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She clamps her legs to stop the aggression of the man. Li Fengjue smiles evilly. He is about to get the girl's body.

Yuexi's brain is running fast, and finally she blurts, "Your cell phone is ringing!"

"And then?" Li Fengjue looks at her calmly. The male hormones emitting from his body make Yuexi blush.

She has quick wits at that time and says, "Maybe there are important messages on the phone. It will not be good if you miss them! You have lots of things on your agenda, how can such an insignificant woman like me disturb your business?"

Yuexi has a certain meaning. Li Fengjue smiles. He thinks that the woman in front of him is talking about his current business project. She is smart enough to know his current affairs.

He is more interested in Yuexi than in any other women. If not for the business at hand, he would be having fun in the bed with this woman.

He takes a breath to calm down and looks down at the woman whose face turns red. He smirks, and there is a sense of chill in his ink-colored eyes.

What would Li Fengjue feel if he knows that the woman under him still thinks he is a male-wh.o.r.e?

The man gets up from her. Yuexi feels much more relaxed.

  She finally feels relived.

Li Fengjue only looks at her coldly and takes out his mobile phone from his pocket. His expression is a little severe.

He is making a phone call and Yuexi takes the advantage of this great timing to run away. Only till then, she notices that her clothes have been ripped off.

Inadvertently, she sees the white s.h.i.+rt that the man took off yesterday. She grabs the s.h.i.+rt and sneaks out without Li Fengjue's notice.

Yuexi takes a taxi home, but she is shocked by the sight before her.

The bustling crowd is around the doorway of her home and everybody talks with each other.

She tries hard to squeeze into the crowd but only sees that her father is lying in a pool of blood. She is astonished to stay there frozen, completely unable to move, as if she has been struck by the lightning. How could this be?

At this moment, she sees a familiar figure in the crowd, who is crying "heartbreakingly".


Why is he here?

Lingyun notices Yuexi's presence. He immediately runs to her with tears in his eyes.

"You finally back home, my dear! Father-in-law... he accidentally falls down the stairs..."

  Fall down the stairs? Yuexi is stunned and her brain is blank.

Lingyun sees that Yuexi does not utter a word, so he continues, "I come to you early this morning, and tells father-in-law what happened yesterday. I guess he must have gotten angry, then carelessly falls..."

Upon hearing his words, Yuexi's pupils shrank sharply. She looks at Lingyun in anger. She pulls the clothes on his chest and asks loudly, "What do you say?"

Lingyun stammers and could not speak. Perhaps he is shocked by her strong vibe.

At this moment, the mother-in-law Zhao Xiao says coldly.

"Yuexi, you are shameless! We Lingsdo not need that reputation! Do not you know what you did yesterday? Do you want Lingyun to say it out loud in the public?"

Yuexi sneers, and finds it amusing to see the woman and her son in this farce.

 What did I do? You want to find me an old man to father a child! Do say what I did yesterday!"

As soon as the crowd hear this, they start to talk to one another on commenting the matter.

Zhao Xiao's face immediately turns into a pig-liver color. She is woman who seems to be tough but is super weak at heart. Now she could not say any word to defend herself..

Instead, Lingyun kneels on the ground, clutching onto Yuexi's claves to beg his wife, "I do not care that you have an affair with another man, even though you did it on our weeding night! I also do not care what you will do to me in the future! Just for the sake of the father-in-law, please do not make a scene."

Yuexi could not believe Lingyun behaves this incredulously, as if he were the one who actually gets hurt.

She has an affair with another man?

Yesterday, didn't they force her to make love with the man to get pregnant just for her family's property? Now they are lying shamelessly to smear her character! She used to be too blind to see the nature of Lingyun.

Thinking about this, she is furiously angry.

She kicks Lingyun without any mercy and points at him with her trembling finger, gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth.

"Get out! Both of you! You want me to have intercourse with another man while claiming to be the victim yourself! You two are such a shame!"

She pauses and her sight falls on her father's corpse. He is still lying alone on the ground. She could not let these two people disturb and stain their home any more.

She stares at them coldly, the tone of her voice being like the ice falling to the ground, forcefully.

 "The divorce paper will be sent to your home tomorrow afternoon. I do not want to see your disgusting faces anymore, get out!"

Hearing the words of Yuexi, Lingyun first becomes angry, then he immediately recovers his hypocritical face.

"We can consult on it calmly, wife, we just got married yesterday, how can you..."

"When you lock me in a room with the disgusting old man, our relations.h.i.+p is over!"

Yuexi sneers, and her expression becomes more and more sorrowful. Her father strongly opposed their wedding, saying that Lingyun is not a good person, but she insists on her decision of marrying him. Although her father does not come to the wedding, he gives generous gifts.

She knows that her father loved her the most. Whether her choice is right or not, her father is always on her side, but now her father died alone in a pool of blood.

Yuexi tries to restrain herself from letting her tears fall. She must get the revenge!

Lingyun still wants to say something, Yuexi kicks in his chest again, yelling "get out!"

Seeing her decisive appearance, Lingyun takes Zhao Xiao away unwillingly.

However, when leaving, he sees that there is a sense of coldness in Yuexi's eyes, as if she were saying that I will pay you injustice for your heartlessness.

Nevertheless, Yuexi's brain totally goes blank. She stares at her father's cold body. She feels lost, but after all, she decides not to cry.

As the father's only relative, Yuexi cannot fall apart. She has to rush around to deal with the aftermath of her father's death.

However, when she is processing the estate, she is told that his father is corrupted and bribed, and all his a.s.sets are seized.

Fortunately, the house where they live in now has not been confiscated.

Once the relatives of the Bai family heard the news, they changed their att.i.tudes. No one is willing to help her, and she feels very desperate.

She has been living alone for these years. She hates her father for having secret affair with another woman, or her mother will not die.

Now she thinks that her decision to marry Lingyun is also an unreasonable one.

But never in her imagination could she foresee the consequence of her decision.

She used to think that she met with her Mr. Right, but their "true love" turns out to be a ridiculous scam, but now she feels that the hateful father is totally away from her.

Now she has nothing.

After dealing with everything, Yuexi walks in the street alone.

It is snowing somehow.

The wind is bleak, and there are only a few people on the road. She only has a white s.h.i.+rt on her and could not help but s.h.i.+ver.

She walks aimlessly and does not pay attention to the road. She suddenly looks up and sees a white Maserati is running toward her when she hears a shrill whistle.

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