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Chapter 4497 - 4497 The Other Side 466

4497 The Other Side 466

Alice said, “Hua Jin, the International Federation has found out that you were one of the survivors at the scene. Some reporters wanted to interview you, but they were all stopped. During this period of time, you’d better stay here and don’t go anywhere else.”


“I suspect that there are still some remaining believers in the Sacred Temple. They might already be trying to find out your whereabouts and that’s not good news for you.”

The actor was baffled. “Why are those believers looking for me? What does this have to do with me?”


“Because you were the Holy Son chosen by the Sect Master of the Sacred Temple. Those believers believe that only by completing the ritual can their Sect Master obtain eternal life.”

“This is ridiculous!” The actor finally could not take it anymore. “I’m innocent.”

“Those believers have been brainwashed. As far as they know, Jim is G.o.d, and you are the Holy Son chosen by G.o.d. After the ritual is complete, all your will and spirit will make Jim’s soul even more indestructible. Consequently, those believers who follow him will also obtain eternal life.”

“…” The actor found himself shuddering at the thought.

“I suspect that the believers who pretended to take the poison did that not because they managed to think things through. Instead, they are stubborn heretics. They must be sparing no effort to track you down.”

The actor nodded. “Alright.”

“Stay on Hurricane Island and don’t go anywhere for the time being.” Alice continued, “The Hurricane Group will send mercenaries to track down the whereabouts of those believers, eliminate them, and hand them over to the International Court of Justice for trial.”

“Didn’t the believers get caught?”

“No. They only caught one. The other five seem to have run away and disappeared.”

He read the news on his tablet with a heavy heart.

Alice asked again, “What exactly happened that day? You haven’t mentioned it to me. Why did Jim choose you as the Holy Son?”

The actor could not help sneering when he heard that. “Do you think Jim created that so-called doctrine for the sake of purifying those believers? He’s just selfishly trying to embezzle the money and a.s.sets of those believers. In other words, he actually understands that there’s no Divine Temple or immortality. It’s just the crooked ways he instilled in those believers! He needs a reason and an excuse. It’s said that Jim referenced the ancient martyrdom system of Z Nation.”

Jim saw the thousands of believers as his slaves. He believed that after a person died, their soul lived in another world.

Tombs were the residences of the tomb owners in another world. Everything was done according to the philosophy of “as things are in life, so they shall be in death”.

After the death of the slave-owning n.o.bles, the slaves would be buried with them after death, so that the order of things are preserved.

Thousands of believers volunteered to be buried with Jim, so that if he had a soul after death, he would still be the glorious Sect Master.

“He treated thousands of lives as child’s play! And his followers were mostly victims of war and economically depressed and bankrupt civilians. They just wanted a place that would provide them with a shelter, and Jim instilled such belief in them in the name of the Holy Temple.”

Hua Jin was chosen as the Holy Son, the so-called living sacrifice. This came from the ritual recorded in the Holy Bible.

This person Jim was once a devout Christian, and he was just putting his knowledge into practice!

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