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Chapter 4625 - 4625 Never Too Late to Love (32)

4625 Never Too Late to Love (32)

Marriage is pure and sacred. The wedding dress symbolizes holiness and beauty.

Gu Chengze did not take a closer look. Seeing that she seemed to be very secretive, he only took a cursory look and did not study the details.

He walked out of the room and not long after, Bai Sheng was done showering. Since she had been at home the entire day, she took only a quick shower. By the time she walked out of the bathroom after blow-drying her hair, Gu Chengze was standing on the balcony, admiring the night view while having a drink.

Was that coffee? Was he drinking coffee just before bedtime?


At the thought of this, she walked over and asked, “Are you drinking coffee?”

“Milk.” Gu Chengze said, “A cup of coffee in the morning is good for work, and a gla.s.s of milk at night is good for sleep.”

It was his habit to have a cup of coffee every morning and a gla.s.s of milk every night. It was essential.

When Bai Sheng heard this, she could not help laughing.

“What’s the matter?”

“So you have a with wolfberries?”

The man did not react for a moment. “Why would I add wolfberries to”

“For good health!”

Gu Chengze finally understood what she was trying to say.

Bai Sheng said quietly, “You are too healthy! Living such a healthy life at such a young age! Among the people I know who are your age, this phase is the beginning of nightlife! At this very moment, I’m afraid that they are probably drinking large mouthfuls of beer on a street in a bar!”

Gu Chengze was compelled to object. “I’m the same age as you. Obviously.”

“Same age?”

“Uh huh! Didn’t you see the date on the marriage certificate?”

Bai Sheng replied with a blank look on her face, “I was too busy looking at the photos and forgot to look at the date.”

“You don’t even care about your husband’s birthday.”

Bai Sheng was still in disbelief. “Are we the same age?”

Her suspicions inevitably upset Gu Chengze!

“Do I look that old?”

“Not really…” Bai Sheng leaned against the window and said in a quiet voice, “Isn’t it said that men mature a little later than women! You look too mature, I’m not referring to your looks, I’m just saying that whether it’s your temperament or the way you conduct yourself, you come across as an older man.”

Older man? Gu Chengze’s gaze could not help drifting away.

He was brought up by Gu Jinglian himself. The man always spoke in an old-fas.h.i.+oned manner. As Gu Chengze modeled himself after the man, his way of speaking gradually became more mature.

“Maybe it’s because of Dad’s influence.”

“Is your father very old?”


The girl looked puzzled.

Gu Chengze replied in all seriousness, “He’s been very old right from the start.”

Bai Sheng was stumped.

Far away in the Gu residence, Gu Jinglian, who was practicing calligraphy, suddenly sneezed. The sneeze was so violent that the last stroke went out of line and ruined the entire piece of calligraphy.

Why did he sneeze for no reason? Did someone badmouth him behind his back?

“If we are the same age, how old is your father?”

“About forty something…”

“What’s the ‘something’, exactly?”

“I don’t remember the exact figure.” Gu Chengze would even forget his own birthday at times.

Bai Sheng suddenly became curious, “What kind of person is your father?”

At the mention of the man, Gu Chengze suddenly looked disgusted. “He’s a very fierce man.”

“Fierce?” A middle-aged version of Gu Chengze, complete with fangs and claws, appeared in Bai Sheng’s mind.

“Not the sort of fierce you’re imagining.”

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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 4625 - 4625 Never Too Late to Love (32) summary

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