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Chapter 4499 - 4499 The Other Side 468

4499 The Other Side 468

“Xiao Zha,” Gong Jie addressed him affectionately. Xiao Zha was the nickname that Zack’s girlfriend addressed him by.

Instantly, Zack looked horrified, as if he had seen a ghost.

Enduring the sense of nausea, he asked blankly, “Young Master Jie, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Gong Jie rested his chin on his hand and gazed at him deeply. “I just want to watch you eat breakfast quietly like this. You look so good even when you’re munching on a hamburger.”


Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Zack felt gooseb.u.mps rising all over his body. His scalp started to tighten and tingle.

This man… What was going on? Why was he looking at him in that way for no reason? Could it be that he had been influenced by those crooked sects and had gone berserk after spending time in East Africa?

Zack swallowed hard. “Are you… feverish?”

“Am I?”

Feeling terribly uneasy, Zack reached out and gently placed his hand on Gong Jie’s forehead. At once, Gong Jie gently covered the back of his hand with his own. His seemingly unintentional action made Zack shudder in horror. He looked at the man warily as though he was looking at a pervert.

“Are you really Gong Jie?”

He suspected that the person in front of him was a devil in Gong Jie’s skin!

Zack jerked his hand away. “What are you trying to do!”

Gong Jie raised an eyebrow. It was just a habitual gesture, but it made Zack’s shoulders shake slightly.

Perhaps, Gong Jie had established an image for himself in the Hurricane Group that was too serious and unsmiling. Furthermore, Zack had been “tortured” rather badly by Gong Jie during the days when he was a mercenary. Hence even when he raised an eyebrow, he gave off a dignified aura.


Zack’s reaction was clearly different from Hua Jin’s.

The man stood up and stroked Zack’s head. The latter was obviously repulsed by such physical contact. He hunched his shoulders and glared at Gong Jie resentfully.

“Hahaha!” Gong Jie could no longer suppress himself.

Zack could not take it anymore as well. He mustered his courage and stood up. “Young Master Jie, are you crazy?”

He turned to look at Alice and said with an aggrieved expression, “Alice, is he sick? He needs to be treated!”

“Hahahahaha!” Alice doubled over with laughter.

Oh G.o.d!

The man had really gone to test the theory. It was hard on Zack, but he did not dare protest despite being teased like this.

“I just wanted to see the reaction of a straight man.”

“Please, I’m a man. Any normal man would definitely be creeped out by another man stroking his head and hand, okay?!”

Zack tapped his chest gently. “I thought you were freaking possessed!”

When Gong Jie returned to his seat, Alice snapped her fingers with a smug look on her face. “Didn’t I tell you so?! Look, any normal man would be repulsed, for sure.”

“Hua Jin didn’t like it either.”

“Actually, it is not that he is unable to accept you. Rather, he’s unable to accept himself.”


“Don’t you think that in front of you, he always has a sort of… inferiority complex?”

In her habitual mumble, she said, “You’re too dazzling. You’re so dazzling that no one dares to claim to be outstanding enough to get close to you.”

When the sunlight is too strong, it causes sunburn.

When one is too outstanding, it causes others to dim in response.

Loving someone who s.h.i.+nes too brilliantly can get exhausting.

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