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She exclaims, but there is no time to escape.

Seeing that the car is about to hit upon her, on impulse, Yuexi wishes she were dead. After all, what's the point of living now. It's better to be dead.

In this way, she closes her eyes and stands on the road without dodging.

After the sound of a sudden brake, the expected pain hasn't come. So she opens her eyes slightly, and finds that the front of the car is less than 10 cm away from her. She suddenly gets a s.h.i.+ver and her back is damp with cold perspiration.

"What's wrong?" Li Fengjue lifts his eyes lazily, Uncle Zhao murmurs, "There is a person in front..."

"Get him away. He can get as much money as he likes."

Uncle Zhao swallows his saliva. He is thinking that young master does not know his behavior has benefited how many people who lived on blackmail.

Uncle Zhao quickly gets off the car and he is shocked the moment he sees Yuexi.

Isn't this the girl we have met yesterday? How can we meet her again?

"My dear lady, what a coincidence!"

After a while, Li Fengjue has got a little impatient, and he looks at the outside intently. His eyes fall on Yuexi's face.

Why is this girl again?

Yuexi originally wants a suicide, but now she really regrets it. If she were dead, Lingyun and his mother would be so happy about it.

She looks at Uncle Zhao with a firm look, "I have no other requirements, Please send me back home."

She is now penniless and her home is too far away. This is the only way.

Uncle Zhao is a softhearted man, so he nods subconsciously. He is going to stop Yuexi to enter the car when she wants to open the door, but it is too late.

He takes a cold breath and doesn't know what to do.

Yuexi opens the door and gets in, until then she realizes that there is another man in the car. She is shocked when she sees him.

"Why are you here?"

Li Fengjue casts a glance at her, and shouts to the outside in a cold voice:

"Uncle Zhao."

Yuexi is biting her lower lip and doesn't know what to say. After a long time she says,"You are following me? I said I will pay you. I..."

She doesn't finish her words. She couldn't say anything any more. Instead, she bows her head indifferently. After all, she is penniless now. How to pay him?

Uncle Zhao enters the car and has a glance at the two silent people, daring not to say anything.

Li Fengjue curiously looks at the woman in front of her. She should still dare to wear his clothes?

Why is she wandering on the street on such a cold day? Does she want to die outside?

Moreover, it seems that she has changed into another person just after half a day. She is lifeless now. It looks like that she is going through some distressing events, and her spirit has been crushed.

Keeping silent for a long while, he asks in a slightly soft voice, "Where are you going? Let Uncle Zhao take you there."

Yuexi is surprised and looks up at Li Fengjue. She opens her mouth, but she doesn't say any words of thanks all by all.

The relations.h.i.+p between them gets a little bit strange.

So, she just tells them the location of her home and then quickly bows her head.

Uncle Zhao is even more shocked. He has served the young master for so long, but rarely sees him being so kind and even compromise to somebody.

Along the way, the atmosphere is very strange. Yuexi feels that her chest is so stuffy that it could burst.

Li Fengjue has been closing his eyes from the beginning to the end, without a word.

Finally, they arrive at her home. When Yuexi opens the door and is about to get off, she sees the man standing in front of her home. At that moment, she has some hesitation. However, she grits her teeth and shows a smile on her face. She turns around to say thanks to Uncle Zhao, and then quickly leaves.

"Young Master, should I go now?"

"No hurry." Li Fengjue slowly opens his eyes, watching the woman feigning her brisk pace, and his obsidian eyes emit a stream of light.

Seeing the snow is getting heavier and heavier, Lingyun is waiting anxiously in front of her home. He thought that Yuexi may not come back, but then hears her cold voice coming from behind him.

"What are you doing here?"

"Yuexi, listen, it was my fault. But now that father-in-law is gone, please let me take care of you."

Yuexi deems his words as a big joke. "You are impotent, aren't you? How can you be a man in the future?"

Lingyun's face changes and he doesn't say a word.

"You were going to let other men insult me. How can you still have nerve to come back to me?"

"Yuexi, I love you. It's true"

Hearing those words from this shameless man, Yuexi laughs and bursts into tears. Watching his flas.h.i.+ng eyes, she finally realizes what he is planning.

She sneer, "Even if I cheated on you, you don't mind?"

"It's OK... We can still be together." Lingyun pretends to be so sincere.

"Even if I am penniless now, you don't mind?"

Sure enough, Ling Yun's sincere face suddenly changes. "What do you mean..."

Yuexi gives a faint smile and stares at him calmly.

"I mean, my dad's account has been frozen. I can't get a penny."

After listening to these words, Lingyun gets astonished and could not believe it for a while.

Yuexi pauses and then continues, "But it doesn't matter. Since you don't mind, now I still have you, we could be together..."

As she speaks, she is slowly walking to Lingyun.

Lingyun indifferently pushes her hard to the ground with his twisted expression. "Now that you are penniless now, how can you still be with me? Who do you think you are? Are you still a fair lady? Who knows if you were sleeping with someone else last night? I will never be with such a damaged stuff like you ."

The snow keeps falling on Yuexi's face and blurs her sight. She falls heavily to the cold ground, with her heart trembling.

They have been together for so many years, and the love just disappeared in a sudden. She may not be in love with Lingyun, but now his words are like a sharp knife, smas.h.i.+ng her heart again and again.

"Any woman is better than you! The woman who has been touched, I don't want."

With these words, he doesn't forget spitting to Yuexi and even kicks her on the calf. And then he leaves without turning around.

Seeing such a scene, Uncle Zhao says with a distressed heart, "This sc.u.m! Young master, shall we teach him a..."

He hasn't finished his words yet, but just felt a kind of cold atmosphere. Li Fengjue says in a cold voice, "As long as he is alive, you can do whatever you want."

He lays a particular emphasis upon the last few words.

Uncle Zhao nods his head and thinks that it is not a fiction that his young master is one of the most heart-wrenching guys in Feng city.

But what makes him feel strange is that young master seems to be particularly nosy today. What has happened to him?

When he is thinking that, Li Fengjue gets off the car and says, "What are you waiting for? Should I do it myself?"

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