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Chapter 2957 Cure

"You looked better today," said the Professor as she sat beside me and took my hand, which twitched in her grip.

"I am making good progress," I replied.

It had been a week since I had started the method, and the result seemed to have become visible. The physical changes were obvious now, my skin had become vibrant, and I had gained some weight; most importantly, I could now twitch.

It might seem like a minor thing, and it is not, but when compared to internal changes, it does seem like a minor thing. Those are really big.

"How's Marina?" I asked.

"Worried," she replied, "She knew something had gone wrong with you and asked me about you consistently," she added, looking directly into my eyes.

If I wanted to, I could meet Marina; they have slowly given me my access back, but I don't want Marina to see me in this state. I have already decided that I will not meet her till I can speak fluently with my mouth.

It might seem silly, but I at least want to have that.

"I will meet her soon," I promised.

"How is the war?" I asked, changing the subject.

My access to information about the war is still restricted, but Professor still told me someѵeƖ.c?m

I am sure she gets reprimanded for it, but she is Grand Lord, and there are very few things they could do to her other than a few harsh words and some accesses restricted.

"No progress; the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are extremely hard to kill," she said frustratingly. She is not the only one who is frustrated; all the Grand Lords who had come to meet me had been frustrated by the inability to kill them.

When I was fine, we had the kills regularly, but now there is nothing.

"Has the pyramid tried to attack with full strength?" I asked, to which she gave me a look that told it all.

The Grimms are doing something with some of their Grand Lords, which we have yet to find out, but it is making everyone jittery, including me, but the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have enough numbers that with some of them gone, they were still able to hold us off.

Professor stayed for about an hour before she left, and I closed my eyes; it took some effort from me and time, but I was able to close them fully.

I worked in my core for little more than three minutes before I opened my eyes, as it was time to practice again.

I am using the method every seventeen to eighteen hours; that is when I need to recover completely from every session.

Grandmistress Charline had already appeared, and she was silently drawing the formation on the floor. She came when she was available, and when she is not; she sent one of her students.

"Grandmaster Zaar, it is ready," she said as she finished with the formation. "Thank you, Grandmistress," I said and floated up before appearing in the center of the formation.


I activated the formation, and the familiar process began; most of the stages were the same the first time, though internally, many changes have been made to make it more efficient.

Humm Humm Humm

A few minutes later, the formation inside and outside begins to send waves of fire across my body while I grunt in pain.

Each wave releases a huge amount of fire, more than what I have released on the first try, and they would melt the Grimm substance sticking into me and merge into my body and soul.


Twenty-three minutes pa.s.sed when the last hum of runes rang before everything stopped.

I have made great progress in this session, but like all the previous sessions, I was not able to melt above the limit substance. Some changes have occurred to it, but not big enough to melt it; the fire would need to be much stronger if I wanted to do that.

It took me a few minutes to clean myself before I was back on my bed and, inside my core, working.

I began to a.n.a.lyze the data of today's session and find out any element of the formation I could improve. I have noticed a couple of things that could increase the efficiency of the formation by a little.

I worked on them while my two clones worked on different things; even in this state, there were many things for me to do.

A few more hours pa.s.sed when the formation the clone was working on became green; I stopped as that happened before a smile appeared on my face, as I had succeeded.

I have finally created the method to extract red-devil curses from the bodies of those affected. I made my clone recalculate again for any mistake, but it found none after three tries; seeing that, I opened my eyes.

Immediately, I typed the message through my badge and sent it.

Less than a minute later, Supreme Commander with Patriarch Bradford and Carmichael appeared before me.

"Have you really succeeded?" asked Supreme Commander, with excitement apparent in her eyes. "Yes," I replied. "Though, it is a very dangerous process, especially for the first person who will try it," I added and threw the crystal toward her.

She caught and began to read the method, and soon her eyes went wide before she handed the crystal to Patriarch Bradford, who then handed it to Carmichael.

"This is a suicide," said Carmichael as he read, "So, do you think it will not work?" asked Supreme Commander.

"I did not say that," he replied quickly but got a look from Grand Commander and the patriarch Bradford.

"What I meant to say is that this method is extremely dangerous and that chances of dying are extremely high," he explained.

"It is an indeed dangerous method, and in its current form, both of you are unsuitable for it," I said, and their gazes turned to me. "This method will need a strong body and soul; while your souls are strong, your bodies are not," I added, clearly indicating who would be more suitable.

"Lord Solace," said Supreme Commander, to that I nodded.

Rai had a very strong body and soul compared to that, Supreme Commander had an even stronger soul, but her body was slightly weaker.

"Lord Solace is out; I will give this to him when he returns; till then, please work method to make it safer," she said and disappeared with two.

If I could smile, I could have done that.

They have tested me, and now it is my turn to test them, to see how much they trust me; the method is dangerous, and a person could easily die. It is the biggest test, as I am targeting one of the

brightest stars who are getting stronger every day.

Losing him would cause great damage to the forces, as he is the new Grand Lord who could fight against the old ones of covens.

I closed my eyes after they left; this time, not for going to my core, but to sleep.

I woke up three minutes later, and when I did, there was a person sitting beside me. "When did you arrive?" I asked Rai. I knew when he came, I had sensed him and woke up, but didn't open my eyes immediately.

"Not long ago," He replied as he turned to me.

"So, have you decided?" I asked, to which he smiled. "What's there to decide? As soon as I heard you found the cure, I came here," he said.

"Have you even read it?" I asked, "There is no need; I know you won't let me die," he said; I had no words for that, but it felt good to hear those words from him.

"I will call Grandmistress Charline then," I said and contacted her, and it took only a few seconds for her to appear, and as I had expected, she did not come alone; she had brought the guest.

"Grandmistress, Lord Carmichael, let's begin," I said and sent crystal and other stuff toward her; a few minutes later, she began drawing the huge formation.

It took one and half hours to make the preparation, but it perfect, without any mistakes.

"Rai, sit in the center," I said as I floated in front of him before laying in front of the formation in front of him.

A second after that, a small gla.s.s ball came out of me; seeing it, the eyes of all three went wide. Not at the ball, but while fire inside it, which is powerful enough to make all the hairs on their bodies stand up.


I placed the ball in the formation between us and activated the formation.

Soon, the runes lit up and began to suck and mix the essence into them; it continued for thirteen minutes before it began to move, and then they took the gla.s.s ball with them.

A minute later, the gla.s.s ball fixed itself into the chest of Rai while the runes covered him fully.


Nine minutes later, a mournful scream rang out of Rai's body while his skin split and b.l.o.o.d.y hot steam began to come out of him.

He is getting injured, but I do not look at his injuries and instead focus on the gla.s.s ball, which has crimson specks coming; this is burning without letting them escape.


It continued for more than an hour before finally Rai collapsed, very injured and unconscious. The method was really hard and dangerous, but we succeeded.

The curse is completely out of Rai's system.

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