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Chapter 3055 Finale II

I used everything the moment I sensed it was trying to burn its blood. I burned every drop of essence inside me, simply lit the spark on the whole essence, not caring about the damage it would cause to my soul and body.


At the same time, the formation in my soul lighted up with full power and sent so much energy that my body could not handle it, but I did not care as I only had fractions of seconds before the power of essence flowed through its veins.

As it happened, I stopped hiding my domain and revealed its whole power, concentrating on it, which immediately made its eyes widen in shock.

I concentrated the whole domain of mortality on it, and it began to decrease its strength rapidly.

It is not suppressing it, decreasing it, which is what made the rule so powerful. It is why the Grimm had acted when it noticed my rule power, but it failed to notice I was only using 20% outside.

I truly used it when I summoned my s.h.i.+elds, and if it had not turned to burn the essence, I would have been able to make the domain even more powerful and decrease its strength faster.

It would have been great if I had a few more seconds, but the b.a.s.t.a.r.d seemed to have sensed the danger to life; otherwise, it wouldn't have acted such swiftly.


I shouted and tried to pull the Grimms inside my core; it immediately sensed it, and an aura exploded around it as it resisted.

"You will not succeed." It said, and its aura flared, and I felt my grip on it rapidly losing its resistance, and the essence burn was not far; the moment it happened, I would finish.

A horror appeared in my heart, and I used everything, pus.h.i.+ng even further, not caring about the consequences of what will happen later, but my grip kept loosening till the time came when a spark finally lit across its blood.

Terror filled me, but I still kept trying, but I knew all hope was lost.


The dread consumed me as the power of burning essence began to fill its veins, and it moved its weapon to crush me when suddenly a surprise appeared on my face as the familiar power filled my strings.

'Father pulled it inside!' said Nero, and I did not hesitate to try again.


As I did, alarm flashed into the eyes of the Grimms, and it resisted full power that a b.l.o.o.d.y bloodline phantom appeared behind it, but with aid of Nero and every bit of my strength pulled.


I screamed loudly as I felt its resistance was collapsing and pressed even further. Finally, the last layer of resistance collapsed, and terror appeared on Golden Fire Werewolves' faces as it disappeared.

As it did, I let go of everything as I did not have any energy and began to fall down toward the world while I felt my consciousness slipping away.

I resisted as there was so much to do, but I was so tired that I could not. I was barely able to ask Nero and Ashlyn to take care of Golden Fire Werewolf in the core before I fell into consciousness.

I don't know how long I was unconscious, but I was woken up by a splitting headache.

Through my half-opened eye, I found myself on the bank of a stream with ice-cold crystalline water. The scenery around me is beautiful and would have been even more if there were not been bodies of a few monsters and Grimms lying around.

There is also Ashlyn and a couple of humans watching me from a safe distance.

"Your excellency, have you killed the Grimm?" asked High-Grandmaster Stanley finally, and I wished I could reply, but I could not, as opening my mouth felt like a great struggle.

So, I did not and focused on the important thing.

My core is shaking like never before as the Golden Fire Werewolf is resisting, as the runes harvest it.

Many Grimms have resisted, but before runes enveloped them after harvest began, it was the struggle of their bloodlines and runes, core barely shook that time, but now it is shaking madly.

It is the edge; if Grimm had a little more power, it would have been able to damage my core.

It is happening while the runes are harvesting, and Nero is enveloping the spatial domain.

Through this, one could imagine how powerful the Grimm is also its bloodline, that even after ten minutes since the harvest had begun, they were able to harvest a line of bloodline essence.

"Zaar, let me go; if you didn't, then a signal would be released, and an even more powerful force of Grimms would descent on your world,"

"Let me go, and I will leave your world and never return to it in my life,"

It threatened and begged the clone one looking at it; it did not respond, no matter how many times Grimm begged and threatened.

Even if what it says is true, letting it go would be a grave mistake; I was lucky and had Nero, that I was able to defeat it. Next time, I won't be lucky, even if I am a little more powerful.

It knew all my moves now and would finish me within a second, and it had the power to do it, especially after it had burned in its beg.

"Please, let me go; I am willing to swear a life oath," it begged; it had stopped threatening a minute ago and now is just begging; even if it growls, I will not change my mind.

I looked at it through my clone's eyes before making it turn to my meta-scan, and as I had expected, my condition was bad, very bad.

The only reason I am even awake is one of the emergency formations; it won't be able to keep me awake for much longer, and in a few seconds, I will fall into unconscious again.

It is not an exaggeration when I say my condition is extremely bad as it had never been. I had nearly used every drop of the essence, such burn would kill others in an instant, and even if they survived, it would damage their foundation.

With my abilities, I won't suffer the foundational damage, as I will be able to heal it, but recovering fully soon is going to be a challenge for me.

A few more seconds have pa.s.sed, and I fell into unconsciousness again.

When I woke up once again, I had a cool feeling all over my body and the same time, a blading headache.

Managing the pain, I flutter my eyes open fully; last time, only one of my eyes was opened and not fully, but now I have got some energy; I opened them both and turned toward the humans, whose numbers have quadrupled.

"The Grimm is dead," I said finally and saw the pure joy appearing on their face that I had never seen on anyone; some were so happy that they collapsed due to it.

"Finally," said High-Grandmaster Stanley and collapsed on her knees while tears began to flow out her eyes.

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