something did indeed happen…”

Qin Zhou smiled and made no further comment. He rolled out of bed and did up his s.h.i.+rt b.u.t.tons as he remarked, “Well, let’s have an early breakfast, and then you’d better be on your way back!”

If this had been Hua Jin, he would have responded sarcastically to Qin Zhou, “In such a hurry to drive me away?”

However, Liang Yin nodded like a chick pecking at rice. “Oh, oh, oh, oh… I understand!”

Liang Yin went into the bathroom, washed her face and brushed her teeth. When she walked out again, she picked up her clothes from the hanger. Although she despised not having a change of clothes… it was better than going naked!

Hua Jin!! She thought as she gritted her teeth in anger. This guy, she’d deal with him when she got back.

After getting dressed, Liang Yin walked out of the bedroom and heard a sizzling sound coming from the direction of the kitchen.

This apartment was a bachelor pad, with a semi-open kitchen and a bar. Qin Zhou was in the kitchen with an ap.r.o.n tied around his waist. A frying pan sat on top of the induction stove. Next to it, the toaster chimed as four square slices of grilled bread jumped out of their slots.

“Have a seat.” Qin Zhou had amazingly sharp ears. Even with his back to Liang Yin, he knew she was there.

She sat down at the bar in a daze. A moment later, Qin Zhou turned around and handed her a plate and three bottles of sauces: blueberry sauce, condensed milk, and peanut b.u.t.ter.

“I don’t know which flavors you like, but these three are my favorites.” As he spoke, he placed four slices of toast on her plate and pushed the warmed milk towards her. Lifting the pan, he slid the poached eggs carefully onto her plate.

Liang Yin felt completely pampered. “There’s breakfast as soon as I wake up. It’s perfect timing. I’m hungry.”

“I have two slices of bread every day, plus a poached egg and a bottle of milk.”

Qin Zhou had prepared his own share as well and sat at the bar, facing Liang Yin.

“Do you need anything else?”


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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 3951 - A Perfect Match (147) summary

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