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Chapter 4498 - 4498 The Other Side 467

4498 The Other Side 467

Alice nodded. “I’ll talk to Gong Jie about this later. Anyway, you’d better not go anywhere outside of Hurricane Island for the time being.”

The actor nodded.

Alice suddenly looked at him strangely.

Hua Jin raised his hand to his face and touched it. “What’s wrong?”


“I’ve got a question for you…”


“How far have you and Gong Jie progressed?” Alice looked curious as though she was up for gossip.

“Why are you asking such nosy questions?”

“Because I’m curious!” She added hurriedly, “I see that you like Gong Jie as well, so don’t reject him.”

The actor said righteously, “I’m a straight man, thanks.”

“This has nothing to do with being straight or not, right? Gong Jie is not gay either, just that the person he likes happens to be a man. Is there any conflict here?”

The actor was speechless. She made so much sense that he couldn’t argue.

After Gong Jie got out of bed and coaxed Natalia to wash up, they went to the dining room to eat. Alice, Hua Jin, and the twins were sitting together having their breakfast. Hua Jin had just finished his food when Gong Jie walked in. As though avoiding the man, he stood up and left.

“…I’m done eating.” With that, he fled like a refugee.

Confused, Gong Jie sat down and snorted. “As though you’re hiding from a tiger!”

Alice took a bite of her sandwich and said with a laugh, “Is that guilty expression an indication that he’s interested in you?”

Gong Jie looked surprised. “How can you tell?”

“I’ve got a question for you…”

Alice suddenly glanced at Natalia, then cast a knowing look at Youyou. The twins would be fools if they did not catch the hint.

Hence Youyou took Natalia’s hand. “What would you like to eat, Natalia?”

“Ham sandwich.”

The three kids left the room.

With a spoon in her mouth, Alice narrowed her eyes and asked mysteriously, “Have you kissed him?”

“Yes… I have.” In a rare moment of shyness, there was a hint of hesitation in his tone, even though he did not turn red.

“Did he resist?”

“He struggled hard.”

“Well then, did he show disgust in his expression?”


“That means that he has feelings for you!” Alice was so excited she put down her sandwich. “No, more than that. He has lots of feelings for you!”

“How so?” The man clearly did not think much of her a.s.sessment. He even felt that the actor must be rather against him.

Alice smiled and said meaningfully, “You can carry out an experiment. I’ll teach you how.”

From the corner of her eye, Alice glanced at Zack, who was also eating breakfast near where they were. She said to him, “Go touch Zack’s head the way you touched Hua Jin. You’ll see from his reaction. If Hua Jin doesn’t have any feelings for you…”

After two minutes of mental preparation, the man walked up to Zack and sat down.

Zach was the mercenary instructor of the Hurricane Group. At 28, he was young and energetic, handsome, but a typical straight man. He was an extremely flirtatious man.

Just as he was about to take a bite of his Big Mac burger, Gong Jie came and sat in front of him. He glanced at the man with suspicion, but noticed that Gong Jie was looking back at him with a doting gaze.

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