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Uncle Li hits the gas pedal and speeds away from view in a second.

Li Fengjue remains motionless and looks at the woman who is unable to get up from the ground. She only has his s.h.i.+rt on. The snow is getting heavier and heavier and she has not moved for a long time in the cold wind.

G.o.d knows how long it takes Yuexi to struggle to get up from the ground. She looks around helplessly and almost falls down several times.

When Li Fengjue is just about to go forward to her, he hears the sad and shrill crying of the woman. She cries heartbreakingly.

It seems that she is only person left in this world. His foot hanging in the air is finally put back in place. There is a sense of hesitation in his eyes.

Yuexi stares blankly at her home. The tears fall down silently on the ground and disappear.

She has lost everything. Everything.

Yuexi puts her arms around herself in the snow, crying her heart out with tears streaming down her face.

She cries a long time before she suddenly out with her body falling into the snow.

The moment before the coma, she seems to see a man eagerly running towards her, trying to hold her. The warm hug makes her deem that she has caught the last hope.

She murmurs, "I lost everything, everything…"

Yuexi frowns with her eyes closed. Li Fengjue looks down at her in his arms, with a hoa.r.s.e voice, saying, "You don't need to have anything else, just to stay alive."


Hearing this calling, he gnashes his teeth. This stupid woman actually mistakes him for her father!

  Yuexi feels that her body is light while her head is very heavy. She vaguely sees a face in a haze. He is surrounded by gray snowflakes. The coldness from his expression seems to freeze people into ice.

Li Fengjue pushes her into the car. Feeling distressed in terms of how to handle with this woman, he finally decides to show mercy to her.

The heating in the car is very good. With wisps of warm air surrounding her, Yuexi gradually comes to herself, looking around faintly.

She recognizes the man who is sitting next to her,


Li Fengjue gives her a slant look. She thanks him embarra.s.sedly, "Thank you for saving me once again. Could you please tell me your name?"

 "Li Fengjue." He gives her his full name directly. 

"Thank you." Yuexi feels really tired and does not have much strength to talk.

Li Fengjue squeezes his eyes into two long narrow lines with sense of irony shown in his eyes.

"I thought you had learnt something, you stupid woman. I do not expect that you should have been hurt twice by the same man!"

Yuexi feels embarra.s.sed but it is out of anger. Her grat.i.tude is instantly replaced by it.

The man is minding too much business! Who the h.e.l.l he thought he is!

But on a second thought, she admits that she is so stupid that Lingyun can fool her twice.

Yuexi bites her lower lip, saying in a lower voice, "Thank you anyway."

"Thank me? How are you going to thank me? Actions speak louder than words."

Yuexi feels a little bit shocked, looking at him confused.

 "If you want to thank me, why did you run away from the hotel last time?"

When it comes to the hotel, Yuexi blushes with embarra.s.sment and even the tips of her ears feel hot.

After what happened that day at the hotel, she thought that they would never meet again. However, here they are, meet again.

She has really nothing to defend herself, so she does not speak a word with her head down. She has already been in sorrow, and now she feels even sadder.

Li Fengjue glances at her and says coldly, "You still owe me something."

 "What?" She looks up confused.

Li Fengjue lays his eyes on her chest. She quickly reaches out and wraps her hands around her chest, staring at him with a vigilant look.

  "What are you thinking, woman?"

Yuexi feels more embarra.s.sed. With Li Fengjue leaning closer and closer towards her, Yuexi steps back subconsciously until her body gets against the car door. She swallows.

 "The s.h.i.+rt which you are wearing is mine. You steal it from me."

"I…" Yuexi's tongue gets tied. But fair enough, she does take away his s.h.i.+rt without his consent.

"Give it back to me."

At his words, Yuexi's eyes widen and she looks at him incredulously.

She subconsciously tightens her s.h.i.+rt, staring at the man vigilantly.

And Yuexi speaks nervously, "I will pay you back!"

"Ah?" He squeezes his eyes into two long narrow lines, looking her up and down, asking, "aren't you broke now? How do you have money?"

"I don't have money now; it doesn't mean that I won't later!" Yuexi's eyes seem determined, and they are infiltrated with chill.

She will never admit defeat. Her father's death cannot be an accident. When Yuexi thinks of her father, it has never crossed her mind that her father would be corrupted and take bribes.

She must not fall down now. She must find out the truth of her father's death step by step and let Lingyun and Zhao Xiao pay the price. When she thinks of this way, her bright eyes become dim and unpredictable.

Li Fengjue is looking at the woman in front of her with interest. She clearly has been driven to the corner, but she still does not intend to admit defeat?


He sits back and his motionless expression is restored.

"Fine, I will give you another chance for you to pay off your debt in three days."

Yuexi nods and immediately lets the driver Li stop the car.

It is very close to the company. As long as she works hard, she is sure to be able to pay off her debt. She looks at the poor balance in Alipay, and she clenches her teeth.

Li Fengjue throws out a business card from the car,"Remember to call me when you have enough money."

  As soon as he finishes his words, the car gallops away.

Li Fengjue.

Bai Yue reads the name on the business card and takes a deep breath.

If it were Li Fengjue, maybe she would die in the snow.

She returns to her empty home with physical and mental exhaustion. However, she could not fall asleep all night.

Originally, the company grants her leave for wedding holiday for a week. However, she comes back to the company over one day.

The company's colleagues are all looking at her with confusion and ask her for some wedding candies.

Bai Yuexiao grins sardonically, "I am getting divorced. Flash marriage, flash divorce. I will celebrate it with all of you when I get the divorce certificate."

Those colleagues are aiming to gossip. However, upon seeing Yuexi's serious expression, they all go back to work.

She sighs heavily. When she just sits down, the manager Liu Chen comes to her.

 "Yuexi, the company needs you to talk business with one major client."

Yuexi frowns. She is not of public relations department. Is the manager looking for the wrong person?

Liu Chen laughs and explains, "Miss Chen in the public relations department is on a business trip, and thus now you are the prettiest one."

Yuexi stares at Liu Chen with disdain. Liu Chen quickly changes his words, "This is the arrangement of the company. You are relatively fit for the business. There should be no problem to get the account."

As he speaks, he hands over the customer's profile to Yuexi.

Yuexi browses through it casually. However, she knits her brow even much more greatly.

Li Fengjue.

Is this name so trending?

She suspiciously continues to look through the customer's information. Suddenly her gaze fixes on a photo, and then she has her heart in her mouth.

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