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Chapter 4314: The Other Side 283

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Mu Yazhe grinned broadly. “In that case, why should I worry?”

“Although, besides the boy, I have to take someone else with me.”

“Who?” He eyed her.

Alice looked around the room, her eyes finally settling on the actor.

Hua Jin suddenly felt uneasy.



The actor felt strangely uncomfortable upon hearing this. “Do you have to take her with you?”

“Yes, I must.” Alice said matter-of-factly, “The boy’s condition was stable to begin with. However, the recent changes in the boy’s condition are indelibly linked to Natalia. I suspect… it has something to do with Natalia that Gong Fan has become like this. Therefore, I must take her with me.”

The actor listened, then nodded reluctantly. “You can take her with you. I can’t interfere. But I have to make one thing clear. May I come back to Hurricane with you?”

“You wish to come with me to the Hurricane Group?” Alice glanced at him rather speechlessly. “That’s no place for you.”


“You won’t be used to it.”

“There’s nothing to get used to! I’ll go back with you, and I can help take care of the two little ones. Natalia will feel more at ease with me!”

“I mean …” Alice leaned closer to him. “Are you sure you want to come back with me? I thought you’re afraid of Gong Jie?” In other words, he was heading straight for the Devil’s Den.

The actor suddenly realized that Gong Jie returned to the Hurricane Group every other day. If that was the case, he would have to face the Demon King every so often.


The actor’s lips twitched for a long time before he finally forced himself to say, “It’s okay. I… I’m okay.”

“Fine. In that case, go home and get packed now. We’ll fly back to the Hurricane Group in the morning.”

“Alright.” The actor immediately took a taxi back to the villa and packed his suitcase.

At night.

Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ finally made it through the post-operative infection phase. Once it was past this critical stage, she was allowed visitors.

Gong Fan suggested that he wished to see his mother and bid her farewell before leaving. However, Little Yichen was worried, so with his father’s permission, he watched over things at the entrance of the ward.

Gong Jie knew very well that Little Yichen was worried that Gong Fan would go crazy again, but the latter was not annoyed at all. After watching the footage himself, he understood that he was now an absolute danger. It was not unreasonable for Little Yichen to be so wary of him.

Little Yichen was surprised enough that Gong Jie had agreed to let Gong Fan into the ward.

After Gong Fan entered the ward, Little Yichen warned him in a low voice, “I’m warning you not to play any tricks. Even if I’m so far away from you, I absolutely have the ability to take you down in three seconds.”

Gong Fan took a deep breath and suddenly smiled. “Got it.”

Little Yichen had expected Gong Fan to flare up, but was instead surprised by the boy’s calm demeanor. However, he didn’t say anything. He only leaned against the door, his gaze never leaving Gong Fan’s back.

Gong Fan walked to the bed and sat down beside it. The temperature in the ward was moderate. He sat in his chair and stared at Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ in silence.

At this point, Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ hadn’t woken up. In fact, she’d been awake for a short time once after the surgery, just after the anesthesia had worn off. She’d woken up in a cold sweat from the pain. The nurse had rushed over, changed the dressing, and given her an a.n.a.lgesic pump. She’d drifted back to sleep afterwards.

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