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Chapter 3056 Ashes

I entered inside my core with the little energy I had got and appeared beside the ashes of the Golden Fire Werewolf.

I picked up those ashes in my fist and looked at them.

It wasn't long ago; it had filled my heart with terror, and even now, I feel it when I think about it, but it is dead, and with it, all Grimms would be. It won't be long before the greatest dream of my race will be fulfilled.

We will kill each and every Grimm; it does not matter where they are hiding, we will hunt them down and kill them.

I released the dust from my hand and picked up the essence rose of the Grimm; it was beautiful. A s.h.i.+ning golden-colored essence rose; it seemed like it was carved out of the solid fire; it is dangerous as it is beautiful.

I looked at it for a few seconds before throwing it toward the necrotic tree with some unwillingness.

I would have liked to keep it with myself as a mark of my victory, but it had greater uses.

Consuming it, the necrotic tree will give me the life essence of the Primary-II level, and that is very important right now, given the injuries everyone has suffered.

The essence rose landed on the formation, and immediately, the tree began to consume it.

I turned to the whole island and, seeing what was happening, couldn't help but put a smile on my face.

Seeing the trouble, I had in planting and harvesting when the growth energy came, I have developed something, something very comprehensive.

I looked at my clones, who are operating a complex formation that will plant and harvest the resources. Their control is spread over the whole hand; every plant is planted and harvested under their control.

With it, there is not the slightest waste of time and growth energy, and every inch of s.p.a.ce is managed to the greatest efficiency.

Like the last time, all the buildings have disappeared, and now on every inch, there is a plant, most of them with their ecosystem and supporting fertilizers, which will lessen the strain on growth energy and make use of it in maximum efficiency.

It is not just in my core that something amazing is happening, but also in my body and soul.

The strengthening essence is even thicker and more powerful than the energy of my breakthrough, and my body and soul are consuming like a hungry beast without any lag despite the power of energy.

It seemed like its bad state had woken up the hunger that was consuming it all.

I watched everything with a small smile on my face that told me I did not need to worry about anything, and I did not.

As for the threat that Grimm left before dying, it might be true or a lie, but one thing is clear, that threat will not appear soon.

They will not appear in day, month, or year; it will take more than that. If they ever come, then we will be ready; even if I were not present at that time, I would leave the contingencies behind, so my word would be safe.


"Thank you,"

Nearly an hour pa.s.sed, and once again, I thanked Ashlyn and Nero; without them, I wouldn't have been alive.

It was Nero who helped me in capturing Golden Fire Werewolf and saved the core from the attacks of the Grimms, while Ashlyn saved me from falling and killed all the threats that came after.

If not for her, those weaklings would kill me; I was weak enough to be killed by them at that time.

Thanking them, I got out of my core and stood up before turning to wait for High-Grandmaster and Grandmasters.

"What is the status of Grimms?" I asked. "We have locked the s.p.a.ce around their supreme fortress the moment we sensed the presence of big Grimm disappear,"

"It won't last long, six days before the energy drained from the Pyramid, while Grimms begin to run away to ruins as they did after the last epoch war," she replied.

"You did good, Lady Stanley," I said to the old woman. "Thank you, your excellency," she replied and bowed.

It was the same thing they did after her excellency Roosevelt, and Ramona Hawthorn defeated them. While Supreme Fortress is unbreakable, the Grimms are not the ones who keep all their eggs in one basket.

So, after a few hundred years, when they came back, those who came from the ruins were the strongest Grimms.

Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds could hide so well that even her excellency and Ramona Hawthorn were not able to find them.

While we were able to stop them, some of them already in ruins, with Ashlyn and Nero, I will find them and kill them, even if I scour every inch of every ruin, and as for those hiding in the unbreakable fortress, they will die too.

"Scour the world; I want you to kill every Grimm hiding, but don't go to the realms and runes yet; we will start cleaning them after everyone has returned," I said, and they bowed.

"What about those hiding in the supreme fortress?" asked High-Grandmaster Stanley; clearly, she was worried; the same thing was happening as in the past.

"We will kill every Grimm hiding there," I said with a grin and could see some of them had some questions, but they did not dare to ask them.

I did not stay further and disappeared; the next second, I appeared in the med bay, where I had sent them.

All of them are unconscious, including my mother, and their state is very bad.

A few minutes pa.s.sed when the first tub came out of my storage, and I put my mother in the purple liquid. A few seconds later, the dense formation had covered her whole body, and she began to heal.

Another two minutes pa.s.sed, and I put the professor inside it before I placed Elina then the professor.

One by one, I took out the healing tubs and placed them inside till all of them were inside, including Matron Mavis.

I had created a special healing pool for her a few months ago in the ruin; it will heal her, not fully, but enough that she will gain consciousness in a week or two.

Only after that, the process of true healing will begin; it might take a year or more, but I am confident that I will be able to heal the old woman thoroughly.

Seeing them, I wanted to rest in the healing pool, too, as I might look healthy as a stallion, but I am not.

My injuries were extremely deep, and while 90% of them were healed by the strengthening essence, the rest will heal very slowly.

It will take months before I will be able to return to my 100%, and I am not worried; I have more than enough time to heal slowly as the greatest danger our world has ever faced has gone.

We will only need to kill a few vermin who have remained, but those won't be a problem when these people woke and those we sent away have returned.

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