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Chapter 3950: A Perfect Match (146)

Having been in the entertainment industry for so many years, what hadn’t he seen? He had long cultivated an exquisite mind. His judgment of people was also rather accurate.

Initially, when the actor had told him about this matter, he only half believed it.

The reason he believed was that he had a keen eye for people. It was obvious to him that Hua Jin seemed different, and that he was suspicious only because the whole thing was so illogical. It was not something that could be explained by the knowledge that Qin Zhou had learned over the years. And now, Liang Yin clearly gave him a feeling that something was wrong. Hua Jin would never react in such a manner.

Suspicious, he tried calling out, “Hua Jin?”

Liang Yin was stunned for a few seconds, but it didn’t take long for her to react. She turned back, smiled, and instinctively ran her fingers through her hair. “Yes?”

The manager frowned again at that action. The action of smoothing down the hair was something only girls would do. Most girls were more image-conscious than men, especially when it came to the hair.

Although some men were also rather vain, at least when it came to Hua Jin, he never had the habit of making these little movements. Hence, Qin Zhou became even more suspicious…

Could the actor and Liang Yin have swapped back? However, Qin Zhou didn’t ask the question directly. Instead, he leaned back and deliberately asked something irrelevant. “How do you feel?”


“Yesterday… you cried for a long time. Did I hurt you?”

Liang Yin did not understand at first, but when she contemplated Qin Zhou’s words, her heart suddenly started thumping.


Cried for a long time …?!

This… What the h.e.l.l was going on!

In fact, Liang Yin had not come to any conclusion. She was already a little suspicious about what had happened between “herself” and Qin Zhou last night. She was already thinking in that direction. Now that Qin Zhou had pointed it out, she became increasingly suspicious.

Actually, anyone smart enough would have seen through Qin Zhou’s probing.

Firstly, last night, it was Hua Jin who was lying next to Qin Zhou. If anything else happened, first of all, the actor would never accept a man. Secondly, even if something did happen, would the man cry like a woman?

Secondly, Qin Zhou knew that the person occupying her body was Hua Jin. No matter how “beastly” he was, he would not target Hua Jin! However, Liang Yin was too nervous and too concerned about what might have happened last night.

In fact, Qin Zhou hadn’t gone to bed until after Hua Jin had fallen asleep. He had wanted to get another blanket, but after rummaging through, he found them all too thin. After all, he lived alone and wasn’t so particular, and the heater in the room was turned on anyway. And so he just went to sleep.

While he himself had the consciousness to pay attention and be discreet, Hua Jin did not, and wasn’t shy at all. He did not even bother to secure the knot on his bathrobe, and left it hanging a little loose. That was the reason why Qin Zhou had gone to sleep with his back to the other man.

Even though he knew it was Hua Jin, but being a hot-blooded man, and because Liang Yin was also a beautiful girl, it was hard not to be tempted when she lay beside him.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Hence, Qin Zhou decided to sleep with his back to Hua Jin.

Alas, on the end, the actor ended up hugging him in his sleep, somehow.

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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 3950 - A Perfect Match (146) summary

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